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Beth Murphy | Founder, President & CEO | CFM Partners

CFM Partners: Strategic Technology for Modern Compliance Professionals

High-risk employee behaviors that make headlines, combined with ever-changing government regulations, heightened public awareness of corporate responsibility, and rising risk-related costs have prompted compliance executives to seek solutions that will help them manage Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) efficiently and effectively.
Based in Washington, D.C., CFM Partners has been on the frontlines of GRC management for over 20 years, offering knowledge-based solutions to help companies proactively manage their risk, turn compliance into performance, and develop effective governance strategies.
The Company that “Gets It” 
Employee misconduct often originates from gaps in communication and adoption of policies among groups, departments, and individuals — gaps that the team at CFM Partners works to bridge through its expertise and technology.
Businesses spend a tremendous amount of time and effort carefully developing policies, procedures, and educational materials to guide employees and management in how to do their jobs well and minimize the risk of negative incidents. However, it can be a struggle to implement them in a way that encourages a culture of compliance, where each member of the organization understands their role and responsibilities.
CFM’s flagship solution, Access Compliance™, promotes cultures of compliance by helping companies modernize their approach to policy and procedure management through easily-accessible, relevant, and understandable training, as well as systematic communication that lets nothing slip through the cracks.
Access Compliance™ 
Access Compliance delivers policies, procedures, and other important information that are directly relevant to the role, responsibilities, and environment of every user, when and where they need that information, thereby enhancing employee productivity while embedding compliance into day-to-day business practices.
It aligns corporate, business group, and country-specific policies – at the end-user level – to ensure users don’t have to sift through volumes of irrelevant information. They see only the policies they need to do their jobs, stay compliant, and stay productive. The platform makes role-appropriate information and education easily searchable and accessible.
Integrated throughout Access Compliance are features that allow administrators to designate who sees what and when, via CFM’s exclusive Push-by-Profile™ distribution and customized audience assignments. This feature has helped the company secure a well-differentiated position among regtech providers by ensuring the right information is at the fingertips of the right people at the right time.
“Risk is substantially mitigated by consistently making people aware of how a particular policy, procedure, or regulation applies to them and their job,” said CEO Beth Murphy. “We determined early-on that our solutions need to be configurable to deliver information that is relevant to each user to be truly effective.”
CFM Partners also led the field in delivering solutions in the cloud. Leveraging cloud-computing technology, Access Compliance hosts a suite of solutions and tools that are modular, integrated, configurable, and customizable. Applications and content are swiftly deployed across different regions to specific, appropriate audiences – providing clients with round-the-clock access to the information they need to do their jobs well. Modular design also makes it possible for organizations to acquire as much, or as little, functionality as they need.
“When we see an opportunity to enhance our solutions in ways that matter to our clients, we readily pursue those enhancements and make them a reality. It’s kept us ahead of the market repeatedly over the years,” Murphy notes.
Streamlined for Managers 
The easier it is to administer a solution, the more effective it will be. Access Compliance includes tools and templates that make it easy for clients to map policies to groups that need them.
“We’ve worked to centralize and streamline the management of policies and procedures, as well as distribute them through a single interface,” Murphy explains. “Features provide a way to standardize policy and procedure development by clearly indicating who owns the content, when it was last updated, where it impacts the organization, and more.”
Access Compliance also provides a single access point where managers can see when, where, and by whom policies are reviewed. These tracking features are ideal for managers who understand the importance of monitoring for red flags that may indicate additional communication or employee training is needed.
Beyond monitoring, Access Compliance generates reports that document when policies have been reviewed or training programs completed. Data is archived for future reference and regulatory compliance.
Education Is Key 
“Simply put, companies that know better, do better,” Murphy observes.
Effective compliance education starts with a corporation’s policies and procedures and is supplemented with training to fully educate employees on complex or critical issues. Access Compliance’s education and training module features a suite of online course libraries with topics including Cybersecurity Awareness, Conflicts of Interest, Anti-Bribery, Sexual Misconduct Prevention, and Use of Social Media, to name only a few.
Its robust functionality provides easy course administration, customizable and tailored content, review and monitoring of employee progress, reporting, and updates.
Clients Come First 
“Every client has its own distinctive needs,” Murphy reflects. “We meet our clients where they are, and our philosophy is to adapt our products and services to meet the needs of each organization.”
Deep knowledge, innovative solutions, and an unwavering commitment to client success are the keystones upon which CFM Partners built its business.