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certgate GmbH: Protecting Users Since Inception

With the growing usage of smart phones and internet, privacy has become a thing of past. Nowadays, most of the mobile service providers and the internet service providers store all the critical data of a user for at least six months, up to two years, which they can keep it forever. Analyzing this data maps society behavior patterns, creates a blueprint of social communications. It is possible to detect communication hubs, define who is more important and switch off communication leaders. It questions the very basic terms of freedom and privacy.
However, that’s not all Edward Snowdens’ latest leaks was about, it even pointed out that the US Intelligence agencies were using Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and other popular global services to keep an eye on the users. Snowdens’ documents even revealed that the intelligence agencies hack their domestic and foreign companies in order to wiretap their users. Adding to the government agencies, there are also a few private organizations that specializes on extremely sophisticated surveillance techniques. They collect and analyze data about their target from different sources i.e., mobile phones, social media, personal computers, communication contacts of their contacts, web cameras, mobile cameras, and so on.
To keep users safe from various kinds of privacy and security breach, Germany based security solution provider certgate GmbH came into the fray. The organization is completely focused on mobile security products and solutions, with offices in Nuremberg (near Munich), Hannover and Dusseldorf, certgate is owned by the largest private equity company in Germany and the management.
The company’s offering is twofold and works hand in hand. First, certgate APPs secure corporate mobile communication with regards to End2End encrypted voice, chat and email. Its solutions protect data at flexible security levels, from software based to hardware protected 2-factor authentication and encryption.
Secondly, certgates’ wireless smart cards enable organizations to expand proven desktop security into mobile platforms. The company’s solutions integrate with global mobile device management solutions and improve protection for enterprise mobile data on travel and on rest.
A Veteran Leader
Jan C. Wendenburg is the CEO of certgate GmbH. At certgate, Jan is currently advancing the further development of the “Mobile IT Security solution provider,” with patented and new concepts and technologies for improving mobile security for companies and authorities.
Throughout his career Jan has worked in the IT industry. While serving for IBM, he was responsible for worldwide customers, Germany’s largest systems integrator, in multiple locations and for hundreds of millions of sales. Jan then actively changed as managing director to an international IT company. Afterwards, he led the transformation of the company into an international venture capital fund with offices in Berlin, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.
During this time, he founded AuthentiDate International AG in Dusseldorf, which was the first German accredited certification service for time stamps and leading IT security specialist. In 2005, AuthentiDate was awarded the highest prize for IT security pioneering work in Germany. However, in 2011, he sold the organization to exceet Group S.E and supported them on their successful IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
Standing out Amongst the Crowd and Maintaining Long-term Relations with Clients  
certgate has been a long-term IT security innovator. Its patented and unique mobile security products and solutions provide maximum security at minimum user impact. In general, software-based mobile security solutions rely on the safety of underlying operating systems. In case one encrypts the confidential data and stores the key on a vulnerable device or Operating System all the data possesses a massive threat. certgate comes to the rescue by letting its clients store their valuable keys wirelessly on global certified secure elements. The company truly protects its clients’ mobile data, mails, chat and voice communication. This works mostly independent of the security of the operating system, i.e. Apple/iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS or Linux.
According to certgate GmbH, IT security is a matter of trust and the core fundament of all its clients and partner relationships. The organization includes all its clients and partners into the product roadmap plan discussions to receive feedback on current products and future concepts.
When the Success is Based on Restless, and Paranoid Approach
certgates’ success is completely based on a restless, paranoid approach in order to combine maximum security with minimum user impact. The company is now working intensively with its partners and clients, no matter the platform, geography, or language.
certgate believes that within IT security, there are a few major trends, which are important to watch:

  • Everyone and everything goes mobile.
  • Users request simple user interfaces.
  • Consumerization is key.
  • IT security should have no user impact.
  • IT attacks will increase dramatically.
  • Artificial intelligence automation will put almost any software based security concept at high risk.

However, certgate is very well prepared to drive, follow and comply with these trends. While the first trends are short to medium term – the last one “artificial intelligence” (AI) will have the biggest impact. AI will be the most dangerous one with regards that hackers will use AI to find vulnerabilities and completely new ways to invade infrastructures and gather user keys and credentials. certgates’ solutions combine high security with consumerization and include the option to use proven, certified secure elements. They are perfectly protected against new weapons and attacks, which might arise in future.
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