You are currently viewing CheckMark®: An Innovative Accounting & Payroll Solution Helping Small Businesses

CheckMark®: An Innovative Accounting & Payroll Solution Helping Small Businesses

A business idea or platform cannot reach its desired destination without an adaptive and swift execution in workforce. The ability of working individuals and their departments can be improvised by proper accounting and bookkeeping. The precise accounting of organizational progress can eliminate the complexity and related hurdles. However, many of the flourishing small businesses have witnessed the downfall due to the absence of such efficient accounting and reporting platform. CheckMark is a fast, cost-effective and reliable, accounting platform that can transform by delivering Payroll, Accounting, and Tax reporting software for such small and mid-sized businesses.
The company was founded by Jim Mathre and Bob Roeder in 1984 and has been widely recognized amongst the leading accounting solution provider companies in United States of America and Canada. CheckMark is the first ever company to sell an Accounting System for the Macintosh platform. It has delivered many unique and effective solutions to various organizations as well.
Extraordinary Services for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses 
The company offers a wide-range of products such as Payroll software, MultiLedger Accounting software, 1099 software, and 1095 software. The platform also provides additional services to uplift its products, such Payroll Services, Accounting Services, HR Services, Time and Attendance solutions, and a wide-array of paper products. Subsequently, it facilitates Time Keeping solutions, HR Access Center, Tax forms, and customizable business checks, which improves the agility and efficiency of its customers. CheckMark released the first ever Payroll applications in the United States for Mac platform in 1986.
The founders were more inclined towards the Mac platform which was foremost at that time. True to its roots, the company is still the leading provider of Accounting and Payroll Software that supports the Mac platform. It also started shipping Accounting and Payroll Applications for the MicroSoft Windows platform in 1994. Since then, the company has added applications for 1099 processing and 1095 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting.
One of the prime products of CheckMark, “Payroll Service” Division was launched in 2011. The specialists at CheckMark offer a swift execution in complex Accounting and Payroll tasks for small and mid-size business owners. Payroll specialists further facilitate the real-time tax liability, and fill-in the necessary taxes in various departments of state and federal government, precisely. The service division has grown rapidly and offers a more personal touch to accounting and payroll processing.
It should come as no surprise that the products offered by the company are used by thousands of satisfied customers throughout the USA and Canada. Being a small business itself, CheckMark understands what other small business owners face on a day-to-day basis. It has developed explicit software for small businesses and provides intuitive, simple, and ease-to-use products in the cost-effective manner.
A Geek at Heart Simplifying Innovations 
Mohammed Ghani is the passionate CEO of CheckMark. He holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Denver, and an undergraduate degree in electronics and software engineering. Mohammed has an extensive background in software development, implementation, and technology management in large public, private, and non-profit organizations including City of Denver, CoorsTek, Employers Unity, and Nurse-Family Partnership. He has been prolific in leading teams, and leveraging technology to streamline CheckMark’s progression. He is greatly passionate about bringing affordable accounting and payroll services to small and medium size businesses. Being a technologist and a geek at heart, playing around with new technologies is his hobby, and he has been catering significantly in organizational growth with his profound abilities.
Easing the Technology Adoption for Small Businesses 
The Accounting Industry in general and Small Businesses in particular have not kept up with all the adoption of new technologies and systems. Technological initiatives in such organizations often fall behind, due to the lack of personal initiative and budget constraints. However, due to advent of many customers and employee reliance on mobile technology; it has become important for small businesses to keep up with the innovation.
CheckMark helps small businesses compete with the help of innovative solutions in a cost effective manner. CheckMark is working on incorporating these new technologies into its existing products. It aims to capitalize the Business Intelligence (BI) and Mobile Device Support, with precedence to protecting customers’ sensitive data. In addition to this, it has been adding functionality to its on premise applications and utilizing cloud infrastructure for secure backups and disaster recovery. CheckMark has also partnered with MicroSoft and deploying new cloud applications through the Software as-a-Service (SAAS) model. While utilizing the provided services, customers are expected to pay only for exploited services, instead of investing in software purchases, upgrading software, making backups, or maintaining servers.
Challenges in Delivering Adequate Solutions 
Mohammed mentions that “Not reaching potential customers and not having adequate advertising and marketing budget posed challenges in the initial years.” The company has enormous experience as an accounting and bookkeeping platform, although the initial hesitancy to advance in newer technologies ceased further enlargement for some period. Today, the company has focused predominantly on creating dependable Omni-channel solutions by employing cutting-edge digitalization and craving to accelerate as a dominator. Pocket friendliness of platform is a major differentiator in market. The MultiLedger Accounting Software offers unlimited companies, unlimited databases, unlimited number of employees, and even up to ten concurrent users for a cost effective solution.
Developing Products with Advanced Cloud Deployment 
CheckMark has teamed up with Microsoft Corporation to develop an advanced cloud environment. It aims to deploy the platform to add a touch of perfection to its products. Customers can access applications using a variety of devices from anywhere and can complete their work or view their reports securely. CheckMark aims to add new features, new modules, and eventually offer a complete ERP System to customers. A complete ERP solution is ideal for clients as it delivers them all the information and report generating capabilities they require to effectively running their businesses. It has been the foremost company in the vertical and sustained its legacy through adaptable utilizations.

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