You are currently viewing CloudFirst Technology Solutions: One of The Trusted Microsoft Cloud Technology Providers

CloudFirst Technology Solutions: One of The Trusted Microsoft Cloud Technology Providers

Thriving on a strong partnership with Microsoft to enable companies to deploy applications in the most security conscious environments in a systemized manner, CloudFirst, is a perfect solution for today’s emerging high-risk cyber security requirements, who’s able to align with any company goals to leverage the benefits of cloud options without compromising privacy, and able to execute complex delivery both in B2B and B2C channels.

Specializes in providing Microsoft Cloud Technologies CloudFirst implements solutions based on platforms such as Office 365, Windows Azure, and Dynamics CRM Online. CloudFirst’s expert team look to improve business processes by recommending scalable, reliable and secure cloud technologies.
With Microsoft Office 365, CloudFirst help its clients to easily access their data, automate their processes, and to become truly mobile – providing virtual access from anywhere on any device. Also, the company is skillful in cloud-based security monitoring, designing business intelligence dashboards, and deploying hybrid cloud solutions.

Dennis Gentles, Founder & CEO of CloudFirst, a visionary technology leader and a serial entrepreneur, having over two decades of IT experience, has a strong specialization in cloud infrastructure planning, execution, and management.

Prior to CloudFirst, Dennis founded Klegg Electronics, a global boutique consumer electronics manufacturer. As CEO,  he was a visionary, leading the development of convergence products that incorporated advanced information technology features into PC integrated televisions and network attached video recording devices. Dennis is an expert in enterprise technology, cloud infrastructure, ERP, MRP, SAAS, consumer electronics, and the end-to-end delivery of both services and products in a global marketplace.

Dennis was passionate about software programming, started writing programs at the age of 8, and today leading a specialized Microsoft Partner, CloudFirst, with a strong specialization in cloud infrastructure planning, execution, and management.

CloudFirst’s Cloud Roadmap 360
 CloudFirst, through its experience and acumen in implementing cloud solutions for multi-users, distributed offices and global teams has created a unique service Cloud Roadmap 360, which help companies to fully document their current IT infrastructure and environment, and also analyzes their ongoing IT processes to steer them towards their business goals. Also, it creates an online access for users to manage workflows efficiently by introducing a mobile application through electronically enhance productivity. CloudFirst provides valuable solutions tailored to the client’s unique needs that are delivered with reliable customer service.

CloudFirst was traditionally an Enterprise on-premise company focused on large scale infrastructure projects. Though CloudFirst had a steady flow of business, they felt the future was cloud, transitioning their business model was one of the biggest challenges for them.

Various organizations have chosen CloudFirst to augment the efficiency to their workflows from a collaboration standpoint. In one instance CloudFirst assisted a financial services company to implement a solution using Office 365, Skype for Business, and Sharepoint Online, to drive down communication costs and increase revenue by providing a self-help portal for their customers to see their individual account status.

In the coming years, CloudFirst is looking to provide the global market with ground breaking solutions to drive an increasingly demanding workforce across organizations. With the goal to expand its products and services internationally, CloudFirst seeks to develop industry specific solutions and plugins for Office 365 and Azure.