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CBIG Consulting: Taking Insights From Data Warehouse

CBIG Consulting is an award-winning professional services firm that offers Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics consulting solutions.
CBIG Consulting focuses exclusively on developing forward-thinking Business Intelligence (BI) services and channels the growing power of Big Data with their very own CBIG Framework™ methodology. CBIG’s Business Intelligence focus originates from the realization during their infancy that the chaotic world of accessible, real-time data could be reorganized, analyzed and leveraged in a revolutionary way to help their clients in making more definite as well as proactive decisions.
CBIG: The Big Move to Big Data
Ever since 2002, much of the initial work involved providing data warehouse solutions for enterprises challenged with storing large volumes of data resources. The Principals at CBIG realized very early that they could be helping clients turn these dormant data resources into functional and even profitable data assets. This epiphany moment was the catalyst that drove the natural progression of their own collective talents and expertise, transforming their firm into a leading provider of full life-cycle Big Data solutions. They are, first and foremost, problem solvers and their philosophy stresses team effort, collaboration and knowledge sharing.
CBIG: Defining Big Data and exploring its Intricacies
Big Data companies are credited with integrating Big Data channels into their customer’s data assets to their client’s best advantage. Large organizations like Google, Yahoo and even Amazon had a large head start on most business intelligence and big data consultants because data integration, data access and data monetization have all been a part of their overall product and branding from the very beginning. CBIG has worked very hard over the years to close this experience gap, while developing their own groundbreaking and cost efficient products and services in comparison to its Mammoth-sized peers. What separates this elite firm from the other generalist providers is the method of achievement and the level of efficiency involved. At CBIG, the company’s collective mission stresses on providing the full spectrum of services necessary to impact and improve the client’s capacity to compete and thrive for long-term gains.
At CBIG, the services provided comprises of the Initial Strategic Planning and BI Architecture Design/Development/Implementations to Cloud Technology Deployments, Master Data Management (MDM) initiatives, ongoing managed service contracts and even more targeted work in marketing analytics, data monetization and competitive intelligence solutions.
CBIG’s experts can assist any enterprise right from the strategy and planning phase to the phase of implementation. A separate panel of management consultants, business analysts, data architects and engineers are experts in the field and leverage their collective knowledge gained in over 500 projects that have helped enterprises increase their value and competitive edge. At CBIG, their teams are well armed to provide the expertise and accountability to the clients while at the same time mentoring the staff to learn and grow whenever and wherever possible.
Todd Nash: The Persona behind all the happenings at CBIG
Mr. Nash’s personal expertise involves the many moving parts behind the development, implementation and execution of Business Intelligence methodologies, Big Data analytics strategies and complex Data Warehousing solutions.
In his previous position as Director of Information Management for a large consultant group was the ideal training ground for building and maintaining an efficient business operation.
He is focused on customer success and ensures conscientious budgeting, strategy alignment with corporate goals, executive relationships, staffing/staffing administration, product systems, project/pipeline management and overall accountability.
CBIG and their Big Experience with the Big Data
CBIG continues to personally manage, design and lead a variety of engagements related to the financial services, logistics, telecommunications, higher education, utilities, consumer packaged goods, retail, health care, reinsurance, non-profit, managed care and pharmaceutical industries. With continuous growth in demand for better business intelligence, there are definite preferences for specific offerings based on the geographies they serve.
In many regions, especially within the U.S., CBIG’s strategic consulting services that center on marketing analytics, competitive intelligence and data monetization initiatives are in high demand. In the Asia-Pacific region, however, CBIG Lean™ analytics services have enjoyed tremendous success.
CBIG: Aiming for Big Stakes with Big Data
In today’s scenario, integrating Big Data analytics architectures with data warehousing solutions and Cloud services is the key to ensuring successful projects. They always enjoy pushing themselves to advanced new concepts in this arena. Their commitment towards that end is shared collectively among their resourceful and professional staff.
“It can’t be done” is never the response their clients get when they pose an unprecedented challenge. Their consultant staffs are known for their ingenuity and collaborative work ethic. They are there to crack the code whenever the opportunity arises and this is what they love to do.
Their current focus is on rapid-return strategies for business units within larger organizations. Because companies have learnt to be more careful with their resources, much of CBIG’s current technology stresses on starting with smaller, more manageable business objectives. They begin many of these analytic efforts with Proof-of Value initiative that demonstrate the value of a given solution, allowing clients to confidently scale up and build on these small victories for future endeavors. A more targeted solution, especially in the Competitive Intelligence and Marketing Analytics domains are low-risk/high-reward propositions that can be quickly deployed and offer notable Return Of Investments. This is a domain where, a new Sales, Marketing or Customer Service channel can easily assimilate into an existing data framework to provide customers new opportunities, on any device, to interact and purchase goods or services.
In essence, clients who’ve experienced measurable success with their existing BI and Big Data solutions are starting to envision how to generate additional revenue or operational efficiencies from the data, acquiring and integrating new data sources to create new products and services and new markets to drive sales.

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