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CBIG Consulting : Aligning Innovative Analytics Solutions

Since its founding in 2002, CBIG Consulting’s services have evolved and become more strategic in nature, culminating in advanced analytics that help organizations grow their market share, speed products and services to market, increase profit margins, decrease costs, and expand products and services.
CBIG Consulting is a global Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics consulting practice with a singular goal,“We help leading enterprises leverage their data assets so they may better understand – and make intelligent decisions about – their customers, brand, competitors, operations and market opportunities.” From strategy and planning, to analytics and reporting, to data management and staffing solutions, CBIG offers a full array of data analytics solutions from their network of international offices.
John Onder : A Connoisseur Of Business Intelligence
John Onder, Co-founder and Principal, Strategic Consulting, is a pioneer in the rapidly evolving field of Big Data and Business Intelligence. Mr. Onder is recognized as a leading expert in the strategy, planning and implementation of business intelligence, data warehouse and big data analytics solutions. With over 25 years of experience, he has led successful engagements for Fortune 1000 organizations, federal government departments, multiple State governments, higher education institutions and non-profit organizations. Mr. Onder has written extensively on the subject of business intelligence, authored methodologies in use today, and regularly speaks at industry conferences. Mr. Onder obtained his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Maryland.
Expert Services
CBIG offers unmatched subject matter expertise, a structured, collaborative approach, and a commitment to emerging technologies. Their BI and Big Data consultants are experts in the field and leverage their collective knowledge gained in over 500 projects that have helped enterprises increase their value and competitive edge.
CBIG’s project teams are comprised of strategic business consultants, data scientists and analysts, and data engineers and architects. Together, they work on behalf of their client organizations to develop and deploy game-changing analytics solutions that address critical business functions to positively impact profitability and business growth.
Envisioning Vision
CBIG’s first and foremost goal is to help their clients be successful by taking the vast amounts of data they collect and transform that data into information and insight. CBIG Principals make it a priority to share their BI expertise. The scope of untapped potential regarding Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics is huge, and CBIG recognizes that its contributions in the field combined with important lessons learned along the way offer tremendous value as an educational tool for other enterprises.
CBIG’s thought leadership and creative vision builds mutual understanding and lasting trust among their client enterprises, helping their clients achieve superior strategies for continued growth and success.
Future plans
CBIG continues to concentrate on developing industry-specific solutions, focusing on creating easy-to-deploy products and services that solve challenges within business units for the industries they serve. These solutions don’t require massive system or process overhauls and can jumpstart improvements and automation in business units such as marketing, sales, operations, and IT, etc. And in the near future CBIG plans to add more offices. Presently, CBIG has thirteen offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific.