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ChainSequence Inc.: Delivering Transformative Supply Chain Project Deployments Successfully Since Inception

For more than 20 years, ChainSequence’s professional teams have been delivering transformative Supply Chain project deployments for organizations seeking meaningful change to outdated, cumbersome processes that are holding their enterprises back. ChainSequence’s Sales & Operations Planning services integrate these best-practice, nimbler processes with sales and operations objectives, adding benchmarking support components into more structured, enterprise-wide planning cycles to ensure new systems are functioning at peak performance.
The Universally Accepted Leader
A strategic business management consultant for more than 25 years, Bill Mrzlak is Co-Founder, President, and Managing Partner of ChainSequence. He has unparalleled experience leading teams in driving process development engagements which provide the essential roadmap for positive change for enterprises in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Guiding client groups toward getting to the heart of what’s really obstructing business processes, much of ChainSequence’s business process reengineering work is conducted through facilitated sessions, systems development oversight and project deployments. The goal is to help businesses learn and expedite a clear path for developing the most appropriate solutions going forward. As the leader of ChainSequence, Bill’s mission is to impart instrumental knowledge to help his clients succeed long after the work is finished.
Standing Tall Amongst the Crowded Market
Unlike management consulting generalists, ChainSequence focuses exclusively on Supply Chain and S&OP planning. The core services of the company emphasize improving the integral role supply chains play in building a more transparent, beneficial S&OP program. According to their clients, what really sets ChainSequence apart from other management consultants is its knowledge-share philosophy.
The service model of ChainSequence delivers game-changing guidance by teaching client teams to successfully pivot from outdated processes and incorporate best-practice solutions that improve the crucial relationship between their supply chains and their S&OP efforts. The organization takes pride in not just working with its clients, but developing a true partnership with them.
Tackling Turbulent Weather
Often, ChainSequence encounters many organizations or individuals who assume that software suites or systems can solve all of their issues. ChainSequence cautions that while technology has taken giant leaps forward in recent years, any software system still requires direction, or a logical set of rules working in concert with an end-to-end business process.
Many advancements in technology and planning tools have helped ChainSequence to optimize its original models and gain faster ROI, but ChainSequence’s supply chain planning, and S&OP planning improvements are still inherently bound by proven, rules-based business process logic and leadership that is committed to change management. Mastering the “tools-before-rules” opposition can be challenging, but by working closely within client organizations through hands-on education, leadership, and consensus building, ChainSequence consistently improves its clients’ opportunities as well as pathways to long-term success.
Industry Scenario after the Emergence of E-Commerce
“E-commerce continues to grow, and most organizations are affected by it. A key characteristic in E-commerce is the elimination of much of the human element from everyday business—in which transactions arrive at lightning speed, in no particular order—that subsequently dictates the competitive need for speed in customer responsiveness.  To successfully execute these rapid-fire response times, companies must deploy a clearly defined set of rules to support its strategic and financial goals. When humans aren’t involved in electronic transactions, a business could quickly fail if these transactions are processed without a sound plan. While it’s not possible to define a set of rules for every scenario, it is essential to define the key rules supporting the most common situations, and minimize the number of exceptions. Taking the emergence of e-commerce into account, Bill asserts, “As an enterprise’s process matures and cycles of learning continue, it can adjust the rules as necessary to continuously improve results.”
Clients also benefit from ChainSequence’s educational philosophy that teaches clients the importance of appropriate change management and building in-house ownership. Developing clients’ processes together with all participating organizational units, ChainSequence actively promotes giving these impacted client teams a personal stake in the deployment’s success. Clients learn the hows and whys of what’s behind “pushing the button,” and can anticipate and direct the outcome. ChainSequence combines decades of knowledge, a broad breadth of experience, problem solving skills, and a collaborative, optimistic attitude to make transformation an achievable reality with a core process model and methodology which recognize and respect that no two clients are alike. ChainSequence’s approachability, tenacity and commitment to its clients’ goals has fostered rewarding relationships that continue to this day.
Future Perspective
As the company moves into 2018 and beyond, ChainSequence continues to expand into new markets, taking advantage of exciting opportunities to help organizations from various industry sectors 1) more accurately align complex supply chains with customer demand; 2) maintain competitive growth with significantly nimbler business processes; and 3) achieve more transparency in S&OP to better respond to fluctuating market drivers. ChainSequence’s partnerships with technology firms that provide a broad range of technical solutions, both domestically and overseas, are thriving. Its partnerships are beneficial in delivering complete solutions to customers without being tied to a single technology solution. ChainSequence is growing its presence in the consumer products, retail, and service-oriented industry sectors, and continues to increase its customer base overseas.

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