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CENTRI Technology: Securing the Present and Future of IoT

IoT solution providers are all very much in the wild west era of IoT development. While industry standards are still evolving, solution providers must ensure compatibility with numerous hardware platforms and Cloud providers. As devices become smaller the available footprint for solutions can become constrained. IoT solution providers need flexible and scalable solutions that can easily fit with new advancements in both hardware and software for IoT. CENTRI Technology is a company which is coping up with these changing needs of IoT, as an IoT solution provider.
CENTRI provides advanced security for the Internet of Things. Their technology helps organizations secure what matters most – their data – by seamlessly integrating into existing applications and services in the cloud, data centers, connected devices, and products. CENTRI eliminates the risk of data exfiltration and loss of equipment command by establishing trusted devices and advanced encryption technology while retaining complete visibility to their client’s data. Thus, IoT developers and innovators rely on CENTRI to protect the full lifecycle of their data – in transit, at rest, and on the endpoint.
Providing Ideal Security Platform
With the vision to become the most trusted provider of IoT security solutions by empowering developers to implement solution into their own IoT products and services, CENTRI provides, CENTRI Internet of Things Advanced SecurityIoTAS, which is a complete, standards-based software security platform enabling developers to easily implement device integrity, data encryption, and optimization into their products and services. IoTAS can be easily embedded on endpoints, applications, network servers and Cloud infrastructure to secure and optimize all data in motion and at rest. Furthermore, IoTAS uses cache mapping technology and efficient algorithms, resulting in 20% less CPU utilization, less heat and less use of power with IoT devices.
Founder of CENTRI
Vaughan Emery, Founder, CEO and President of CENTRI is passionate about helping the industry to meet the unique challenges of data security for the Internet of Things. He founded CENTRI in 2010 with a vision to deliver technology that helps to secure enterprise data and to improve network efficiencies. As a business leader, Mr. Emery is responsible for the company leadership and vision, strategic direction, planning, and execution. Vaughan’s career spans more than 20 years in leadership roles of early stage companies. Throughout his career, Mr. Emery has developed key business relationships with enterprises, OEMs and technology partners within the US, Asia, and Europe.
Providing Security to a Wide Spectrum of Clientele
CENTRI provides IoT security to developers of devices from organizations across a number of industries including automotive, contract manufacturers, healthcare, home automation, industrial, OEMs/ODMs, smart cities, transportation, and utilities. CENTRI’s unique approach is to empower IoT developers with the IoTAS platform they install themselves into their endpoints and the Cloud. IoTAS is purpose-built for IoT security to provide a simpler, faster, and more complete solution than do-it-yourself approaches or recycled enterprise solutions. IoTAS authenticates devices, protects the data in all states, simultaneously compresses the data and provides user management and analytics to all activities with a footprint as small as 50kB. Additionally, IoTAS boasts certificate-less technology to avoid issues with certificate exchanges and vault-less technology to remove the key vault management hassle and expense associated with a Hardware Security Module.
The Benefits Gained by the Clients
Customers always choose the best available solution in the market, and they prefer CENTRI because IoTAS was specifically designed to solve the issues of securing IoT devices and data. Companies can install the solution on endpoints from small silicon to large-scale equipment and be up and running in hours or days versus months of costly internal development. Also, time to market is greatly shortened without compromising on protection. CENTRI allows IoT developers to focus on their area of expertise knowing no data down to the byte level is ever exposed, their devices are authenticated to mitigate spoofing, and they can maximize uptime of battery-powered devices as the solution uses less CPU for slower battery drain.
Future of IoT sector
Mr. Emery knows that in the future, automation across industries with access to Big Data insights are two areas that IoT will help to propel in the coming years. As devices become smarter, they will allow broader automation of services in sectors like retail, transportation, utilities, home automation, and more. Big Data is another area where companies want access to smart insights to drive business decisions without having to compromise on user experience and security of the data. Fulfilling these demands, CENTRI IoTAS is a software-only security solution with the flexibility to fit small devices to large equipment used in automation. “Our ability to access Big Data while in a protected state is another area CENTRI can support,” says Mr. Emery.
Speaking of the near future, CENTRI will be announcing new customer adds for IoT security later this year along with several improvements in future releases of the IoTAS platform. “We hope to see you at one of the many IoT conferences, and trade shows where we discuss IoT security with passion!” added Vaughan.

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