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cc2GO: The Next-Generation of Wireless & Wearable Digital ID Solutions

cc2GO Group is an Information Technology and Services company pioneer in the development of Mobile Technologies including Smart Phone and other Device Operating systems and wireless technology drivers and applications. cc2GO Group was incepted in 2000 as a start-up called cc2GO Wireless Technologies (cc2GO WT), a pioneer Australian Start-Up business in the Mobile Wireless arena.
cc2GO WT quickly built a name for itself as a smartphone pioneer and is credited for building the world’s first GPS enabled Smartphone and First GSM enabled Smartphone and First Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID) Drivers enabling Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Smartphones in 2003 to control input via Bluetooth keyboards, mice and game controllers instead of the then stylus input using cc2GO’s Bluetooth stack and drivers. Since then cc2GO WT has been involved in cutting-edge technologies including: Machine to Machine telemetry and telematics, Connected Car, Wearables, Mobile Payments and Identification, Mobile Telephony and Messaging communications, and IoT and Industrial IoT.
cc2GO WT was split into Sales and RnD and a separate RnD company was formed to conduct IoT/IIoT focusing on Vending, Digital Signage and Mobile Payment devices and a recent company was formed to manage Roaming SIMs for Specialized Global IIoT/IoT and Wearable solutions and Mobile Payments and ID checks. Today these companies fall under the cc2GO Group of Companies.
Architect behind cc2GO
Christian Kazamias is the Founder of cc2GO Group and has been the visionary at cc2GO Group.
Christian is a Mobile Evangelist. He has been in ITC for over 30 years and has worked in all facets of the ITC value chain from technical to sales roles ranging from Vendor to Distributor to OEM and sales in retail, wholesale, Corporate/Government, OEM, Online, and Vendor sales.
He had led his small start-up company from Sydney, Australia in late 1999 and has created some world firsts in technology innovation, including building the world’s first GPS enabled GSM and GPS enabled Smartphone OS (turning a Palm OS organizer into a Smartphone), led team to build first Bluetooth Input Stack And was one of the FIRST to recognize Content covers everything we assume today by making it one of 4 categories on the World’s First GPS and GSM enabled Smartphone in 2000.
Christian is recognized as a Mobile Smarts evangelist whose innovations have been adopted and referenced in patents by Microsoft, Nokia, and Blackberry. His vision has led the cc2GO Group to lead in its core areas of expertise, including expanding and disrupting Wearables, IoT/IIoT and Digital ID onboarding.
Inspiring Journey with Flexible Approach
cc2GO Group has been supplying M2M solutions since 1998. In 2000 cc2GO built the first GPS enabled Smartphone Operating system and enabled Emergency notification smarts showing location and SOS trigger based feedback. In these solutions, wireless connectivity using RF, Bluetooth and other means were used to transmit data to a host with Mobile data transmission capabilities between M2M hardware and mobile smartphones.
Today IoT and IIoT solutions require the same functionality, it is just easier to do with WiFi and a host M2M device and managed via the web and/or mobile or wearable apps that all fit into the IoT solution category. A few years ago cc2GO built a web portal platform that was flexible to support all sorts of sensors and reporting and included wearable and other device input. As the cost of IoT communications and wearables became less expensive, cc2GO started to build vertical segment targeted solutions including solutions for Vending machines, Digital signage, Irrigation/farming, security and vehicle/user safety and tracking.
Most recently cc2GO identified a unique numbering system designed for Digital IP that they integrated as their front end for IoT and IIoT IDs. It is called Universal Personal Telephone (UPT) Numbers and we believe this ITU standard (ITU provides the telephone numbering across the world) will become the default IoT/IIoT and M2M SIM Telephone numbering system adding a layer between IoT and the user (improving security). cc2GO has trials with global clients who are applying UPT numbers to many vertical segments, including the latest segment – mobile payments.
cc2GO customize the operating system drivers, add additional functionality and control to Smartphone and Smart Wearables’ OS to better manage battery, access, reach and security and improve security and data updates on IoT hardware. Adding UPT numbers also allows cc2GO to securely provide updates and limit access to unauthorized users.
Distinctive Offerings from Experts
cc2GO’s IoT solutions are the only solutions that include UPT Numbers that are fully integrated into the Smart hardware, back-end portal and hide the IP address from common hackers.
cc2GO’s solutions and services cover a number of verticals including:
Vending Machines: Full remote management and payment control using industry standards with customized controllers and hardware with custom software.
Mobile Wallet and POS / Loyalty Card Payments: Applied to vending, retail and soon mobile travelers.
Telemetry and Telematics in Connected Cars: cc2GO’s solutions include in the car hardware and software and monitor driver behavior and manage accident prevention and post-accident/traffic infringement management.
Back-end customizable portals and access: Designed to manage IoT/IIoT, Forms input, ID, Payments, Reporting and customized logins using UPT as input.
Home and Industrial / Building Automation: Integrating Door Access/Security within the building / Home access and management using Smart devices and wearables.
Digital Identity: cc2GO is preparing to become Australia’s first Digital ID front-end provider working closely with Government standards and issuing ID providers. This will impact ALL its Vertical segments, improving authenticity and security while retaining improved anonymity access to devices and user’s credentials.
Wearable Integration: cc2GO is working with some Asia’s largest Wearable providers to build a Home/Industrial Automation platform that will allow integration with Security systems, Entertainment, and telephony with secure payment integration with wearables.
Future Plans
cc2GO will continue developing and promoting their unique UPT Numbers designed for Digital IP in such hardware deployed in cc2GO’s IoT/IIoT solutions with their unique value-added features in key verticals. cc2GO is expanding their portfolio of mobile hardware, including the work on waterproof smart watches/wearables and phones and looking at specific vertical segments these can be used in conjunction with IoT including Surf Life Saving, boating, Specialized Trade areas and in the home.

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