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CBD Benefits To Help Dogs And Their Fireworks Anxiety

Owning a pet is a big responsibility and what people who don’t own dogs may not realize is that they have feelings, stress, and chronic pain just the same as we do, the only difference is that they can’t verbalize what they’re feeling, and it is up to us to be aware at all times.CBD Benefits To Help Dogs And Their Fireworks Anxiety
This anxious feelings and behavior in dogs usually rear its ugly head when it is time for fireworks displays or bonfire night and can be the bane of every dog’s life if not trained to handle the noise and excitement or properly cared for leading up to and on an actual evening.
I have heard of dog owners sedating their pets for the evening just to prevent a panic attack and the animal running for the hills, but this is not a practice I would recommend or even enjoy hearing about. While you think they don’t know the date of bonfire night and most likely they don’t, they do have a sixth sense and can feel the tension building in the air the same way we do when something big is about to happen.
Fireworks night stress can begin as early as two weeks before to the event and so, taking precautionary measures from early on is the best and safest method.

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Can organic help?
My friend had just gotten a puppy and was in no way going to be convinced to put her dog to sleep for the evening using chemically filled capsules and prescriptions, so together we began researching an organic and natural alternative.
We were wonderfully surprised to discover that there have been a countless number of success stories documented of pet owners, not just dog owners that have used CBD (also known as Cannabidiol) to treat their pet’s panic episodes. This plant is grown naturally in nature and has a long list of health positives for both humans and animals.
Researching more into it, she was keen to give it a try, not only for upcoming celebrations but as a healthy alternative to store-bought vitamins and minerals that she could implement into his diet daily. She ordered the CBD oil online, and there are many other CBD products available too to treat dogs and fireworks anxiety, pain, or physical and mental issues.
What she loved about it was that it came in a large variety, but also the fact that the recipe collection she found online for CBD meals was larger than she had expected, and she was delighted.
Using ingredients that are chemical and pesticide-free has its long-term benefits, fewer toxins running through the system, and no risk of reoccurring epileptic seizures which can be traumatic for pets. The worst thing is they don’t realize what has happened once they come out of the fit. CBD helps maintain and regulate the optimal functioning of the pulses sent to and from the neuro system thus the animal can reach homeostasis and adapt better to high-stress situations and events.
CBD Benefits To Help Dogs And Their Fireworks Anxiety
Top positives of CBD for dogs.

  • Often dogs and pups when they get scared, they run without thinking, sometimes they injure themselves and don’t realize it because of the adrenalin rushing through their bodies. But once this wears off, they will feel the effects of the pain, and most likely swelling. A CBD treat can help ease this inflammation and boost their muscles and joints for a quicker recovery.
  • Dogs don’t fully understand what is going on when it comes to fireworks, they simply hear loud bangs and see the sky light up with sparks, and it can be scary for sure. CBD helps to regulate how your pup assesses the stressful event, they learn to differentiate between a dangerous event and one that can be handled more calmly.

CBD for dogs has proven to aid both pet owners and their pets around the globe to enjoy a better quality of life, read a great article and success story here and it could be the deciding factor to try CBD as an alternative to traditional medicines. 

  • A quick tell-tale sign of a dog feeling stressed or not being treated well is by the quality of their fur, their coat begins to look matted and knotted and no shine to it. Cannabidiol working within the system manages the correct distribution of nutrients and in turn, your dog has a thicker, fuller coat. Healthier looking.

Administering Cannabidiol.
Believe it or not, this is the fun part of using your new ingredient, you get to let your creative juices flow in the kitchen as you come up with alternate food recipes and meals for your furry friend. Think doggy biscuit treats soaked with CBD, stir it into their dinner just before serving, or if you are feeling adventurous CBD infused doggy gummies could be the answer.
What is great about it is that this ingredient is versatile, appropriate for all ages, demographics, and species, and is chemical-free. Win-win.
If you have tried everything else then what have you got to lose, try some fail-proof puppy treats which you can find in this link and you will be overjoyed at the results. Dogs have been living longer than veterinarian predictions simply by tweaking their diets and adding in Cannabidiol, give your pup the longevity of a great life.
We have the responsibility as an owner and they deserve it for their unconditional love, am I right?