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Tom Wood | CEO | Cazana

Cazana: Providing Vehicle data, Valuations and Audience for the Future of Mobility

Today, we can note that the automotive sector is changing drastically with driverless vehicles, new powertrains, a shift from ownership to access and radical taxation changes. In order, to compete in this fast-changing environment, a better understanding of vehicles and the new automotive consumer is needed.
Cazana provides automotive insights for the future of vehicle ownership. Using big data and predictive analytics, Cazana analyses millions of automotive transactions daily to assess the value and risk associated with every vehicle on the road.
Cazana’s systems are used by manufacturers, finance companies, dealerships and insurers globally. Companies use Cazana’s data to provide vehicles to the modern automotive consumer who wants to access, not own vehicles.
The Driving Force of Cazana
Tom Wood is the CEO of Cazana. Tom hails from a business and innovation background having led technology teams within investment banking and pharmaceutical sectors and founded and sold companies in the marketing technology space. Tom has always had a passion for cars and considers himself very lucky to work on his hobby every day.
“We’ve gathered a team of experts from the automotive industry, data science, valuation science and technology fields. We use cutting-edge real-time technology to our advantage meaning we never have to edit data or make subjective assumptions. Together we deliver consumers and clients the most accurate, current view of the vehicle marketplace,” asserts Tom.
Cazana for Businesses
Cazana’s Valuations and vehicle data are used by businesses to better understand the value and condition of the vehicles they work with. Cazana’s tools help motor insurers, lenders, manufacturers, auction houses and traders better understand the risk on their books, reduce fraud and work more effectively with vehicle assets.
Cazana’s Distinct Way of Delivering Solutions and Products
In a competitive automotive market, it is more important than ever to use data to drive informed business decisions on stocking, pricing and risk. Cazana’s automotive solutions, powered by its unique valuation and history data help businesses work with vehicles in a more informed manner ultimately driving increased profitability and lower risk.
Cazana has exposed their vehicle data to businesses to help them make better decisions when working with vehicles. The products from Cazana allow businesses to quickly connect and integrate Cazana data to reduce risk, increase profits and gather advanced automotive market intelligence.
AI Solutions from Cazana
Cazana’s tools are built around science and data, as opposed to editing. The company’s new approach is to collect vehicle data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a team of data scientists and machine learning experts constantly building new models that interpret what the retail market is doing.
The entire process is automated, with a team of specialists working to translate, rather than edit the information, for market consumption.
Cazana Companion is one of its SaaS products built by the trade for the trade and values cars, vans and motorbikes in real-time with incredible accuracy. You simply enter a VRM and Companion will tell you precisely what that vehicle is worth right now as well how much to buy and sell it for. It also tells you how long it’ll take to sell and team Cazana calls this “Days to sale”. This is calculated using a clever data science model that uses Cazana’s vast database of historical data to predict how long it will take each vehicle to sell. The tool also gives you a mileage estimate using clever data science that looks at all of Cazana’s historical advert data and MOT data and can give a mileage estimate for each vehicle.
Adopting advanced technologies
Cazana is fully operational within the UK automotive market, with clients across various sectors such as vehicle manufacturers, dealers and leading motor insurers.
Last year, the company secured the seal of approval from the Financial Ombudsman who now use Cazana’s data to help settle crucial insurance disputes along with many top UK insurers.
Cazana recently announced its new partnership with Experian PLC. Experian will be the exclusive provider of Cazana data to the financial services and banking sectors for the next five years.
The company has also enjoyed some industry recognition/accolades in the form of winning awards for innovation from the Car Finance Awards and International Asset Finance Awards.