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Climate Control Systems Inc.: Helping Greenhouse Owners Maximize Crop Yields

The purpose of a greenhouse is to control the growing environment for plants. The major factors under this primitive technique of yielding crops in harsh conditions were primarily controlled with manual intervention. The manual control had major drawbacks; for example, when the operator wanted to control the heat for certain plants, he/she ended up controlling the water, light, air flow, pest and pollination along with the heat at the same time. Fact is we might be trying to protect the plants from frost, but if we don’t pay attention, we may also let plants over-heat in the greenhouse. So, in order to eradicate such drawbacks and the dependence on manual controls, technically upgraded automatically controlled systems to control the greenhouse environment came into existence. A prominent manufacturer of greenhouse automated systems is Climate Control Systems Inc. Since its inception, the company is tirelessly working to help growers to maximize crop yields, while seeing a decrease in production costs especially in water, fertilizer, and energy savings. For any commercial greenhouse grower, major expenses are in the areas of labor, energy, fertilizer, and energy, that any of the grower would like to reduce. With major leaps forward in water purification, recycling, and reducing energy consumption, Climate Control Systems is sought after internationally for greenhouse automation technology as a leader in this market. The company has completely dedicated itself to produce innovative control technology that will not only save growers’ time and money, but also conserve the environments that surrounds them here and throughout the world.
Path Breaking Products
Since 1985, Climate Control Systems has been manufacturing greenhouse automation systems. Currently, the company carries three flagship products, which help growers to maximize crop yields and help with water conservation and energy savings for commercial greenhouse operations throughout the planet. Climate Control Systems manufactures three main automation systems;

  • The Climate Manager

The Climate Manager™ is an advanced Greenhouse Control Computer, which is capable of measuring and controlling heating and cooling, vents, fans, Co2, boilers, lighting, shading, heating on-off valves or modulation hot water valves. It also helps to configure up to 16 climate zones which can be expanded with additional panels for a total of 32 climate zones.

  • The Fertigation Manager™

The latest updates to the fertigation software of Climate Control Systems allows growers to run as much as twenty different irrigation programs to different crops. The company offers some of the most advanced computer control technology with all-inclusive software and instrumentation. On a daily basis growers depend on these fertilizer programs in order to irrigate flowers and vegetable crops and according to weather conditions and other triggered set points.

  • The Ozone Pro Water System

New water treatment systems in the greenhouse industry are the key to improve crop yield and year-end revenue. It also ensures that crop has fresh, clean, and purified water every time while irrigating. The CCS-SW80 Plasma Ozone Technology is ideal for sterilizing irrigation waste water for greenhouse flower and vegetable crops. The Ozone Pro systems are available for water flow rates from 10 US GPM to 1000 US GPM. With major leaps forward in water purification, recycling and reducing energy consumption,
When an Electronics Engineer Incorporated Climate Control
Mr. Eric Labbate is the CEO and Founder of Climate Control Systems Inc. He is an electronics engineer who received his electronics degree from Devry Institute of Technology. After selling and installing over more than hundred climate computer systems imported from Europe in the Southwestern Ontario area he recognized that the programs were not adequate for the North American Greenhouse grower. He then decided to start designing his own custom climate and fertigation control systems and software. In 1988 Mr. Labbate secured a contract with the National Research Council of Canada and Agriculture and Agri-food Canada at Harrow Research Station to design, build and install the first computer controlled Fertigation Management system for greenhouse Hydroponic crops. Today, around 29 Years later, the Harrow Research Station is still using the original Fertigation Manager(Tm) that Mr. Labbate designed and built for their research team.
Automation is the Next Big Thing
Mr. Labbate saw a completely new vision for the company, after gaining his own insight from years of experience in owning and operating greenhouses by himself. After seeing a humongous need to bridge the gap between how some greenhouses were operating and the stress that had on the environment in the 21st century, Ozone Pro Water Recycling System was born. Since then, Climate Control Systems has won several awards in the “green tech” sector for what Climate Control Systems can do for water conservation and lowering energy costs. Greenhouse growers are quick to adapt to cutting edge technology if it offers both crop improvements and saving the environment. According to the company, automation is the future and it sees no reason why greenhouse growers could not benefit from this type of computer technology.
Enjoying a Massive Experience of Greenhouse Innovation
Climate Control Systems attributes all its success to the ability to take very complex growing data, and automate any changes that can be important for the growing environment in real-time. As changes happen within the greenhouse, the software automatically reads the important data and can eventually trigger irrigation that feed to the crop. The company also believes in easy to use computer software that can help growers to operate their greenhouse more efficiently. This new technology is now available on any smart phone, tablet, or Internet connected devices. All the greenhouse automation systems are custom made to the grower’s needs. Additionally, Climate Control Systems offers leasing options for its clients, especially for those who are looking for payment schedules and flexible options.

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