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CloudHesive: – Enabling Companies to Adopt and Manage the Best Practices of DevOps

Working from multiple offices and juggling from one time zone to another with continuous cultural and language differences can result in an operational nightmare for organizations. Adequately leveraging the potential of DevOps can help transform this complex dynamic into a collaborative and productive environment. The DevOps market has continued to rise and mature in the recent past, wherein more and more enterprises are adopting these agile practices into their present infrastructure. It should come as no surprise that DevOps has turned out to be the most promising approach for businesses to have a distinct advantage in the market. One sector that has contributed to the rise of DevOps has been the growth of public cloud. This has paved the way for enterprises to shift their business focus more towards managing clouds instead of hosting them. One such fastest growing DevOps Solution Provider enterprise is CloudHesive.
CloudHesive provides cloud-based solutions through its consulting and managed services with a focus on security, reliability, availability, and scalability. They help companies reduce their operating costs and enhance productivity while improving their cloud security posture by migrating their mission-critical workloads to the cloud. CloudHesive also helps companies adopt and manage the best practices of DevOps. It is committed to the philosophy of bringing continuous improvement that facilitates success and security for its customers, as well as bringing the technology community together.
Unrivaled Solutions and Services
Partnering with some of the most reputable security and DevOps partners like Chef, Ansible and Octupus Deploy, CloudHesive helps its customer by leveraging the best practices of DevOps within Open Source and .Net environments. These partners have controls designed and formulated to increase the visibility of environment activity, the automation of application deployments, the automation of implementing a standard security foundation and provide 24*7 customer support. With CloudHesive’s proven security control plane, they ensure a protective wrap over a cloud or an on-premise environment. They realize that for a firm to be successful, they must be able to pass critical regulatory and third-party audits. It goes the distance to ensure that the cloud security controls are in place and always updated as well as reduces human error.
DevOps Solutions – A Never-Ending Process for Continual Improvement
Businesses of all shapes and sizes are adopting DevOps tools and processes for efficient development and release of robust market-driven applications. Agile and DevOps processes have time and again proven to be successful by laying down the groundwork for releasing applications safely and more frequently. This has allowed organizations to be more responsive to the changing business needs and provide better customer service. Being a Managed Service and Managed Security Provider, CloudHesive infuses its team into the enterprise workflows to work as a cohesive unit, enabling their customers to reap the benefits of the cloud technology that provides superior automation, scalability, flexibility, and reliability for faster application delivery.
DevOps provides enterprises with endless opportunities including the increase in innovation, improved speed of deploying new features and functions, increases in security controls, reduction in human error, and sizable cost-savings. Customers prefer CloudHesive because they have the ability to enhance their customer’s teams with DevOps, cloud centric architecture, and security best practices expertise while reshaping the customers internal teams base of knowledge.
An Industry Veteran Leading the Way in Bringing Forward Innovation
Jim Walker, CEO and Founder of CloudHesive, is the visionary with an extensive industry experience who has led the company from its very inception. Prior to the formation of CloudHesive, Jim worked for several distinguished SaaS and PaaS companies. Among them, he was most recently the Global Head of Cloud Operations and Security for Pegasystems, which is located in Cambridge Massachusetts. During his time at Pegasystems, Jim was a member of the founding team that incubated and grew the Pega Cloud service offering into a global solution.
It is also worth mentioning that Jim was the CTO of Arise Virtual Solutions, where he oversaw the security and core technology platform to help Arise grow into an international contact center business process outsourcing (BPO) company. With over 25 years of both hands-on and managment experience, Jim has integrated all his industry knowledge into the business proceedings of CloudHesive to enhance its functioning and productivity.
Providing Optimum Benefits to its Clients
CloudHesive’s possesses a team of experts who help companies to deploy mission-critical workloads onto a reliable platform to reduce operating costs, increase productivity and strengthen security. They help businesses thrive in their market by introducing them to the best cloud practices. With a vast client base from numerous industries, CloudHesive understands that the need for each customer differs from one another. For this, they not only provide expertise to migrate their customer out of its data center environment but also increase its capacity and presence globally. Some of the benefits enjoyed by CloudHesive’s customers:

  • Providing sound DevOps and cloud standards, processes and procedures.
  • Helping customers by managing large regulatory environments.
  • Wrapping both cloud and on-premise environment with proficient security controls and DevOps automation.
  • Providing the end to end management of our customer’s environments

Owing CloudHesive’s Success to the Employees
According to the CEO Jim Walker “Our employees are the foundation of our success, and we invest in them, so they can provide our customers with superior service. Every team member undergoes in-depth technical training and participates in partner events, community involvement and mentoring.”
CloudHesive has made sure from its beginning days to compile an expert team of dedicated engineers to architects, who can implement and manage the environment in the most efficient way possible. They infuse their experienced team of professionals into that of the customer to help them leverage the cloud through a formal advisory process. Employees at CloudHesive, perform a detailed assessment of their client’s current environment, develop a comprehensive implementation plan, and architect the next generation of the application, infrastructure and security posture on AWS, Microsoft, SoftLayer or Google.
A Future of Continual Expansion
CloudHesive has a specific and determined future aspiration of continuing its upward rise in Managed Services and DevOps practices. They are currently working towards expanding its DevOps and Cloud Orchestration platform, which will allow their customers to manage workloads seamlessly across multiple cloud vendors.
Additionally, CloudHesive is also expanding its reach into the Latin American market with the commencement of its new office in Argentina. They are providing an all new range of services in regards to developing customer cloud solutions, which include but not limited to IoT development, large scale content management, Secure Workspaces and next generation contact center solutions.

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