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CBIG: Discovering, Developing and Realizing Business Potentials

The business technology scenario is undergoing a rapid transformation phase, it’s changing so fast that if you miss something you may not catch it up later, just turn your head and its gone. Massive advancements in the markets for mobile, software, IT solutions and cloud services have paved an entirely new way between the service providers and business users. Old business practices and slow pace integration techniques are obsolete and have already started getting blurred out. The dawn of modern business practices and data concepts has already taken place. Matching the pace of transformation and embracing the innovations in data science, CBIG is continuing to carve out a leading role in advancing more proactive strategies that solve specific challenges and drive client businesses forward through big data and business intelligence initiatives.
CBIG’s Path Finder
John Onder, Principal, Strategic Consulting at CBIG is a pioneer in the rapidly evolving field of Big Data and Business Intelligence. John is often recognized as a leading expert in the strategy, planning and implementation of business intelligence, data warehouse and big data analytics solutions. With a rich experience of Big Data and Business Intelligence and extracting solutions from a big picture perspective, John says – “At CBIG, our mission stresses providing the full spectrum of services necessary to impact and improve our client’s capacity to compete and thrive for long-term gains. Therefore, our services comprise initial strategic planning and BI architecture design/development/implementations, to cloud technology deployments, master data management (MDM) initiatives, ongoing service contracts and even more targeted work in marketing analytics and data monetization solutions.”
Outshining from the Crowd
Being different is CBIG’s forte, it adheres to their singular focus on BI and Big Data, and secondly, the extent of their global operations with 14 U.S., European, and Asia-Pacific offices, thus providing a local proximity to most of their clients. Taking client satisfaction to a new level, they share a commitment to “Strategy always comes first.” As successful design and implementation is a natural outgrowth of a good strategic plan, so their innovative CBIG Discovery™ service methodology concentrate on providing innovative business intelligence advancements in Marketing Analytics, Sales Analytics, Competitive Intelligence, Data Monetization and Predictive Analytics.
Unlike many consultants who have subject matter expertise in only one or two areas, CBIG’s job is to first provide the strategic blueprint that can help their clients achieve long-term solutions, and then construct and sustain a full, life-cycle solution. This proprietary, best-practice approach helps their customers discover, develop, and then realize business goals.
Rendering out-of-the-box Solutions
CBIG Discovery™ Workshop: An interactive, educational forum in which their management consultants help client executives discover high-return business and market opportunities. These workshops create the foundation for further business strategy/opportunity exploration.
CBIG Discovery™ Roadmap: A collaborative process to help the client management team identify — and then demonstrate through small, manageable use cases — transformative business strategies and roadmaps to achieve high-yield gains.
Leaving no Stones Unturned
CBIG’s Data Monetization, Marketing Analytics and Competitive Intelligence services, integrated with their CBIG Cloud™ solutions, have become an integral part of CBIG’s pivot towards data analytics expertise. Using a goal-oriented and small-concept approach has proven to play a key role to get to the heart of any organization’s prospects within a given market. With increasing demand and popularity, data science has proven to offer demonstrable ways to attack and solve these business challenges, and CBIG’s Marketing and Sales Analytics services show the most permissible growth and profitability options for their customers.
Considering Emolyees as a Valuable Asset
At CBIG, the teams are built to provide expertise, accountability to the clients, and mentorship/educational opportunities to help staff learn and grow where ever applicable. CBIG also actively recruits and engages talented professionals who can bring something new and exciting to the table. They have a formal, company-wide KnowledgeShare program, in which they review and critique the latest advancements in both software and hardware technology.  It’s an all-hands-on-deck approach that lifts all boats when applied, benefiting their clients, their professional staff members, and businesses as a whole.
Redefining Professionalism
At CBIG, professionals share an affinity for puzzles and building projects. They agree that they’re naturally driven to seek out new tech advancements and emphasize a collaborative approach to sharing innovations. At the project management level, their Principal leaders stress on involvement from beginning to the end, with an emphasis on creating clear, strategic roadmaps before developing the technology to get there. CBIG’s practice leaders also maintain strong relationships with software solution partners, professional associations, and educators in the field. They believe in continuing to grow their collective knowledge and expertise gained over the years to help enterprises increase their value and competitive edge.
Future Prospects
CBIG’s current approach is to focus on rapid-return strategies for business units within larger organizations. As companies have learned to be more careful with their resources, much of CBIG’s current technology stresses on starting with smaller, more manageable business objectives. To begin with, many of these analytic efforts with Proof-of-Value initiatives, that demonstrate the value of a given solution, allowing clients to confidently scale up and build on these small victories for future endeavors. CBIG’s agenda for more targeted solutions, especially in the Marketing Analytics, Sales Analytics and Data Monetization domains, is to lower the risk and leverage reward propositions that can be quickly deployed, offering notable ROIs.

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