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Cloudbreak: Humanizing Health Care

Medicine as a field does not just treat illnesses, it treats human beings. However, complications can arise that get in the way of quality care. That is where Cloudbreak Health comes in. Cloudbreak Health is a leading telemedicine platform that specializes in providing assistance to non-English speakers, deaf patients, and patients with mental impairment. Cloudbreak Health is unifying telemedicine, making it easy to access multiple specialities with at push of a button.
About Cloudbreak
Cloudbreak Health is headquartered in Columbus, OH and on a mission to #HumanizeHealthcare. They deliver on that mission by resolving healthcare disparities with their unified telemedicine platform which includes Cloudbreak Connect (their private broadband network optimized for telehealth), Cloudbreak Catalyst (a fully private-labeled software solution, video contact center and workflow engine) and Cloudbreak Collective (a marketplace of healthcare services that breaks down silos between healthcare facilities, allowing them to collaborate seamlessly).
Their Martti (My Accessible Real-Time Trusted Interpreter) service line pioneered the video medical interpreting industry. It currently performs over 90,000 consults per month at over 800 hospitals nationwide, building trust through communication between healthcare providers and their Limited English Proficient and Deaf patients.
Overcoming Initial Challenges
The Cloudbreak brand was established in 2015. However, the company is an industry pioneer which was originally founded as The Language Access Network in 2003 by Andy Panos. At that time, the technology to deliver the platform was very expensive and a single cart cost more than $25,000.
As the industry evolved, technology costs decreased significantly. The Martti platform is now available on a multitude of devices, including any PC, iOS or Android device. In addition, Cloudbreak has pursued a deviceagnostic strategy which allows interoperability across many of the mission-critical systems used in hospitals.
Before Cloudbreak, hospitals and medical centers found it difficult to staff interpreters because it was impossible to accurately predict the demand for the service on any given day. Cloudbreak pioneered a model which allowed these institutions to subscribe to a monthly minute package to meet the staffing demand curve of their clients. This dedication to quality has been the hallmark of Cloudbreak’s service.
Due to connectivity challenges for video over the open internet, they implemented a strategy to connect to partners over their own private broadband path allowing the Company to provide more secure connections that ensured higher quality video. While more expensive, this strategy provided a more direct path between Cloudbreak and its clients as well as the deployment of Quality of Service (QoS) on its network and insulation from changes in Net Neutrality moving forward.
Behind Cloudbreak
Jamey Edwards is a Co-founder and CEO of Cloudbreak, a leading Telemedicine and Language Services company currently performing over 90,000 encounters in more than 800 healthcare organizations nationwide.
Prior to Cloudbreak, Jamey was the CEO of Emergent Medical Associates (EMA) and led its growth into the leading multi-specialty group in the Southwest US. He remains with EMA as a Board Member and is also a Board Member of the Santa Monica chapter of the American Red Cross, Partners in Care (a healthcare think tank innovating solutions for the underserved), and Run to Remember (a charity honoring first responders who have died in the line of duty).
He is also a member of the Santa Monica Bay chapter of the Young Presidents Organization. Jamey has been an Honoree for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award three times and twice an Honoree of the Los Angeles Business Journal Healthcare Leadership Awards. Under his guidance, Cloudbreak has been recognized as a MedTech Breakthrough Award Winner, a Patrick Soon Shiong Innovation Award Winner and as one of the top entrepreneurial companies in the country by Entrepreneur Magazine.
Jamey was also recognized as one of the Top 40 Healthcare Transformers nationwide by MM&M and as a Healthcare Transformer by Startup Health for actively addressing the Cost to Zero and Increasing Access to Care moonshots. He is a proud member of the #PinkSocks Tribe of healthcare innovators who are working to disrupt healthcare from the ground up and drive positive change for patients and providers. Jamey received his MBA from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management.
Solving Healthcare Disparities
With its core Martti platform, Cloudbreak is an end-to-end services partner that can fulfill all its clients’ language needs from outsourcing their departments, to taking advantage of their expertise and network effects, to selecting services from Cloudbreak’s offerings based on a client’s specific requirements.
The company offers healthcare providers a full suite of services including video medical interpreting (VMI), over phone interpretation (OPI), document translation, on-site interpretation, language access plan development, education, training and other consulting services that optimize and drive ROI on their language services department.
Cloudbreak has been regularly recognized for its leadership and commitment to excellence while its interpreters serve as subject matter experts for national certification exams.
While initially targeting to ensure a level standard of care for non-english speaking and deaf patients vs. their English speaking counterparts, the Company realized that its video endpoints and expertise could be deployed to help its partner hospitals with their broader telemedicine strategies and bring skilled specialists to underserved communities.
The X-Factor
Cloudbreak offers its partners single vendor simplicity, customized workflows and a fully private-labeled solution spanning multiple telemedicine specialties. This is complemented by the integration of its live video medical interpretation services for Limited English Proficient and Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients.
The company pioneered Video Medical Interpreting and has grown rapidly as a result of its focus on quality and customer service. All of the company’s video interpreters are based in the United States in HIPAA-compliant language centers and are all Certified Medical Interpreters or on the path to certification within 6 months of employment.
Cloudbreak also offers unified reporting services that allow a hospital to gain a full perspective on their language services departments, with interactive dashboards giving them the insights they need to optimize the management of these departments to drive better compliance and patient satisfaction across vendors.
Making a Global Mark
Cloudbreak has experienced dramatic growth over the last few years and their rate of growth is accelerating. The demand for their services will only increase as the country shifts to a Majority-Minority population, a change which is happening faster than expected.
As the country’s patient population increases in diversity and the technology costs continue to drop, Cloudbreak expects to see even more rapid adoption of their services.
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