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The Clearer Label Plan announced in UK to avoid Food Waste

The food usability judgements have remained uneducated from many years in UK, which is resulting in affecting the country economy. Thus, the solvation of the issue is necessary. The Waste Management Agency, WRAP, stated that around 2 million tonnes of food is wasted in the United Kingdom due to data label confusions. The food companies are applying different terms and writing some unnecessary information about product on a label. Many people throw eatable products in confusion.  For e.g. labels on milk product  suggest that the product will be a waste after three days but factually, the product can last for a week if we keep it in a refrigerator. The WRAP has been surveying about food waste management from 2001. The organization has researched about community behaviour regarding food preferences.  It states that old people prefer sniff food and wraps it up if it shows signs of non-eat ability, whereas young people prefer labels. Thus, the organization is eyeing on label influence.
The government is supporting WRAP initiative. The minister of environment and food management, Therese Coffey, stated that the new guidance regarding product packaging will be a revolutionary change, as it will result in considerable food waste reduction. The food waste affects many other sectors as it increases greenhouse gasses and pollution accordingly. Wasting of food demands for more fertile land and that tend to forest deplete. Another wrap survey showed that 30% of the household fridge users set their fridge at much warmer temperature which affects the usability of a product. The organization is also educating about the use of a refrigerator by conducting various campaigns along with government. The organization is expecting to introduce the blue fridge icon on label, to educate buyer, about fridge usability. The fridge users are advised to keep their refrigerator at 5C temperature or less than that, which can maximize product usability. Another enduring change is suggested by WRAP regarding the phrase use, applying ‘display until’ or ‘sell by’, instead of ‘best before’.
This initiative is appreciated by the citizens and the government has also made the Clearer Label strategy mandatory.