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David Binny | CEO | Panaya

Change Intelligence Maverick: Unraveling the Vision of David Binny at Panaya

The world of enterprise software development is constantly evolving. New technologies are emerging all the time and businesses are demanding more and more from their software. This puts a lot of pressure on software development teams to deliver high-quality products quickly. The arena of ERP & Cloud Business Applications has an additional challenge: each individual change impacts hundreds of thousands of business users and processes, rendering these changes highly risky and costly.

This fast-paced world of enterprise software development is full of challenges, but it also offers a lot of opportunities. By using the right tools and techniques, software development teams can succeed in this challenging environment and deliver high-quality products that meet the needs of their businesses. In order to succeed in this fast-paced environment, software development teams need to be able to adapt quickly to change, deliver high-quality products on time and within budget and build strong relationships with their customers.

Leaders play a critical role in the enterprise software development industry. They are responsible for setting the vision and direction for their teams, motivating and inspiring their employees and ensuring that their products meet the needs of their customers. Leaders need to be able to think strategically and make quick decisions. They also need to be able to build strong relationships with their customers, partners and employees. Leaders who are able to effectively play these roles will be well-positioned to succeed in the enterprise software development industry.

David Binny, the CEO of Panaya stands out as a leader driving the force of change intelligence and innovation in this realm. As the market leader in ERP and CRM change intelligence, Panaya’s SaaS solutions have revolutionized the way organizations approach change delivery to business applications like SAP®, Oracle® EBS and

At Panaya, David holds the pivotal role of CEO, and his contributions are instrumental in shaping the company’s success and growth. David is responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership to the organization. He plays a crucial role in setting Panaya’s vision, defining its long-term goals and charting the course for the company’s future.

David’s importance at Panaya goes beyond mere leadership; he is the driving force behind the company’s innovation and commitment to change intelligence. Under his guidance, Panaya has emerged as the market leader in ERP and CRM change intelligence, offering cutting-edge SaaS solutions that reduce the time, cost and risk involved in the delivery of change to business applications.

As the leader of the company, David is deeply involved in the development and implementation of Panaya’s products and solutions. He actively oversees the Change Intelligence Platform, which includes platforms for SAP, Oracle, enterprise testing and Salesforce. Through his strategic vision and direction, Panaya has been able to introduce groundbreaking capabilities, leveraging AI, machine learning algorithms and advanced automation, to deliver deep insights and facilitate smooth business continuity for clients.

David’s role is also crucial in driving growth and profitability for Panaya. He constantly seeks new opportunities to expand the company’s offerings beyond SAP, Oracle and Salesforce, with the aim of serving a wider range of business applications. Under his leadership, Panaya aims to stay ahead of the curve through continuous innovation, always leading the market in Change Intelligence and Smart Testing Automation.

Furthermore, David’s impact on Panaya is evident in the company’s impressive customer base, which spans over 3,000 enterprises worldwide, including a third of the Fortune 500. His commitment to delivering value and ensuring customer success has garnered the trust of businesses across various regional markets and industries.

David’s leadership has propelled Panaya to the forefront of the industry. With cutting-edge data aggregation, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Panaya’s Change Intelligence Platform delivers deep insights that help organizations determine dependencies, accelerate and automate testing and ensure business continuity.

David’s leadership and Panaya’s commitment to continuous innovation have positioned the company as a driving force in the realm of change intelligence and software testing. As organizations seek to evolve rapidly and confidently, Panaya remains the ultimate platform of choice, and David’s vision continues to guide them towards success.

Let’s delve into David’s approach to shaping the company’s vision, driving innovation, expanding market reach and fostering a culture of excellence!

A Mastermind in Motion

David is a visionary entrepreneur, driven by the desire to bring positive change to the stagnant Change Intelligence and Testing industry for Packaged Business Applications. As the CEO of Panaya, a SaaS-based company, his mission is to revolutionize the way enterprises approach digital transformation.

I want to tackle the big issues and find alternative solutions that accelerate digital transformation with zero risk,” David says, his eyes filled with determination.

