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China’s Gambling Capital Launches $2 billion Resort with Big Ben Replica

The Londoner Macao, a magnificent British-themed luxury casino resort in Macao, has celebrated its grand opening, bringing a taste of London to the heart of Asia. This opulent resort, owned by Las Vegas Sands, showcases replicas of famous UK landmarks, including the Palace of Westminster and the British Prime Minister’s residence. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, The Londoner Macao offers visitors an unparalleled experience. The resort, which has been operational for the past two years, was delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions and travel regulations.

Beyond its grandeur and extravagant casino offerings, Macao has transformed into a diverse destination catering to all types of travelers. The city now boasts retail outlets, restaurants, spas, and convention centers, enhancing its appeal to international tourists. Macao’s government and casino operators have invested significantly in non-gaming amenities, recognizing their crucial role in attracting a broader range of visitors.

The Londoner Macao’s remarkable “Changing of the Guard entertainment extravaganza” is a standout highlight, featuring over 20 dancers and musicians in a performance inspired by Buckingham Palace’s famous ceremony. Guests can also immerse themselves in London culture with an Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea or enjoy a virtual tour of the city in a classic black cab driven by David Beckham himself.

The Londoner Macao represents the continued growth and diversification of Macao as a dominant and significant market. With its blend of luxury, entertainment, and unique experiences, the resort showcases Macao’s evolution into a world-class destination for both gaming enthusiasts and non-gamers alike.