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Gina Gray | Commercial Director | Celaton

Celaton: The Best Enterprise Application of Artificial Intelligence

Celaton is a UK based Intelligent Process Automation solution provider, that deploys its technology, inSTREAM™, to deliver Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). With Celaton’s inSTREAM  platform, companies can now achieve improved operational efficiencies as well as enhanced job satisfaction through the ability to deliver real value back to the organization and its employees. Celaton applies Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) technology to enable organizations to streamline endto- end business processes such as Accounts Payable, Sales Orders, Customer Correspondence and Claims processing and continually optimize through workforce supported machine learning.
Created in response to real business problems 
Celaton was founded in 2004 with the sole purpose of helping companies achieve efficiencies in processing inbound documents received from both customers and suppliers.
The company was created in response to the realization that despite the growing choice of solutions, there was nothing available at the time that could improve the efficiency of handling of semi-structured and unstructured inbound documents and yet processing this information was one of the biggest issues faced by organizations. The unstructured information received by organizations every day demanded valuable human resources to process and at a high cost.
Applying Intelligent Process Automation to deliver consistent business value 
Celaton’s solution is not RPA, but rather a complementary extension of RPA’s capabilities. Celaton’s inSTREAM™ platform applies IPA to deliver consistent and measurable business value to end-to-end business processes such as Accounts Payable, Sales Order Processing, Customer Correspondence, and Claims.
inSTREAM can process documents regardless of how they are received including paper (post), email & attachments, web forms, fax, and electronic data interchange (EDI). It is able to read and process all formats, structured, semistructured, and unstructured ensuring all documents received to follow a single process through inSTREAM. inSTREAM prepares the documents for processing by converting them into a digital, machine-readable format. inSTREAM uses its AI algorithms to apply previous learning and experience to understand the document type, meaning, and intent, and then apply business rules to extract key data. Once inSTREAM has extracted the data, it can carry out further tasks for data validation.
Having reached out to the other sources such as external databases or business systems, the verified and enriched data is collated, and inSTREAM applies business rules to determine outcomes. Should inSTREAM not feel confident about the outcome, it collaborates with an operator who assists it with validation and teaching in a process called ‘Human in the Loop’. If, however, confidence and accuracy are high, inSTREAM can deliver the document and output directly to the business system achieving straight-through processing.
inSTREAM enables a significant reduction in Average Handling Times (AHT), enabling improved operational efficiencies, as well as enhancing job satisfaction through the ability to deliver real value back to the organization and its employees.
A Customer-Centric Approach 
Celaton’s vision is, to be recognized as a leader in the application of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). To achieve this, Celaton’s mission is to apply a customercentric approach to deliver consistent and measurable value to business workflows through Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).
A 15 Year journey of growth and innovation 
It has been a 15-year journey for the organization, which eventually helped to achieve the level of knowledge, experience, and technical maturity in Celaton’s solution. Over the years, the company has worked with some fantastic global brands, including Virgin Trains, Capgemini, ASOS, Kuoni Travel, DHL, and Dixons Carphone, who have been key to establishing this. The longevity of the company’s customer relationships is a testimony to the fact that the organization’s technology delivers rapid tangible benefits and, in its ability to keep its promises.
In 2017 Celaton was awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation. The Queen’s Award is one of the top accolades in the UK and recognized not only our technology but also Celaton’s commitment to customers across all levels of the organization. Celaton continues to strive to deliver to the high standards of excellence and innovation that were recognized in winning in this award.
Delivering Advancement to the Industry 
inSTREAM comprises multiple technologies including, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, RPA, OCR/ Intelligent Character Recognition, NLP, and cognitive computing.
Once implemented, processes are continually optimized through workforce supported machine learning, and it is through this Celaton is delivering advancement to the industry. As previously mentioned, there is no need for Developers to re-program inSTREAM with every document exception, meaning the solution can scale with an organizations’ growth and help to achieve sustainable success.
Highly Skilled and Experienced IT and Business Process Automation Leader 
Gina Gray joined Celaton nearly 6 years ago, and her role was originally focused on business development by building relationships with partners & any new direct customers. Since then, Gina’s role has expanded significantly, and now she has overarching responsibility for the delivery & protection of the total business revenue. In addition, a significant part of her role today is educating not only customers but partners and industry analysts about IPA and its transformational impact. She is able to provide knowledge about different automation technologies, their role & impact, and where inSTREAM sits in the automation landscape.
Sustainable Solutions to Customers 
The robotic industry is only now starting to realize that RPA is not a ‘silver bullet’. Whilst RPA is very good at automating certain repetitive rules-based tasks such as extracting structured data, it has limitations and should be considered as a component within IPA. It is only through thinking about RPA as part of a comprehensive solution that suppliers can provide sustainable solutions to customers. Celaton’s customer-centric approach to implementing solutions has already enabled us to adopt this holistic approach and is achieving significant benefits for customers.