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Cigniti Technologies: Ride the Quality Engineering with Agile Testing Services

In this ever-changing engineering industry scenario, a product or an application is only considered to be successful when it is reliable and user-friendly. But to provide such product or application there is an ultimate need of flawless independent software testing process. So, to cater this need Cigniti Technologies came into existence. After years of sheer hard work, extensive research and flawless implementation, Cigniti have become the global leader in independent software testing services industry. Cigniti’s vision is to be the world’s largest and most respected independent software testing Services Company and to build a better world by helping build quality software.
With more than 2200 people on board today, Cigniti is the world’s second largest independent testing services company by head count. They are also the world’s first CMMI Level 5 Independent Software Testing Services Company. Being a reputed MNC, they have successfully served leading clients across 13 countries covering North America, U.K. & Europe, ANZ, and South Africa. Leading global analysts of the world like Gartner, Nelson Hall, Everest Group and Forrester have consistently mentioned Cigniti’s growth and acknowledged their capabilities to serve global companies.
Delivering Exceptional Services to Outshine Others  Cigniti constantly realigns itself with the ever-changing Digital World. Cigniti Technologies services’ portfolio is segregated into four categories: Quality Engineering, Digital Assurance, Quality Assurance, and Advisory & Transformation Services. These services are powered by Cigniti’s IP-led next generation testing platform called BlueSwan™ and world class labs, with which their aim is to accelerate the digital transformation journey of the enterprises.
Quality Engineering Services: Software testing has moved beyond the traditional quality assurance practice to a more comprehensive quality engineering framework. Organizations nowadays are much more inclined towards DevOps and continuous testing to enable effective software development and operations while offering superior quality and user experience. Realizing the gaining traction towards robust quality assurance, Cigniti offers QE services including Agile Testing, DevOps QA, Service Virtualization, and Test Data Management services.
Digital Assurance Services: These are recent and emerging offerings in the software testing arena and are in huge demand. Cigniti has been investing heavily in the next generation services that help its clients overcome their current business challenges. Mobile application testing, IoT, Digital QA, Big Data & Analytics testing, E-commerce testing, Medical Device testing, and Game testing fall under next generation services.
Quality Assurance: This includes Functional testing, Test Automation, Performance testing, Security testing, ERP testing, Regression testing, Compatibility testing, and  Globalization testing. Cigniti has been investing in the latest tools & technologies to efficiently offer these core testing services and deal with the current software testing challenges of various industries.
Advisory & Transformation Services: Cigniti’s Advisory and Transformation Services help organizations understand and improve all QA focus areas – people, tools, and infrastructure across the delivery lifecycle. The Advisory Services help clients understand their QA maturity and identify gaps in their processes & practices. Cigniti’s Transformation Services help their clients embark on the QA transformation journey by implementing a very effective, efficient, and metrics driven QA practice. Advisory Services aim at delivering value-added engagements and ensuring high performance of software.
BlueSwan: Cigniti’s BlueSwan™ is a next generation Proprietary Testing platform. Aligning with the needs of the market in the digital era, BlueSwan has also been Cigniti’s enabler towards being the leader in independent software testing services. It also fortifies their IP-led software testing services approach along with the Cigniti 4.0 services and Domain centric approach for offering world class testing services to business across different verticals. BlueSwan™ helps accelerate Quality Engineering for the Digital Enterprises. It comprises of five elements – Verita, Velocita, Cesta, Praxia and Prudentia – that complement the existing QA and QE tools of enterprises.
Srikanth Chakkilam: An Astute Leader
Srikanth Chakkilam, Chief Executive Officer of Cigniti Technologies, graduated from the University of South California. He is a person of versatile nature playing different roles right from decision making to creating crucial strategies related to Cigniti’s vision and growth. He is also a great philanthropist and heads different CSR initiatives at Cigniti Technologies.
Being Unique is Cigniti’s Forte
Cigniti’s key strength lies in its 1800+ career testers, IP-led innovation, and their experience in working across the industries. Cigniti is betting high on their next-generation proprietary testing platform called BlueSwan™. It consists of five elements called Verita, Velocita, Cesta, Praxia, and Prudentia which Align, Assure, and Accelerate the Digital Transformation journey of the enterprises. Offering world class testing services to businesses across diversified verticals, BlueSwan™ fortifies their IP-led software testing services approach with Cigniti 4.0 services which includes DevTestOps, Agile Testing, Performance Engineering, Cyber Security, IoT, Big Data Testing, etc.
Considering Client Satisfaction as a Valuable Asset 
Cigniti’s IP led Quality Engineering and Assurance services assure impeccable software quality that help clients deliver applications that are truly Reliable, Robust, Scalable and Highly Secure. This also helps accelerate the digital transformation journey.
The age of customer calls for continuous testing. A Forrester study confirms that unprecedented speed of software delivery has made quality and speed a strategic pursuit for enterprises. Integration with Dev and Ops brings immediately visible acceleration, while quality engineering along with continuous testing ensures market leadership. Leading global analysts and researchers envisage DevTestOps as a phenomenon that will propel businesses whose customers are scouting for first-time ready software. Cigniti is well poised to deliver quality at speed and thereby assure market leadership for its clients.
Employee Contentment = Cigniti’s Achievement 
We believe in building a sustainable forward thinking organization with a binding principle called Work=Play. Our employee-friendly policies, Rewards & Recognition programs and our alignment towards re-skilling in accordance to industry trends are driving the motivation of the employees at Cigniti. 

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