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CernoTech: One-Stop Shop For Cloud Solutions

The face of cloud and IT is changing rapidly, and the enterprises will need to respond now to maintain their market positions in the future. Enterprises uses a range of on-premises, off-premises and hybrid cloud solutions — and as a relatively new industry, cloud is rising in popularity every year. Because of these every enterprises need cloud solutions to be on top of the competition.
CernoTech, headquartered in Greenlawn, New York, is the best panacea available for cloud solutions out there. It just does not provide enterprise technology solutions for businesses of all kinds, but help businesses streamline their daily tasks, communicate more effectively with their customers and coworkers, and save money by harnessing the latest technologies. From start to finish, CernoTech has the experience, expertise, and knowledge of Cloud Based Technologies to provide the best solutions for your business.
Sanjay Chadha, Pre-eminent Entrepreneur
Over 20 years of experience, working as either a key decision maker or founder of organizations, Sanjay Chadha is the CEO of CernoTech. He is a key decision maker or founder of various organizations. His whooping experience as an entrepreneur includes fortune 500 companies and startups alike. Mr. Chadha says that, the time to market is one huge constraint they faced when developing new applications or working on enhancing the existing ones.
As the CEO of CernoTech, Mr. Chadha provides the vision and leads the key strategies and direction of the organization. His passion for the ever-evolving technological landscape has given him the ability to identify new opportunities, product ideas and to build companies that make an impact in any industry.
Cloud Based Solutions
CernoTech helps businesses to be more efficient by increasing the ease of accessibility of data and management of the same with high guarded security through specialized services that includes Cloud Based Technology Solutions, Technology Consulting, Mobile App Development, IT Strategy, Consulting, & Management, Product Conceptualization and Development. They offer customized solutions for the different verticals e.g. their LexRex application is customized solution for Law firms and attorney’s. Also, they offer a set of products like ctLegal, ctMD, ctLive and ctCloud. The ctCloud is explicitly made to meet the customized needs of different sectors that benefit hugely from cloud-based solutions.
CernoTech’s private cloud is specifically designed to offer a safe and secure cloud space for the company’s data, so that they don’t have to worry about who is seeing what? CernoTech’s Cloud offers you the feasibility of accessing, sharing and saving your data from anywhere and at any time. With their help, the data is secure thoroughly, there is no threat of losing data due to natural calamities.
CernoTech’s Mission and Future Plans
To become a one-stop shop for technology solutions is the mission CernoTech is moving forward with. By fetching new technologies, CernoTech have a vision before them, to help other companies implement those technologies so that they can save money, grow their business, and streamline their processes. Their team of certified technology consultants are pioneers in the field and are constantly developing new solutions that are practical and help their clients to better manage their business and also help them improve the QOS.