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Cloud With Me: Making Cloud Technology Available for all

What if businesses could eliminate the complexities of internet based services to improve performance? What if it was possible for your employees to work from anywhere, at any time, from any device, and still have a single control point on proceedings? These illustrious if’s are surreally executed in the field of cloud computing.
Cloud technology delivers such services independently, and flawlessly. Servers can be deployed privately, publicly, and even in Hybrid manner. Experts believe that cloud technology has the ability to reshape the entire Information and Communication Tech industry as a revolution. For the first time in history, internet based tech giants are employing cloud technology as a major part of their offerings.
The prime focus of these companies has been to provide a plausible amount of services by utilizing a single Omni-channel. Cloud computing characteristically offers Platforms as a service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). PaaS allows customers to develop, run, and manage applications. IaaS provides virtualized computing resources over the internet, and SaaS offers software licensing and delivery model in which the software is licensed on a subscription basis. However, the multitasking ability of many available cloud based solutions generates complexity in processes. As a result customer’s frequently face difficulties while installing and utilizing the three base services.
Cloud With Me is the unique solution provider, enabling customers to install Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure cloud servers in minutes. It has been the primary market dominator since its inception in 2016. Cloud With Me is the first (and currently, the only) partner of Google Cloud Platform.
Budget friendly and up-to-the-minute Services
As mentioned earlier, Cloud With Me offers cloud services through Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. Popular Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento are among the major add-ons that Cloud With Me offers. The installation of these extras are stress-free, and complete with just a few clicks. The company dashboard provides assistance with free access to a pre-configured email server, HTML, FTP, Analytics, and MySQL. The offered PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS accounts for its flexibility and efficiency.
Cloud With Me has earned widespread praise for its pocket friendly estimating. The price structure of services is transparent with no hidden costs. Major cost-effective features include not having to pay for web dev, and no downtime are foremost in market. The CLOUD token crypto currency with unequivocal features was released by the company in July 2017, and is being purchased promptly. The public individuals in particular have been investing attentively. The CEO of the company states: “It’s the most beneficial way of paying for cloud services. When CLOUD tokens are added to a Cloud With Me account, your balance is automatically doubled.”
Cloud computing also deals with periodic concerns, Cloud conveyance is one of them. Many organizations hire a specialized developer in the period of transition. The company has created a well-equipped and highly secure service for uncertain times which can reduce the expenditure regarding transition.
An Ordinary Discussion That Led To Extraordinary Outcomes
How often do you see business discussions in bars that make way for an innovative company?
Gilad Somjen (CEO) and Asaf Zamir (CTO) of Cloud With Me, two of the former tech industry veterans, met at a bar in Dublin, Ireland. During their discussion they hit on a serious note and discussed the complexities of deploying cloud servers. The individuals were cognizant about the need of simplified cloud adoption. Ultimately, the conversation led to an extraordinary cloud solution formation and their entrepreneurial experience in the online marketing business and innovative insights further pedaled Cloud With Me towards immense success.
Driving Growth by a Premier Partnership with Google
The partnership with Google Cloud has significantly differentiated the company from its competitors. The magnanimous global network of Google reduces the threat of downtime as data can be routed to another center if one data center witnesses failure. This is made possible by the Google infrastructure, which is protected with over 700 experts working on information, application, and network security. Its time preciosity and credibility in terms of security is unmatchable for onsite servers in the market.
As an industry leader, Google Cloud drives businesses forward with meaningful data analytics, project management tools. The collaboration creates flexibility in servicing. By simplifying the onboarding process, Cloud With Me facilitates easy access to Google Cloud’s features and benefits in matter of minutes.
Cloud computing companies around the world primarily hosts their services to the technical elite, i.e. those services are geared towards corporate use. Cloud With Me services are quite unique in their offering in this regard. Its services are also accessible for the general public and individuals.
Initial Hurdles as a Service Based Industry
The platform faced many initial hurdles as a Service-based industry, as it had farfetched demands.  To cater with the qualitative solutions in cost-effective way is a tough ask. However, Cloud With Me has made cloud adoption a cake walk through its synergy. It has successfully automated the all in one cloud service, which can be utilized with a few clicks with little expenditure.  According to Gilad, employing ambitious individuals and sustaining the quality of product was the hard-hitting task.
Ultramodern Cloud Platform
Bestowing a profitable invention to its clients is the key motivation for the company. The company believes that the sky is the limit in terms of cloud adoption. It has continued to lower all barriers for cloud adoption. It aims to provide supreme cloud service with greater efficiency, cost effectiveness, and productivity.

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