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Cloudaction: A Force for Salesforce

Established in 2015, Cloudaction is a pure-play cloud advisory and technical services company. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA and with a global delivery center in Pune, India, Cloudaction is a company with global ambitions and today serves customers throughout the Americas, Europe, South Asia, and Australia.
Under the visionary leadership of Samir Kumar, Cloudaction has staked out a unique ‘co-exist’ position in the cloud computing space to enable what Kumar calls “true 360° Integrated Digital Service Management solutions.” “What distinguishes Cloudaction from other boutique consulting services firms is a non-technical bias,” he says. “Whereas other services providers show a bias toward a single cloud platform, we don’t. We are only biased toward our customer and solving their unique needs. That’s the essence of our ‘co-exist’ service philosophy.”
Kumar and his team believe their customers are best served by helping them extend their technology investment by not only implementing their software but also by integrating disparate business unit “silos,” such as Customer Service, HR, IT, Dev/Ops and Field Services.
The innovation behind Cloudaction’s unique ‘co-exist’ market strategy is actionHub™, the world’s first integration platform built entirely on the Salesforce platform. actionHub is available on AppExchange and is a featured add-on offering on several solutions, including Salesforce App Exchange Apps (BMC Remedyforce ITSM)
About the Team
Since the company’s founding, Kumar has assembled a team of top tier cloud consulting talent. “Our team consists of a group of what I call the best and brightest who share a common goal: to do what’s best for the customer to make the customer successful,” he says.
Kumar himself is a 20-year IT veteran with a wide range of international experience, including stints in Japan, Australia, the United States, and his native India. He earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the India’s premier technical institute, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee.
Customer-Centered Approach
The biggest challenge for any consulting firm is to provide solutions that fit their customers’ needs, rather than compelling customers to accept solutions that fit the solution/technology provider’s needs. While overcoming this challenge (politically and technically) with an innovative approach, Cloudaction is becoming unique among solution providers as its Salesforce solutions can be aligned with other platforms and with on-premise and hybrid enterprise apps. Says Kumar: “Cloudaction is customer-centered, unlike strictly platform-centered cloud consulting firms. We take the technical politics out of the solution equation.” A typical Cloudaction solution is built on multiple co-existing platforms, fully integrated using the Salesforce-based actionHub integration accelerator.
An integration solution built entirely on the Salesforce platform, actionHub makes it easy to automatically move data between applications in real time. By eliminating redundant manual data entry, actionHub orchestrates data movement so people have the right information in the right tool at the right time via seamless integration of cloud-centric and hybrid enterprise application environments. actionHub’s pre-build connectors integrate Salesforce solutions with leading enterprise applications such as Jira, ServiceNow, etc. Additionally, its standard REST adapters integrate with most systems without a special connector.
‘Co-exist’ Use Case
Kumar: “Let’s say the customer wants to integrate Salesforce Service Cloud solution with its ServiceNow ITSM help desk, which is built on its own proprietary cloud platform. At Cloudaction, we don’t start from a default position that requires the customer to rip and replace its non-Salesforce-based help desk with a Salesforce ISV ITSM help desk, such as Remedyforce or Samanage. Instead, we enable the customer to integrate both platforms to create a best-fit solution for that specific customer. And the same is true other way around, where we don’t suggest ServiceNow ITSM customer to start a default position to replace Service Cloud with ServiceNow CSM solution, our default position is ‘integrate and co-exist.’”
Cloudaction as Salesforce Expert
Team Cloudaction realized at the outset that having Salesforce expertise is a business imperative in the cloud computing market. “Salesforce is the de facto cloud platform: proven, accepted, and dominant,” Kumar says. “Simply put, you cannot be a credible player in the cloud consulting and implementation services market without possessing Salesforce expertise.” As a Salesforce consulting partner, Cloudaction still gets a lot of inspiration from watching how Salesforce adapts to market changes and their openness to new innovations. “Salesforce is a great business partner for Cloudaction,” Kumar says.
Journey of Success
While established less than three years ago, Cloudaction has grown into a leading cloud advisory and technical services company. Cloudaction is involved in multiple, very strategic large-size customers where they are implementing Remedyforce ITSM solution, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, building custom business apps, mobile development on Heroku platform, and utilizing actionHub to, in Kumar’s words, “connect the dots.” Today Cloudaction has over 300 customers, including global enterprises, federal and state agencies, and small and midsize businesses.
Future Plans
Cloudaction will continue to grow their Salesforce capabilities, adding seasoned consulting talent to the team, bringing more innovations and solution accelerators like actionHub to market, and expanding their advisory and technical capabilities.
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