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China’s ban of Bitcoin makes Asia shares wary of US inflation

After China’s ban of the cryptocurrency last week, investors waited on key US inflation readings to help show the way on monetary policies while Bitcoin tried to steady itself in the market. 

Asia’s shares got off to a wary start on Monday, showing a dip of 0.4% in the broadest MSCI index of Asai-Pacific outside Japan. Japan’s “Nikkei” added a 0.2% while “Chinese blue chips” lost 0.5%. 
Everyone will be eagerly looking forward to the US inflation data points this week after surveys showed an immense growth rate of the global service sectors on Friday. 
BofA analyst in relevance to the ongoings said in a note, “With such bullish views on growth and inflation, the risk for investors is that growth slows and inflation proves temporary. Also, tech, viewed as crowded fairly recently, is now back to an underweight and would likely benefit if inflation fears ebbed.” 
China’s crackdown on the use and services of presently the largest cryptocurrency due to reasons of financial risks amongst others, was partly responsible for the drop of 50% from its all-time high Bitcoin saw. 
On Sunday itself Bitcoin lost 13%, however, as reported last it was recorded trading up 1.5% at $35,208. 

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