One of the key challenges identified by David and his team is the need to assist their customers with innovating new digital transformation solutions while maintaining their legacy systems or code. They aim to empower enterprises to release software faster while minimizing risks associated with the process.

“We have shown there is a way to ensure both speed and quality when it comes to introducing new innovative solutions.,” David remarks. “We make the journey to modernization smoother and more efficient.”

The Leadership Blueprint

David understands the significance of having a clear vision. “Above all, you need to have a vision. This is not a cliche,” he emphasizes. David firmly believes that a well-defined goal is essential to guide the company in the right direction. To ensure progress, he emphasizes being results-oriented and setting clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to stay on track.

Strategic thinking and decisiveness are traits David values highly. He explains, “I place a high premium on being both strategic and decisive.” If a strategy isn’t yielding the expected results, David advocates the ability to pivot swiftly. This requires transparent communication and a realistic approach to goals. He practices what he preaches, incorporating radical transparency into his daily interactions.

Remaining at the forefront of technological advancements is another principle dear to David. “Another key principle of mine is to keep up with the latest technologies,” he asserts. In a constantly evolving world, especially with the introduction of Generative AI, continuous learning and adaptation are crucial.

As the driving force behind Panaya, David takes his responsibility as CEO seriously. “As CEO, it is my responsibility to drive innovation and explore new opportunities,” he says. He fosters creativity and steers the organization through periods of growth and expansion, shaping Panaya’s strategies in the process.

The road to success, according to David, involves more than just innovation and growth. It requires resilience and adaptability too. He reflects on the past three years during which Panaya faced numerous challenges–from navigating through the impact of COVID19 to adapting to changing market dynamics and client priorities.

When the Going Gets Tough

David has faced a significant challenge in growing the company while maintaining profitability. “One of the most significant challenges we had was how to grow the company while keeping it profitable,” David explains.

To tackle this obstacle, David knew that increasing revenues without new funding required careful allocation of resources. “The obstacle here is how to increase your revenues, with no new funding. So, we needed to put the dollars where the results could be,” he says, emphasizing the importance of maximizing outcomes through smart budget allocation.

Running a successful and profitable ship demanded meticulous attention to detail and asking crucial questions. “This requires running a very tight ship in many aspects. You must be on top of many details and ask important questions,” David elaborates. Identifying key performance indicators (KPIs), identifying areas with underperforming results and deciding where to cut costs and where to invest more were all part of the equation.

They succeeded in growing in two main areas, the first revolved around the retention of existing clients through renewals and upsells. The second key area was developing new key capabilities that were specifically crucial during COVID19 where remote collaboration was a necessity for most businesses.

It’s worth mentioning, that even when times were tough, we didn’t lay off anyone,” David proudly states. He understood the significance of maintaining employee morale and confidence during challenging times. By avoiding layoffs, David demonstrated transparent leadership, steering the ship while keeping the employees’ best interests in mind.

Through David’s strategic and transparent approach to managing the company, Panaya not only navigated the challenge successfully but also strengthened the bond with its dedicated workforce. As a result, Panaya continues to grow and thrive despite the obstacles, thanks to David’s resolute leadership.

Top of Form

Moving with the Times

David outlines three key strategies that drive the company’s success. “I have three main strategies,” he begins, “The first is customer feedback and communication.

David emphasizes the importance of engaging with customers regularly to understand their experience with Panaya’s products. “We regularly engage with our customers to gather feedback on their experience with our products,” he says. Panaya has established feedback channels to capture ideas, pain points and feature requests from customers, actively listening to their needs and using the input to improve and update their software.

The second strategy is market research,” David continues. He highlights the significance of staying informed about market trends and emerging technologies related to SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and other packaged applications. Panaya conducts ongoing market research to understand changing customer preferences and emerging needs.

The third pillar of Panaya’s success is ongoing competitive analysis. “Ongoing competitive analysis is our third strategy,” David asserts. He believes that understanding the direction of the market and staying ahead of competitors is crucial. This helps Panaya identify potential pain points for customers, gaps in their products and learn from what competitors are doing well.

