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Citrus Informatics: Always in the Foreground of ICT

In today’s globally competitive world, a software product company’s success is based not only on its ability to come up with quality products and services, but also on its ability to take on challenges, be it in the realm of technology upgrades or price positioning. This is especially true since radically changing technologies and customer expectations are forcing companies to create innovative yet cost effective solutions. It requires skill and creative thinking to deliver solutions that catches the customer’s attention.
Using well-defined processes, best practices and innovative thinking to achieve the business goals of clients, Citrus Informatics, an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) company is breaking the mould delivering breakthrough solutions that leverage emerging technologies.
Citrus Informatics offers product development as well as custom software services using cutting-edge technology at affordable costs. The processes, methodologies, and tools that are used as part of the integrated project management approach result in better quality solutions. This coupled with robust frameworks and components ensures reduced cycle times, fast product delivery, lower cost of ownership, better risk mitigation, faster return on investment and quicker time to market.
Innovation Enabler of Citrus Informatics, Sarji Mohammedali
Sarji Mohammedali, founder  and CEO of Citrus Informatics (India) Pvt. Ltd. has 20 years of diverse experience of spearheading large IT Divisions spanning Program & Project Management, Infrastructure & Operations Management, People Management, Research, Product Development & Engineering, Technology management, Application development, Information security and Quality Management across a broad spectrum of verticals in the IT industry in USA and India.
Having started his career as a lecturer in Computer Engineering at the Institute of Human Resources Development for Electronics in Kerala, Sarji later moved to the IT industry and worked in various key roles. He worked at Avenir Inc. and Atinav LLC in India and USA in the capacity of Senior Vice President – Technology, prior to Citrus Informatics. He has also served as the Head of Projects & Operations at UCI Technology Private Limited (Software R&D Division of Trading Room Technologies, USA).
With a vision to bring about a radical change to the ICT space, Sarji founded Citrus Informatics in 2010. According to Sarji, the primary goal of any company should be to deliver quality solutions to its customers. While talking about the primary aims of the company, he says, “Delivering quality solutions always has been the rule we live by. We never compromise on quality or cut corners. We pride ourselves in being able to provide solutions that will run on its own when deployed and requires minimum maintenance”.
Apart from Citrus Informatics (India) Pvt Ltd, Sarji Mohammedali decisively serves three different IT companies in the USA. Since 2010, he has been serving Netspective Communications LLC, USA as Offshore Head; since 2009, as Offshore in charge of TCTI Inc, USA; and since 2010, for Alim Foundation, a USA based Non Profit Islamic Organization, as Board member and Senior Technology Consultant. He is also an IT Advisory to RGB Broadcasting Equipments Pvt Ltd, Kerala, India.
Citrus Informatics, Always a Step Ahead in the Competition
Clearly defined processes, performance metrics, quality checklists and standards established through rigorous process improvement have taken Citrus Informatics to new heights. More than twenty five satisfied customers around the globe (mostly from USA) have made Citrus Informatics, a partner of choice, for innovative solutions that fully meet requirements in terms of quality, functionality and affordability.
Sarji adds, “Our team of competent and qualified professionals ensures projects big and small conform to the highest quality standards, meet their intended purpose, and are completed on time and within budget. We use a range of technologies to provide our clients with the solutions they need, and ensure greater consistency, reduced cycle times, lower cost of ownership, better risk mitigation and faster return on investment.”
“It is not about using cutting edge technologies just for the sake of using them. It is all about choosing the technology that best meets the customer requirements in addition to providing reduced cycle times, lowers the cost of ownership, gives long term benefits, better risk management and faster return on investment. We have an ideal mix of resources, proficient in varied technologies, so that we can meet the business needs of the customer in a significantly better way”, said Sarji Mohammedali.
“We always stick to our motto of ‘transparency, integrity and ethics in all business transactions’. At Citrus Informatics, customer satisfaction is of prime importance and takes priority over everything else”, he added.
‘Robust, creative and happy employees are the core asset of a successful company’ – says Citrus
The working environment forms the foundation of every company and a constructive working environment is essential to its growth. Just like the saying “Every drop makes an ocean”, Citrus Informatics believes that the contribution of every employee is significant. Employees are encouraged to express their ideas. Suggestions and thoughts are valued. These are discussed and debated openly to finally reach a consensus.
Sarji asserts, “As a family, we at Citrus Informatics strive to achieve an atmosphere of confidence and mutual support, where every team member confidently contributes to their team and the team leader supports each team member. Ideas and opinions are appreciated and debating of ideas is encouraged to bring out the finest of ideas.”
Citrus Informatics – a highly reliable organization, says customers
Many of the customers around the world talks highly about Citrus Informatics.
“Citrus Informatics executed the cloud based multi-year development project flawlessly. DSI, Inc. is greatly indebted to the development work carried out by the Citrus Informatics team on this complex software development system.”Andrew Wildman, CFO of DSI.
Citrus Informatics had developed two order and transportation systems for Direct Services, Inc. (DS) a U.S. based pharma transport company. The systems developed by Citrus informatics allows DSI, Inc. to automatically receive customer shipping orders from clients and then efficiently route the transportation of temperature sensitive pharma products from multiple plants by line haul and last mile delivery across the U.S.
 “Citrus Informatics was the best team that I have worked with in accomplishing rapid software development for business applications. Their work was of the highest quality while being able to work from requirements via conferencing calls.” – Ross Dennis, Director of Clearsight-Research, LLC, USA
Looking into the Future
While striving to provide the best of ICT services to its clients, Citrus Informatics keeps itself abreast of the latest technologies and trends. “Currently our main focus is on software services. We plan to venture into product development where we will be coming up with good technology/application products which can solve specific business needs and which are needed for the global IT market. We need to identify niche areas in which we can have products. By 2018 we aim to generate at least 40% of our revenue from our products and 60% from software services.”