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Cheryl Guerin

Cheryl Guerin: Shaping the Future of Marketing with Technology and Humanity

With over two decades of experience in the marketing industry, Cheryl Guerin has established herself as a leader committed to inspiring business decisions, new offerings, and communications across the company. As an Executive Vice President at Mastercard, Cheryl drives the company’s global marketing efforts and brand strategy. Her expertise and leadership have helped Mastercard establish itself as a purpose-driven brand committed to creating a more inclusive and sustainable world.

With a deep understanding of the power of human connection and the importance of authenticity in marketing, Cheryl has been instrumental in shaping the company’s approach in Human-to-Human marketing. Her contributions to the industry have been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, cementing her reputation as a visionary leader and a trailblazer in marketing.

 Let us understand her exciting journey in-depth.

A Remarkable Journey

Cheryl has had a fantastic journey in her career! Her passion for marketing and advertising began in college when she participated in the American Advertising Federation student competition. After college, Cheryl joined the ad agency side of the business, gaining experience working with many companies. Soon after having her first child, she made a significant move to the brand side of the business, joining Mastercard. It was there that Cheryl began to make her mark. Her experience managing partner marketing opportunities and integrated promotions programs with their sponsorship properties was invaluable. But the turning point in her career came when her boss pushed her out of her comfort zone and into the digital marketing world.

Cheryl is a key member of the Mastercard team that’s helping shape the future of marketing. She went on to lead US Marketing, pivoted to Product and Services for North America, and then became Credit Product lead globally. Returning to North America, Cheryl managed Marketing & Communications. She launched an offering that she is incredibly proud of, True Name. Cheryl now leads the Global Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Media & Insights functions. Her journey has been full of new opportunities and skills to add to her already impressive repertoire. Cheryl is excited about what the future holds!

 The Shifted Times

Cheryl was ecstatic to reflect on her journey and how far she had come in her career. She remembered how things were different when she started working at an ad agency. Men were automatically given roles with clients or in new business development. At the same time, women with the same qualifications were assigned administrative positions. Despite encountering blatant gender bias, Cheryl refused to let it deter her and worked hard to prove her worth. Her efforts paid off, and she was promoted within a year—this valuable lesson of constantly pushing to do more stuck with her throughout her career. At Mastercard, Cheryl found a culture aligned with her inclusion and equal opportunity values.

She is thrilled to say that women at Mastercard earn the same as men and is proud of the programs they created such as Girls4Tech and the Strivers Initiative. Cheryl spearheaded the Stivers Initiative, which aims to provide support to women-owned small businesses in the U.S., with a focus on underserves businesses owners.

 The Significant Impact

Cheryl’s passion for marketing has provided her with not only a successful career but also a way to make a positive impact on society. Throughout her career, she has launched programs that have changed lives and made a significant difference in the world. One of her most notable

achievements was establishing a partnership and cause marketing program with Stand Up To Cancer over a decade ago, which has generated over $65MM in donations to support cancer research and led to several FDA-approved drugs.

But Cheryl’s desire to do good doesn’t stop there. She recognized a pain point for transgender and non-binary individuals with legal names displayed on their payment cards that didn’t align with their identity. To address this issue, Cheryl’s team introduced the True Name feature, enabling individuals to have their chosen name printed on the card, providing a sense of pride and ownership while ensuring their safety and privacy. This innovation has proven successful, with True Name now available in over 40 countries.

Cheryl’s passion for making a positive impact has benefited society and her company’s brand and business growth. Her employees are proud of the work they do and the impact they are making on the world. Cheryl’s commitment to using her marketing skills as a superpower to do good is priceless and inspiring to many.

The Core Values

Mastercard prides itself on having a culture centered around decency. While many are familiar with the impact of intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ) in the workplace, the company places equal importance on what they call the “decency quotient” (DQ). This focus on DQ creates a safe and respectful work environment where employees can do their best work. Mastercard believes everyone should be treated with the same respect and consideration they would like to receive. This approach is a core value of the company and a unique selling point that sets them apart from its competitors. Overall, they take great pride in the company’s commitment to decency.

Sailing with Technology

The impact of technology on the marketing function at Mastercard has been immense, according to insiders. The company has embraced innovation and has been able to make a positive difference in the lives of consumers and businesses worldwide. As technology continues to shape the future, the company is focused on building authentic connections with the communities they serve, emphasizing the human approach. The recently launched Mastercard Artist Accelerator is a prime example of the company’s dedication to combining technology with a people-centric approach. The program teaches musicians how to create, collaborate and monetize their work in the digital age, using cutting-edge tools like NFTs, Blockchain, and an AI-generated music studio. By using technology to connect people with their passions and purpose, Mastercard is setting a new standard for the marketing industry.

The marketing industry has experienced significant changes recently, and Cheryl has been excited to be part of this transformation. The shift towards digital marketing and the demand for experiential marketing has revolutionized the industry. However, the most thrilling aspect for Cheryl is the importance of purpose-driven marketing. Consumers are still looking for more than just buying products; they want to support brands that align with their values. As a result, marketers have a crucial role in authentically conveying the company’s socially reasonable efforts to their customers. Cheryl recognizes that marketing is a vital component of a company’s success, as it helps build trust with customers and drives revenue.

Heading into the Future

Cheryl’s passion for learning and skill collecting is evident as she expresses how critical it is to drive success for the brand one works for and use it as an example to lead ones team. Cheryl’s desire to pay it forward by mentoring and supporting others in their careers is also important to her. She draws inspiration from her mother, a math teacher who ran a “College Now” program in the South Bronx, inspiring many to continue their education. Cheryl aims to follow in her mother’s footsteps by doing good with purpose-driven innovations and participating in nonprofit boards that support the marketing industry and charitable organizations. Her ultimate goal is to spend more time with her husband, two sons, and friends, which she says is priceless to her.

Cheryl is a firm believer in the power of Human-to-Human marketing. As a marketer, she knows that connecting with people personally is the key to success, regardless of whether it’s B2B or B2C. For Cheryl, being authentic and bringing a human touch to everything she does is good for business and creates a positive working environment. Her guiding principle is simple: we are all human, and by recognizing this, we can build stronger connections with each other, drive innovation, and achieve better outcomes. Cheryl leads by example, bringing her true self to work daily and inspiring her colleagues to do the same.