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CCT: Omni-Channel Customer Interaction Solutions That Work

The world without mobile devices and internet is inconceivable, as the innovations have truly emerged as essential. A common individual spends at least two hours every day on mobile devices and the digital way of communication has successfully engaged humans of all ages. In combination with the advancement of mobile device technology has been the expectation of being able to easily access customer support in a frictionless, intuitive, and integrated manner. Mobile device application users want to be able to request help from within the app and have full context presented to the assigned agent so that time is not wasted collecting information that is easily accessed and associated with their mobile device or application login credentials. Mobile device application users want to choose the interaction channel that best suits their current need and they want to be able to easily transition from one interaction channel to another and expect the organizations they do business with to factor their preferences into their customer service processes. They also want the ability to be able to easily share video streams, documents, and images and have the history of past interactions known to the agent they are working with. In order to effectively and efficiently provide customer service to today’s mobile device users, organizations need customer interaction solutions that provide agents a robust unified interface for handling customer interactions that is integrated with CRM applications to provide a screen pop of the customer journey – regardless whether the customer interaction is voice, email or chat. Unfortunately, many organizations have many standalone silo solutions that result in disjointed and frustrating customer interactions where information has to be repeated, answers are not consistent, and customer preferences are not recognized. In addition, with non-integrated solutions, management doesn’t have the ability to see reporting data in a consolidated fashion. CCT has spent the last 18 years developing omni-channel customer interaction solutions that address both the needs of the customer and the organization. CCT has many referenceable customers and partnerships where our solutions are helping organizations develop deeper customer relationships and helping agents to be more effective and efficient.
A Journey of Continual Improvement and Innovation 
CCT has created a proven suite of omni-channel solutions that includes the CCT ContactPro unified agent desktop, which helps organizations develop stronger customer relationships while also helping agents be more efficient and effective. Like a well oiled machine, the CCT software development team has continually evolved their software suite to incorporate new technologies and innovations. In the beginning it was integrating call handling with CRM applications for screen pop. Then came incorporating email and chat contact handling in a unified manner along with voice contact handling. Next up was extending the screen pop to also occur when email and chat contacts were assigned and logging all customer interactions – voice, email, and chat – into CRM applications to create a customer journey. That was done while also incorporating outbound campaign call handling, co-browsing, callbacks, and surveys into the software suite. Most recently has been the integration of video and WebRTC streams from mobile devices into the same unified agent desktop and on the horizon are chat bots, social network communications management, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence. The comprehensive and integrated suite of omni-channel solutions provided by CCT makes it unique and is the key to their past success and the foundation for their future success.
Perfect Blend of Experience and Innovation 
CCT was started in 1999 by Uwe Kreuter and Andrea Kreuter. Uwe is a communications engineer from Wiesbaden, Germany and has more than 25 years of experience with contact centre and telephony technologies at companies like Avaya and Cisco. His understanding of technology combined with his ability to use technology to solve problems was key to not only his early success, but also in the success of CCT. Uwe’s strong management skills, passion and vision help him lead sales and marketing along with planning long term strategy. In addition to leading CCT, Uwe is also on the management panels of multiple well-known enterprises (such as Avaya and Cisco). Equally talented when it comes to management skills, passion, and vision, Andrea Kreuter, leads CCT platform architecture, software development, implementation services, and support. Andrea also has over 25 years of experience with customer interaction solutions at companies such as Avaya, NCR, Siemens Business Services, and T-Systems. Their complementary experience along with their shared commitment to customers, employees, innovation, and quality has been critical to CCT’s success. While Uwe and Andrea are critical to CCT’s success, there are 30+ other members of the CCT team that bring similar amounts of experience with customer interaction solutions, systems integration, consulting, and problem solving. CCT’s innovative omnichannel customer interaction solutions are the result of a world-class team of seasoned industry veterans and young talents, who are passionate about clients and driven to deliver an excellent customer experience.
CCT ContactPro 
CCT Contact Pro is a comprehensive, integrated, and reliable suite of omnichannel customer interaction software. CCT Contact Pro highlights are as follows:

  • Screen pop of customer journey and context for chat, email, and voice interactions.
  • Interaction activity logging for chat, email, and voice interactions to create customer journey map.
  • Click to dial for manual outbound interactions with easy access to customer data and interaction history.
  • Packaged integrations with CRM applications like Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP, Siebel, and others.
  • Real-time and historical multichannel web based reporting.
  • Integration with Avaya Elite Multi- Channel, Avaya Interaction Center, Avaya Experience Portal, POM, Oceana, & Breeze.
  • Support for HTML5, SIP, and WebRTC Voice/Video App Sharing from Mobile Clients.
  • Avaya DevConnect compliance tested.

CCT received the worldwide Avaya Dev Connect Partner of The Year Award for 2015.
CCT Vision 
CCT aims to lead the omni-channel customer interaction solutions market by providing the most complete suite of tightly integrated and reliable solutions that allow organizations to develop deeper customer relationships while helping agents to be more efficient and effective.
Uwe Kreuter, co-founder of CCT, states “Since CCT introduced new capabilities step by step with existing customers, the software suite is very modular and allows customers to only implement the modules that make most sense for their business. Our disciplined software development approach also allows us to ensure product quality takes priority over time to market with a new software release.”

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