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Chili House: Serving the Taste with Fresh and Healthy Food

Delicious food is all about the best ingredients and recipes but also require adequate cooking skills and processes. With a phenomenal flavor, also comes the concern about eating healthy. Food acts like fuel for the human body, so it must be fresh and healthy. Chili House makes this point a priority. A Jordan based restaurant brand, serves up fresh delicious food to their customer without adding any additives or preservatives.
In an interview with insights success, Mr. Sami Daoud, CEO of Chili House describes the strengths and uniqueness of the company.
Below are the highlights of the interview between Sami Daoud and insights success:
Give a brief overview of your company and its vision. 
In 1985 Chili House was born! Ever since, the company is continuously striving to achieve the highest standard of satisfaction for its customers and service providers. The company is all about creating memorable experiences and long-lasting relationships based on handcrafted food quality, superior hospitality, use of innovation and a little bit of fun along the way!
From the beginning, Chili House’s primary focus has been to maintain an exceptionally high level of food quality. The secondary focus has been on remarkable hospitality, by going above and beyond the customers’ expectations to make sure that with each visit, we have effectively lifted the customers spirits, and thus their experience, to a new level. The third priority relates to the stores themselves, via a perfect balance of modern and old design with an exceptional attention to detail and cleanliness.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that has shaped the journey of the company. Give a detailed description of the CEO’s contribution over the company and the industry.
Upon completing my law degree in 1998, I re-entered the Franchise world and quickly developed numerous brand concepts including, Philly USA, Everything Yogurt & Banana, Frullati Cafe & Bakery, and Gold Star Chili restaurants. 5 Years later, I joined the Chili House Team in 2003. I believe that the combination of extensive restaurant experience as both franchisee and later as franchisor with a desire to carry on the tradition of building quality cultured brands for my family, investors, franchisees and partners was the driving force that drove the brand from 12 stores in Jordan to over 34 locations in 6 countries within 10 years.
What are the cutting-edge products/services offered by Chili House? 
As far as products go, our Chili Burger, Chili Cheese Fries, Cheese Coney Island hot dogs, and Chili Cheese 3-Way Spaghetti are exceptionally unique to our brand. For services, we would feature our innovative and user-friendly phone application and online ordering system of delivery. Our phone app includes features such as a rewards program that allows our customers to enjoy discounts and special offers, just by checking into the restaurant. They are rewarded on each visit. Second primary feature is the “Chili Box” feature, which allows our customers to browse through their choice of Rock, Classical, Hip Hop, Jazz, Newest Top Ten songs and Modern Arabic. Through the app the customers select the song they want to listen to while dining. The stores are also equipped with volume controlled speakers at each of our tables, so the costumer can “turn it up, when the customers selected song is playing”
What are the special franchisee strengths that make Chili House unique from its competitors? 
The greatest strength of Chili House is its exceptional customer experience. When our 5-Star Hospitality process is combined with our 5-Star food quality and freshness, it is an experience that keeps consumers returning for more. Add to that, our menu variety, which is executed with ease through our streamlined kitchen processes, and you have a “Recipe for Success.”
Fresh everything, and we mean, ”Everything”, from our “on premises” prepared Fresh Cut Fries, Unique Cincinnati Chili and Natural Angus Burgers, to our Onion Rings, 100% Chicken Breast Patty, and 100% Organic Fresh made Salads and Dressings. All made with ease and prepped once in the morning for that business day’s consumption. Another strength or differentiating factor, is that Chili House is a full service fast casual service style with real china and silverware at a quick service menu price point. This provides a wide range of advantages such as, no waiting in lines, no opening of paper and plastic containers in order to eat your meal and no carrying trays and loading up on your own napkins, plastic forks, etc. Finally, Chili House has a proto-type to fit any investor’s budget, and thus allowing for quick brand entry and brand penetration into any new market. Chili House provides 6 floor plans & designs, from 2,500 square foot flagship free-standing units with drive-thru all the way to 220 sq. foot kiosk designs.
Where does Chili House see itself in the long run and what are its future goals? 
Chili House will use the current franchise model to expand its presence throughout the region and the world. We currently have 9 locations in the pipe line for North Africa and Europe, with a goal of being 100 stores strong in the next 3 years. At the same time, our executive team will continue to research the industry and adopt best practices for maintaining such an aggressive growth strategy. Through total quality driven management and implementation, we will continue to succeed and grow Chili House on a Global Scale.