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Scott Weidley | CEO & Co-founder | ClinCapture

ClinCapture: A Sweeping Wave of Big Data Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

A Few years ago, Mckinsey Global Institute estimated that the application of big-data strategies to improve decision making was capable of generating over $100 billion in value annually across the US health-care systems. This advanced decision making made possible by cloud technology, improved analytical methods was the next horizon of innovation on the block. Today, this change is sweeping across the healthcare landscape creating value and opening new territories for innovation.
However, in order to benefit from this innovation it is important for companies to optimize this innovation and improve the efficacy of their current research methods and trials simultaneously. This innovation opens up a personalized array of solutions for patients supported by a wide array of tools for physicians, consumers, insurers and regulators.
A large part of this innovation is the role of Big data and it is an opportunity unlike anything we have witnessed before. Earlier the data generated from clinical trials under controlled environment could be well documented. However, with the advent of cloud solutions, pharma companies can store data from various sources including patient care, retail stores and caregivers as well. Of course, all of this data must be HIPAA compliant. Applying this data effectively will allow pharmaceutical companies to get an insight into the industry to predict the rise of new patient needs and develop effective drugs to reach new patients and reach greater heights.
ClinCapture provides a powerful eClinical platform that enables sponsors and CROs to rapidly build and deploy studies, lower clinical trials costs, and streamline data capture processes. Offering a host of private cloud solutions, ClinCapture’s technologies help advance the evaluation and development of drugs, biologics, and devices that demonstrate promise for the diagnosis and/or treatment of a wide range of diseases or medical conditions. By bringing greater efficiency and accuracy into clinical trials, ClinCapture serves the mantra, “Software that saves lives!”
A vision – the Turning Point
CEO Scott Weidley joined the ClinCapture team at a pivotal time in the company’s history. The company had recently built Electronic Data Capture (EDC) software, but was professional services business. Weidley saw the value of technology in the clinical trials space, and felt that customers were seeking solutions – not services. From this vision, the Captivate eClinical platform was born.
“Scott is the Marc Benioff of EDC,” Ale Gicqueau, ClinCapture founder, was quoted as saying at the time. History seems to be proving him right, as ClinCapture is now a leading provider of eClinical software solutions.
A Leading Innovator
From the beginning, ClinCapture has set out to be different than what the industry is used to. Its competitive and technologically-advanced product is setting new EDC industry standards, giving customers a higher quality, more affordable EDC alternative to established industry leaders. For example, Electronic Data Capture (EDC) with Medical Coding integrates a user-friendly interface that was built on the same modern framework as Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix and includes a free build tool, and free training and support. Additionally, it is HIPAA, CFR 21 Part 11, and GDPR compliant and the platform includes Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessments (eCOA) / Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) as well as Randomization options for customers.
The company has pushed the limits with both the brand and the product alike. It believes in providing innovative and high-quality Electronic Data Capture (EDC) product at a fraction of the cost of its leading competitors. Its eClinical solutions
help advance the evaluation and development of drugs, biologics, and devices by bringing increased efficiency and accuracy into the clinical trials process, thereby allowing pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostic companies to bring products to the market faster and at a lower cost. Ultimately, these products may be lifesaving; this is the story behind the mantra of the company, “Software that saves lives!” ClinCapture’s customers are creating medical advancements, some of which may have life-saving applications.
An Upcoming Bright Future
There are two or three big companies in the eClinical space and ClinCapture is committed to being on top in terms of quality with these companies. It has stayed true to its brand and its highquality product, which is increasingly gaining popularity with clinical data managers in the industry. When asked about the future prospects of the company, Scott said, “From big 3 EDC to the gold standard in EDC? We are on our way!”
He also added, “ClinCapture is growing at a high velocity as we continuously introduce new products. Our primary goal is to continue to provide our customers with the highest-quality eClinical solutions at the lowest price.” His statement highlights a rapid advancement in the industry.
According to the Mckinsey Global Institute study, there are various segments in the pharmaceutical industry which are experiencing a rapid growth. One such segment is biopharmaceuticals. According to the study, the rates of growth for biopharmaceuticals is near 8% annually and it is almost double that of conventional pharmaceutical solutions. In order to tap the growing potential and demand in the pharmaceutical industry, ClinCapture adopts a simple approach to innovation. To summarize it, Scott said, “Data is what makes it work. We love our customers. We love data managers!”
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