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Cloud Coach: Next Generation Project Automation

In an interview with Insights Success, Peter Lee, the CEO of Cloud Coach, shares insights on the rapid success of his company, which specializes in enterprise-class project, Professional Service Automation (PSA), and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software built for businesses that wish to make strategic investments in their success. Also, he broadly discusses the company’s core competencies and its establishment in the market.
Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Peter and Insights Success:
What are the cutting-edge automation solutions/services offered by Cloud Coach? 
Our solution is built with best practice processes that businesses of any type can adapt and follow. Each process has built-in automation that can be called when specific business criteria are met, such as automatically creating a project based on the right template when a sales opportunity closes, keeping everyone in the business on the same page.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learned that have shaped the journey of the company. 
From the design of the very first line of code, we always knew we wanted to build a scalable solution that could handle many thousands of concurrent users on any specific day, and that influences every decision that we make around the product. The one thing that has surprised us along the way is the way people use the product outside of its intended use case and having to accommodate those thoughts in the design process.
What are the challenges faced while providing automation solutions and how is Cloud Coach serving to tackle them? 
In a professional services business, where the salary (and overhead) cost of employees is one of the biggest expenses, being able to drive efficiency across a team’s daily activities has a huge impact on a company’s bottom line. What we aim to do is design our product so that it takes a user (no matter what their role is) the minimum amount of time to get their job done, saving them time and their company money.
What according to you could be the potential future of services automation and how does Cloud Coach envision sustaining its competency? The current generation of Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools relies heavily on the reporting capability targeted at management, which often leaves the end-users dissatisfied with their user experience, as they navigate slow and cumbersome screens with a lot of wasted time.
Cloud Coach, have noticed this disconnect, seeks to fill the gap with our next-generation management and reporting PSA tool, which delivers a fantastic experience for end users saving them considerable time each day, while still giving the management all the great reporting they need, such as project profitability, utilization, and revenue recognition metrics.
Testimonials from Cloud Coach Clients 
“I don’t need to do manual spreadsheets to report to the parent company any longer, saving a lot of hours of my team’s time.” – Timothy Roberts, VP Customer Success, Incognito
About the Leader 
Peter Lee is the CEO at Cloud Coach with 15 years of vast experience in refining business initiatives, defining end to end business processes, developing IT strategies, and managing the implementation of large scale systems. Peter holds specialized skills in development of cloud computing solutions with a focus on Project Management, Billing & CRM.
Peter also mention that, “As the person that sets our products’ vision, I’m fairly unique in being able to call on a background of being both a business manager outside of the technology industry coupled with consulting experience inside the technology industry. This gives me the ability to visualize how different types of users will want to best interact with a tool and design accordingly.
About the Company 
Cloud Coach specializes in enterprise-class and builds next generation Professional Service Automation (PSA) and Project Management tools leveraging the infrastructure of the SaaS industry leader Its vision is to create user-friendly tools that add valuable time back into a person’s day, compared to using other PSA tools.
Cloud Coach provides enterprise productivity software that makes organizations team to simplify its everyday tasks, increase its productivity and allowing businesses to grow by giving them the time to concentrate on the core aspects of the business.
The firm also guides its clients through a complete journey of finding a solution that would be beneficial to tackle business problems with the positive and profitable outcome to their business. Cloud Coach makes sure to become a good fit for business and being used to the best of its ability. Too often business productivity software is installed, but never utilized properly. Its premium consulting and support system will make sure that Cloud Coach is working for its clients and helping their business to become successful.
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