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CleverBooks, Dr.Darya Yegorina, Founder

CleverBooks: An Incredible Way to Make Study Come Alive

In the era of rapid digital advancement, schools are now struggling to maintain relevancy in their classes. Thanks to the rapid changes in the job market. Schools are obliged to innovate in order to sustain their development by building a strong ICT infrastructure to accommodate 21st-century learning demands for students. However, it is not enough to simply add technology to existing teaching methods.
Technology must be used strategically to benefit students with quality digital content with strong academic relevance in order to provide effective learning. Thanks to the smart way of CleverBooks STEM subjects, which help to develop 21st-century skills and to teach kids how to think instead of what to think.
An interview conducted between Insights Success and Darya Yegorina bridges the gap between natives and digital immigrants. Below are the highlights of the interview:
What led to the inception of the CleverBooks? 
CleverBooks was created by Darya Yegorina and Inna Armstrong. Both founders are moms, and they have noticed that their kids were not happy with the teaching & learning at schools because of the lack of technology. How can a kid be excited about learning if the school keeps on teaching the same way as it was 20, 30 years ago? Kids need to adapt to the technological world and have innovative solutions at the primary stage to boost their creativity and develop digital skills for future jobs. At this moment, CleverBooks was born, to serve the gap between digital natives and digital immigrants.
Describe your company and its cutting-edge VR/AR services which address all the needs of your customers. 
CleverBooks provides STEM-oriented global curriculum based teaching and learning solutions for primary education. Empowering Kids Learning in the acquisition of necessary for the 21st Century skills by utilizing the most innovative AR technology tools is our main goal.
We have a range of products for teaching and learning empowered by Augmented Reality. All products are certified and global curriculum guidelines based. The products aim to develop and enhance interest & curiosity levels in STEM, create the base for developing 21st-century skills, and focusing on personalized learning through kinetic, audial, and visual educational approaches.
Could you throw some light on your mission and vision statement? 
CleverBooks’ Mission
CleverBooks delivers the most innovative educative products based on Augmented Reality technology and traditional education aids for kids around the world. We strive to empower a new generation of progressive and creative children by delivering the most innovative solutions at the most affordable prices because everyone has the right to access technology for efficient and progressive education. By doing this, we drive the digital revolution in every classroom around the world. We are defining standards for using Augmented Reality in the education sector and the future of education.
CleverBooks’ Vision
We believe that we are in this world to make great products with a focus on innovation. We believe that our solutions are here to change the way kids are educated today. The solutions should be simple and not complicated. We say no to the application of Augmented Reality to hundreds of industries because we believe that all the products we make are to have one single purpose – to change the education landscape. This is truly important and meaningful for us. We strive for excellence and high quality because kids deserve to have the best. These values are embedded in every single product we make and come from our hearts.
How does your AR/VR services unique from the other companies’ offerings? 
CleverBooks sets the standards in Augmented Reality to help kids improve test-score by up to 33% and increases retention rate by up to 100% with the latest STEM-oriented Augmented Reality (AR) technology that supports students’ individual learning styles. Our products made with highquality curriculum-based content created by educators with different curriculum experiences. We make the products that we use ourselves and put our hearts and soul in them.
Give a detailed description of the featured person’s influence over the company and the industry. 
Darya Yegorina is a top influential global speaker (rated by Thinkers 360 multiple times) on the topic of AR in Education, the winner of Digital Female Leaders Award in the category of Entrepreneurship in 2018, named as Innovator by Irish Times in 2018, awarded Young Irish Entrepreneur in 2016, Women in IT 2019, Young European Leader in 2020 (#EYL40), featured in, Forbes, CBS, and other global media as a promoter and facilitator of education technology for the best future of the kids in the world.
How is AR/VR technology disrupting the education industry 
AR is making a big difference in the education sector. As visual technology, it has a massive power to make education interesting, though-provoking, and personalized when applied correctly to suitable subjects & school grades.
What technologies are you leveraging to make your services resourceful? Our company is working with Augmented Reality technology. It has a big spectrum of application and our main focus is to fully apply, integrate, and make it resourceful for the educational sector. The reason for this is the ease of use and integration in teaching and learning processes at any school and any country regardless of the technical level of teaching staff.
What are your company’s future aspirations? What strategies are you undertaking to achieve those goals? 
We change the way the educational content is delivered and the way the education is personalized through seeing, doing, using imagination, enabling students and teachers to merge the realities right in the classroom or at home. CleverBooks aims to set standards for using Augmented Reality in the educational sector by leading bypass disruption.