David and his team also recognize the importance of understanding the digital transformation their customers are going through. “We also make a point of keeping up with the digital transformation our customers are dealing with in their organizations,” he adds. This helps Panaya create focus areas within the company, ensuring its solutions align with the evolving needs of its clients.

Client Care Cornerstone

David can be called as the driving force behind Panaya’s success, recognizing the vital role of feedback, customer success management and consistent product innovation. A cornerstone of Panaya’s strong customer relationships is effective communication. David emphasizes the importance of open and transparent communication with clients, keeping them informed about upcoming software developments.

This means open and transparent communication with our clients, regularly updating them on upcoming software developments,” David says, underlining the commitment to keeping clients in the loop.

Another aspect that makes David proud is Panaya’s customer support organization. “I’m also very proud of our customer support organization,” he states with evident satisfaction. Panaya’s team responds promptly to any inquiry or case opened by clients. Their high Net Promoter Score (NPS) reflects the top-notch customer support services provided, assisting clients with any issues they encounter.

The very fact that we are able to promptly address support tickets and provide a solution often exceeds customer expectations,” David remarks. He believes that superior customer support, in addition to the quality of the product, is crucial in determining the success of the company. It’s not just about having a great product but also about the attitude towards customers and how they are treated.

At the end of the day, we are measured not just by the superiority of our product, but also by our attitude, how we treat our customers, how we help them be successful,” David concludes. He recognizes that customer satisfaction and success are at the core of Panaya’s values and it’s through this customer-centric approach that the company continues to thrive under his guidance.

The Talent Oasis

In the world of tech companies, Panaya stands out with an impressive employee tenure of close to five years. David attributes this to the motivation and inspiration that drives the workforce. “A motivated workforce is an inspired one,” he explains. David believes in sharing a clear vision of the company’s direction and future investments to instill a sense of purpose among the employees.

Additionally, celebrating victories together, whether big or small, fosters a culture of unity and collaboration. “Every deal we win, the entire organization gets to know about it because it’s the entire company’s celebration. It takes a village to win and to grow,” David remarks, recognizing the collective effort that drives Panaya’s success.

David places great importance on creating a healthy and stable work environment where employees feel supported. “We also make sure to create a healthy and stable organization, so employees feel supported,” he states. The leadership culture at Panaya revolves around core values that shape the company’s ethos: moving fast, acting with integrity, taking ownership and getting things done, being customer-centric and playing for each other.

Panaya’s focus on employee well-being and job satisfaction has not gone unnoticed. The company is ranked as one of the best 15 tech companies to work for in Israel. Moreover, it is considered one of the best places for parents of young children to work. This achievement is a testament to the positive and inspiring work environment that the leadership has cultivated at Panaya.

Investing in company culture and leadership style has been a priority for David. He believes that creating a space where all employees feel appreciated and supported is essential to nurturing a high-performing team. “It is also about investing in company culture and leadership style, to create that space for all employees to feel appreciated and supported,” David says.

However, David understands that a strong product in the market is also a crucial factor that attracts and retains top talent. “But at the end of the day, we deliver a great product and employees want to work in a company that has strong products in the market,” he concludes. The combination of a motivated workforce, a supportive work environment and a compelling product portfolio make Panaya a standout player in the tech industry, all thanks to David’s leadership and commitment to fostering a thriving organizational culture.

A Jewel in the Crown

Over the past few years, David has overseen a number of critical moments that have shaped the company’s trajectory. “There have been several important moments over the last few years,” David reflects.

The first significant milestone was a transformational pivot that led to the emergence of change intelligence and smart testing as a new category in the market. “To begin with, we had a transformational pivot to change intelligence and smart testing,” David recalls with pride. This shift not only changed Panaya’s identity but also opened up new possibilities for enterprises. With change intelligence, customers can now see the precise impact of each individual software change and Panaya provides change-by-change navigation to help eliminate risks and reduce upgrade costs.

David is particularly proud of this accomplishment, as it marks Panaya’s ability to innovate and pioneer in a competitive industry. “I’m very proud of this accomplishment,” he emphasizes.

