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China to expand rural transportation expending $725 billion.

China has approved to sustain on its promises according to the new three year plan of eradicating poverty in the country by 2020. It has been published that transportation facilities of rural areas will be improved soon as China will spend a worth of $ 725 billion on transportation projects to provide reliable transportation access in remote areas. As a matter of fact it’s great news for people who awaited this advancement. Introduction of this new transportation project also includes projects to create better links in China’s major centers including inter-city links in Yangtze and pearls river delta regions, as well as Beijing- Tianjin- Hebei area. This huge spending plan has been framed to completely focus on over 70 million poverty stricken people existing in the country.  Additionally around 300 new projects have been laid out as a part of new 3 year transportation development project.
Over the last three decades, it is estimated that around 600 million people have been pulled above the poverty line in China. Though China has still 70.17 million people remaining below the poverty line and southwestern parts of China has left numerous communities isolated from the rest of the country, government has promised to uplift them above the poverty line by 2020.