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Celerant Technology Corp: Developing Retail and E-Commerce Software in the Retail World

For many years, retailers have focused on personalizing the experience for their shoppers online by providing seamless checkout processes, mobile E-Commerce and by tracking their every movement online. With all this data, there is a growing need to leverage this data to create smarter experiences and reduce operating costs. For example, some retailers are using their data to automate personalized email campaigns and coupons. One of our clients created a “personalized online shopping assistant” by using their CRM data to suggest products based on their brand preferences and past purchases.
Celerant Technology develops innovative retail and E-Commerce software with a mission to help retailers grow their business and manage every aspect of their operations with a single integrated platform. The company retail system combines POS, inventory and order management, warehousing, business intelligence, E-Commerce, marketplace integrations and integrated marketing automation. The organization also partner with each of their clients to ensure their success by providing a seamless implementation, customizations, training, support and services such as digital marketing to increase traffic to their stores and website. With 18 years’ experience, they bring their expertise, innovation and best practices to the retail industry, and have been recognized this year as the #1 retail software on the RIS LeaderBoard.
Innovative Leaders of Celerant Technology
In the 1990s, they began to see a shift from the old style cash registers to computer-based systems. By the end of the 90s, retailers began demanding more, however, there was a lack of high-end technology especially for small-to-mid size retailers. Ian Goldman, CEO/President, along with his brother, Robert Goldman, CTO, and John Heiser, CFO, founded Celerant Technology to improve the retail industry with innovative technology. Their initial goal was to develop a single, real-time, database system for tier 2 and 3 retailers.
Impressive Services by Celerant Technology
Celerant’s retail software enables omnichannel merchants to manage and expand their entire business, in-store and online, within one system in real-time. Celerant goes far beyond your typical retail software company- designing custom E-Commerce sites built on a single database with Celerant’s POS software, providing seamless integrations to multiple online marketplaces and offering full-service digital marketing with SEO and email automation, integrated with CRM and sales data.
Celerant Technology provides retailers with the tools needed to streamline supply from their vendors. Through these tools, retailers can browse vendor catalogs, import the products they want to sell, and automatically reorder inventory based on min/max levels. With live vendor feeds, retailers can sell wider product lines on their website without stocking inventory or fulfilling the orders by displaying their vendor’s available inventory on their website. When customers make purchases, the orders are sent directly to the distributor for fulfillment via drop shipping.
Through their integrations with 3rd-party marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart and eBay – they allow retailers to easily expand sales via new outlets on the web. Retailers can easily upload and sell their products directly on 3rd-party marketplaces, and track those sales – all in a single place. They can choose to fulfill their own orders or have the marketplace fulfill the orders.
Celerant provides a fully-integrated email automation platform, which their clients use to promote their businesses. Using in-store and online CRM/sales data, retailers can automate and personalize email campaigns based on their shopper’s buying patterns, interests and brand preferences. Personalized email marketing can drive more traffic to their retail store and website by delivering up to 6x higher open rates.
When Risk Becomes the Opportunity to Prove
As a leader in the retail software industry, they are continuously innovating and introducing new technology to the market. The most significant challenge they face with new advancements is slow user adoption. For example, they were one of the first to integrate the latest in Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) with their POS around 10 years ago. However, the industry, including their client-base, was not ready to adopt this technology.  With their newest innovation, an email marketing platform integrated with clients’ live sales and CRM data in order to send the right message at the right time, while they are seeing a higher adoption, it has been at a slower pace than they anticipated.
Future Footsteps of Celerant Technology
In short, you can expect more and more innovative features. Retail platforms are defined by the features and functions that users require. The more Celerant is able to offer, the more efficiently users can operate, enabling Celerant to make a greater impact on the retail industry.
In 2018, look for more Stratus Retail integrations with third-party online marketplaces, as well as expanded digital marketing services to help retailers promote both their in-store and online sales. Celerant is preparing to unveil their new dashboard reporting on the Stratus Retail main menu screen so that retailers can see, at a glance, their most important reports and have more visibility in their top products and brands. They are enhancing their repair and rental modules, as well as buy/trade and consignment. They continue to partner with new vendors- distributors and manufacturers- creating integrations to help their clients’ better leverage the resources made available to them, such as catalog imports and drop shipping. This year Celerant announced the release of their new SaaS, Cloud system- Cumulus Retail- through their subsidiary, CAM Commerce, for the tier 3 retailers. In 2018, the company is looking forward to providing tier 3 retailers with tier 1 technology and 35 years retail experience, all with tier 3 pricing and simplicity.

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