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ChinaNetCloud : Running The World’s Internet Servers

Founded in 2008, ChinaNetCloud is one of the world’s leading Internet Server Management Providers, and the first to provide cloud computing services in China. ChinaNetCloud is also a pioneer, creating the Internet Operations-as-a-Service (OaaS) industry, fully managing customer’s servers up through the applications stack, on all clouds and physical servers, with 24×7 monitoring, performance, scaling, security and much more.
Steve Mushero – Technologist Behind the Company
Mr. Mushero, ChinaNetCloud Co-founder & CEO, CTO, has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, including study at the International University of Japan. He is focused on building technology, products & companies across industries and sectors, and holds numerous patents on digital data exchange. In addition, he’s written a book on Globalization and Trade.
Steve Mushero has over 25 years of technology management experience cross a wide range of industries in international contexts. He previously served as CTO at Tudou (China), Intermind, New Vine Logistics, and Advanced Management Systems, plus as architect or advisor on many global projects, including for the World Health Organization in Geneva, Grameen Bank Foundation, and Fortune 500 companies.
Runs the World’s Internet Servers
ChinaNetCloud provides the world’s most Internet advanced operations platform, OpsStack, able to design, build, and manage any Internet system on any technology platform, on any cloud, at any scale, at any and all phases of development and operations.
ChinaNetCloud thinks, its biggest competitor is their customer doing things themselves, but they offer much better service, engineering, techno- logy, and a whole Operations-as-a-Service platform that no customer could ever build themselves. The Company’s vision is to build and manage the world’s largest systems to help billions of people on the Internet enjoy better service, speed & security.
Challenges faced by the company while growing up
According to Mr. Mushero, the establi- shment was not that difficult, other than doing it right in the middle of the 2008 global economic crisis, which made initial fundraising more challenging. But on the other hand, he thought, that this was good for them as it made them quite frugal, so they use less money to go further, something that they still follow today. Further he added, that their challenge has always been to find, develop & retain the best people, as China is a fast-developing place with a premium on good talent.
Future Plans
The company is rounding out its core services, for example, adding Windows, Oracle & OpenStack support. In the coming year, they are adding compatible business units, including Managed Private Cloud, Cloud Migration, & Managed Public Cloud services. In addition, they are upgrading and extending their OpsStack full Operations-as-a-Service (OaaS) platform, which can design, build & manage any Internet system on any cloud, any technology, anywhere. This will enhance their service to be more powerful than offered anywhere in the world.