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Clever: Paving the Way for Sustainable Mobility

Digitization, automation and new business models have revolutionized many industries, and the automotive industry is not an exception. The global automotive industry has started experiencing the effects of global disruption after the vehicles are been in the process of getting electrified. In this era of disruption, Clever, one of the leading electric mobility operators is paving the way for tomorrow’s sustainable mobility. In an interview with Insights Success, the CEO Casper Kirketerp-Møller unveiled the journey of Clever and how it provides sustainable value to stay ahead of competition.
What are the cutting-edge products/services offered by Clever? 
Casper: We have invented the first ever flat rate charging subscription called Unlimited, a Netflix for EV charging. Unlimited gives our customers limitless charging and freedom wherever it’s needed. There is no fuss as the monthly fee gives consumer limitless charging at home with a home upgrade consisting of a home charging box including installation, limitless charging on our public charging network, and limitless charging on our new ultra-fast charging stations along the European freeways. Our invention of Unlimited is massively successful and has subsequently been copied 1:1 by the competition. We continually develop and enhance the user experience in our products, carving away friction to make it an effortless and digital experience to drive and charge our customer’s EV. This uncompromising focus is what has made Clever a market frontrunner.
We have designed the future of charging stations which will give gas stations a long-needed run for its money. With the design of our new ultra-fast charging (UFC) stations, we provide our customers with a meaningful break that will fast-charge the mental batteries along with the EV’s.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey of the company. 
Casper: Through our lifespan, it has been all about identifying and relieving pain points in consumers’ everyday life.
Initially, in 2009, there were a very limited amount of EVs in Denmark, and as a consequence, Clever, which was named ChooseEV at the time, developed an extensive user-study along with the Danish transport authority which let 2500 Danes drive and experience EVs in order to gather data, knowledge and use cases to make informed approaches to implement EVs for the Danes. Based on the study, it became evident that charging infrastructure was crucial in order to support the EV integration and battle ‘range anxiety’. This led us to raise funding to invest in a strategic implementation of the public charging network.
With the public charging network being implemented, next step was to develop a solution for home owners in order to bring charging to the doorstep of the consumers by making sure that they would wake up to a fully charged EV outside their door. After bringing charging to the homes of consumers, it became evident that transparency and ease of use was crucial in order to continue the implementation of EVs. This led to the product development of Clever Unlimited, marking a new era of EV charging in Denmark and internationally as well.
Currently, we are investing extensively in user-centred digital and physical products and services, such as app, website, IT infrastructure, upgrades to Unlimited, partnerships with car brands and the UFC project.
What are the challenges faced by the electric vehicles industry and how is Clever serving to tackle them? 
Casper: Deep-rooted fossil-based mind-sets and myths surrounding the EV performance and experience are barriers keeping the mass of consumers from even trying an EV. We are nuancing and challenging those mind-sets and myths by showing the value of emobility through our partnerships, and our user-centric products and services as driving an EV is not only more fun and a meaningful experience – it’s also in most aspects easier.
Compared to the situation in Norway, Sweden and Netherlands, Danish consumers, car dealers, leasing companies and companies in general are lacking economic motivation to invest in EVs caused by swaying and unstable Danish taxation politics on the EV area. We are working together with the industry to put pressure on Danish politicians to ensure security and confidence in the market.
What, according to you, is the future of electric vehicles and what role does Clever play in that? 
Casper: The EV is a superior product that will dominate the future of roadbased transport as a whole. In ten years, 3 out of 4 new cars sold will be EVs. And as long as there are EVs around, we will be there to make sure that driving and charging EV is meaningful, easy and frictionless. No matter if the car is autonomous, if our costumers live in the city or on the country, or they charge the car while driving. We will continue to put users first and make use of the technologies and expertise available to create the best possible user experience.
About the Leader 
Casper is e-mobility enthusiast to the bone but rely deeply on the 50 dedicated co-workers of Clever as the organization has a flat hierarchy that empowers every co-worker to make autonomous and smart decisions in their everyday work. Clever as a company has attracted international attention and recognition for the unique way of designing the future of e-mobility charging.
About the Company 
Clever is the leading electric mobility operator (EMO) in Scandinavia. It provides charging solutions that make it convenient, fast and safe for its customers to charge their EV at home, at workplaces and on the go. It has established a nationwide network of public charging stations in Denmark, Sweden and Northern Germany and delivers charging solutions for all models of electric cars. It is owned by two of Denmark’s most innovative energy companies, SEAS-NVE and NRGi, who teamed up to create the conditions for the electrification of transportation.
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