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Centra Technologies: Facilitating Superior Customer Service through Centra CRM

The success of a business is driven by the relationship it maintains with its customer base. Clients do not need to work too hard to learn about a business since information is readily available over the internet nowadays. On the other hand, for a company to gather information pertaining to its customers is a difficult task. If and only if the company knows its customer base well, it could facilitate a working relationship between the both. This is why an effective CRM tool is inevitable for any business.
Centra Hub aka Centra Technologies is a digital transformation solutions vendor operating in the space of business process automation solutions for vertical-specific domains as well as in the generic businesses space. As a solutions vendor, the company works exclusively through the Channel Partner network in delivering its solutions to the client markets.
Centra Technologies was established in 2015 with a vision to further enhance the CRM and HCM platforms and bring the latest technology into the current era through the cloud, SaaS, and integration-friendly solutions. Its portfolio of solutions includes systems across various industries, but not limited to real estate (sales, leasing, facilities management, owner’s association management, etc.), automotive (dealership sales, leasing, car rentals, workshop, and garage systems), education, healthcare, Human Resource Management Systems, and CRM systems for sales, presales, and service as well.
Centra’s Peerless Tools 
Selecting and investing in an efficient CRM tool helps any business to take customer satisfaction factor to a whole new level. Centra CRM offers multifarious features that help in identifying, understanding, and analyzing relevant client data. Centra Hub offers numerous tools that enable companies to stay organized. Some of the tools offered by the company include:
Centra Auto – It addresses dealership management systems (vehicle sales & leasing), car rentals, and garages & workshops.
Centra REMS – It addresses real estate business operations management.
Centra CRM – It addresses presales and marketing, sales, and services domains for most industries.
Centra HCM – It addresses the entire journey of human capital management from recruitment to separation including Employee Self-Service Online Portals.
Centra EDU – It addresses the education industries’ operational management aspects.
Centra Studio – It provides a platform on which vertical-specific solutions can be quickly and easily designed, built, and rolled out.
Centra Solutions Suite – It is a panel of solutions that covers over 27 verticals and industries, within which Centra solution is currently assisting its users.
A Brief Look at the CEO 
Nisith Naik, the CEO of Centra Hub, brings with him a wealth of expertise within the IT solutions space through an illustrious career spanning over 25 years. His journey across the sales and implementation of ERP solutions, specialty projects, and delivering vertical specific best practices has polished his techno-commercial prowess. His track-record, particularly within the Middle East, SAARC, and APAC regions, have showcased his strength in building region-specific best practices, while at the same time, keeping the global picture in mind.
Facilitating the Digital Transformation Journey of the Clients 
Centra Hub was incorporated with a key objective of facilitating digital transformation journey of clients across the globe, exclusively through a channel partner network in the realm of business process automation. The journey of the company already boasts hundreds of customers, and thousands of users have already benefitted from the transformation that the product suite provides. The company’s philosophy started with the fundamental principle of providing this platform as a vehicle for the channel partner network to transform its clients’ digital ecosystems and add value to the top lines and bottom lines of their businesses, while at the same time maximizing the potential of the services they provide.
Awards, Clientele, and more Centra’s core USPs include, quick and easy deployable solutions, vertical-specific ready templates of processes & best practices, integration-friendly system architecture, SaaS & perpetual license offerings, and cloud & on premise deployments, among others.
The company has continually been conferred with recognition and awards; the most recent of which is the ICT Emerging Vendor of the Year Award 2017 from “The Integrator – ICT Champion Awards.” Centra holds an illustrious client base, which includes reputed brands such as Shapoorji Pallonji Group, Scania Trucks, Bajaj Group, KTM Motorcycles, and Suzuki Dealers.
 Future Outlook 
The short-term objectives of Centra Hub include an aggressive plan through a highly structured, globalstandard Partner Program with extremely engaged partners in penetrating and providing impeccable solutions to the MEA, APAC, SAARC, and North America regions. This, in turn, will amplify the product capabilities and further hone in on highly evolved standards of process-centric business governance in the realms of real estate, automotive, healthcare, education, retail and trading, and project management.
In the long-term, Centra will further expand the range to cover a larger variety of industries, many of which are already benefitting from Centra’s solutions, to create highly standardized products in those domains as well, including aviation, government, professional services, and manufacturing, among others

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