The successful implementation of the new strategy and product line resulted in a significant increase in renewal rates and customer retention. “By introducing this new strategy and a new line of products, we then increased gross retention rates from 20% to over 90%,” David states. This impressive achievement speaks to the level of customer satisfaction and confidence in Panaya’s solutions. It demonstrates that Panaya’s products are meeting the daily needs of their clients effectively.

Finally, we turned the company into a profitable company while growing the revenue,” David declares, highlighting another pivotal moment in Panaya’s journey. Making the company profitable while experiencing revenue growth is no small feat, and it showcases David’s strategic acumen and ability to steer the company in the right direction.

Under David’s leadership, Panaya has achieved remarkable milestones, transforming into an industry leader known for change intelligence and smart testing solutions. These accomplishments demonstrate Panaya’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, solidifying its position as a thriving and successful organization.

Compassionate Commitments

David in addition to his commitments as a leader in the tech industry, also finds time to give back to the community. “Myself, I make time to help teenagers at risk,” he says with a warm smile. Every Thursday, David volunteers a couple of hours to assist these teenagers with their homework, offering support in subjects like English and math.

Panaya, under David’s guidance, has also been actively contributing to the community. This year, the company engaged in several initiatives to give back and make a positive impact:

  • Rett: Angels of Silence association: Panaya has been a part of their annual race, supporting research into Rett syndrome. “We participate in their race every year and donate to support research into this syndrome,” David shares, showing the company’s commitment to helping those in need.
  • A bag for every student donation campaign: The company organized a campaign to collect bags for first graders from underprivileged backgrounds highlighting Panaya’s efforts to support education and provide essential supplies to those in need.
  • Designing a room in a daycare for at-risk girls: Currently, Panaya is involved in a meaningful project to design a room in a daycare center, specifically for girls at risk. David explains this initiative reflects Panaya’s commitment to supporting vulnerable members of the community and providing them with a safe and nurturing environment.

David’s dedication to both his community and company is evident in the initiatives he leads. By setting an example of giving back, he inspires not only his employees at Panaya but also the community around him. Through these contributions, Panaya continues to make a positive impact and exemplifies the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Many Colors, One Vision

In the realm of hiring and fostering a diverse work environment, David is the inclusive leader of Panaya, resolute in his approach. “We hire anyone that fits the job description, no discrimination,” he states emphatically. This principle is the cornerstone of Panaya’s hiring practices and it is evident across their global offices.

Panaya takes pride in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In their offices, one can find people of various backgrounds, races, religions and ethnicities. David firmly believes that the key concept in hiring is to prioritize qualifications and skills, regardless of an individual’s background. “The key concept in hiring is that whoever fits the job criteria is hired, regardless of their background. Period,” David asserts.

Painting the Canvas of Progress

David has a clear vision for the future of the company. “I would like to establish Panaya as the ultimate platform that every enterprise must have for change and test automation,” he declares with determination. With this ambitious goal in mind, David and his team are committed to continuous innovation and driving change in the industry.

Our vision is to make it as easy as possible for our clients to grow as fast and as safely as possible,” David says, emphasizing Panaya’s commitment to supporting their clients’ growth journey while minimizing risks.

Recognizing the vast opportunities that lie ahead, David is eager to expand Panaya’s reach. “The opportunities are huge. I would like to go beyond SAP, Oracle and Salesforce to serve a range of other business applications,” he envisions, displaying a strategic mindset to explore new horizons.

David is determined to keep driving growth, profitability and value for Panaya’s customers. “We want to continue to drive growth and profitability and drive value for our customers,” he affirms. This dedication to customer satisfaction drives Panaya’s business philosophy.

To achieve these objectives, David is steadfast in his commitment to staying in front of trends and addressing their client’s evolving business needs through continuous innovation. “The idea is to stay ahead of the curve to address their business needs through continuous innovation and lead the market of Change Intelligence technology,” David says. His focus on leading the market and driving technological advancement is integral to Panaya’s success and its ability to be at the forefront of Change Intelligence technology.

With David’s unwavering vision and determination, Panaya continues to soar, revolutionizing the industry and providing enterprises with the tools they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.