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Anil Kumar | Founder & Chief Technology Officer | Cavisson Systems Inc.

Cavisson Systems: A Gem in the Jewel of Performance Engineering and Monitoring Software

Being agile and efficient in current growing markets has led to the evolution of a quantitative approach of software performances. Yet organizations are striving to attain an error-free stature in the various industry. Be it for Retail, network providers or financial institutions, an all-encompassing performance intelligence platform has become a need more than a want. One such platform-cum-software is from Cavisson Systems Inc.
Under the guidance of Anil KumarCEO, Founder Chairman, Cavisson Systems has flourished and achieved many milestones in its pathway. He and his team comprehend the requirement of its customers ensuring exceptional user experience and business efficacy of mission-critical applications.
Software Engineering Experiences 
The Cavisson’s executive team is responsible for the overall technology direction of the organization, delivering the most innovative and high-quality solutions with an overall average of 25+ years of technology experience. Cavisson’s professional services team has extensive expertise in load testing tools and solutions for performance issues. It has a strong experienced support team working 24/7 to identify issues before they cause any negative impact. The team is complemented by the presence of on-site engineers capable enough to understand customer’s business needs and seamlessly coordinate with the support team. The company has been inclined towards engineering from the beginning and in fact until the last year the company’s 95% employee strength was engineers. It is only since the past couple of years that the company has started growing its business by adding experienced marketing, sales, and presales team.
An Experienced End to End Leader 
Successful business leaders often are experts in their respective fields when evaluating new technologies. Anil Kumar, the Chief Technology Officer, stand tall in such category. He possess expertise in Performance Tuning, High-Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Fast Data, Agile Methodologies, Production Operations, and Test Automation. Anil, the technology leader, has worked closely with innovators and leading executives responsible for driving IT strategies for Fortune 500 companies. With 25+ years of technology experience, he has helped in building highly successful technology products at BEA Systems (now part of Oracle) and C-DOT, India.
View of the Customers 
Customers face challenges around high-cost per test, limited storage, server capacity, hardware administration, and production environment problems. They have to depend on third-party back-end or production systems to reduce the total cost of ownership for quality and performance testing. Cavisson’s understand their customers’ viewpoints by ensuring the system that handles expected user load and response time experienced by real user within service level agreements. It also ensures availability by stress testing the system to understand capacity limits, overload the behavior, optimize critical components and remove bottlenecks by conducting performance analysis. The company is focused on its technological advancements and innovations around customer experience, as well as business parameters that directly impact revenue and operating costs.
Cavisson offers end-end Performance Engineering, Monitoring and Diagnostics as one comprehensive solution on both on-premise and SaaS platforms. This one end-end comprehensive solution offers horizontal drill down, detect anomalies and provide unified dashboard. Cavisson’s proprietary True Internet and Key-Data capabilities enables true-production like simulation to solve complex business problems.
Good Coverage of Mission Critical Applications 
Many world’s leading brands rely on Cavisson technology to grow revenue and profitability as it offers maximum quality, performance, and availability of their mission critical applications. Some of Cavisson’s transforming mission-critical applications are:
NetStorm: It is a cost-effective, performance-enhancing and easy-to-use appliance for enterprise applications. It is an extremely powerful load generator that provides an accurate estimation of Client Perceived Response Time (CPRT) enabling IT companies to guarantee the Service Level Agreements (SLA).
NetOcean: It is a powerful back-end application simulator that removes dependencies on backend applications and third-party systems to enable faster quality & performance testing and accelerated time-to-market.
NetCloud: It is a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) based powerful load generation and performance testing platform. NetCloud allows enterprises to test and validate the capacity of their production servers.
NetChannel: NetChannel is an easy to use powerful network simulation solution that creates a virtual wide area network (WAN) environment in your lab mimicking a production network environment.
NetDiagnostics: NetDiagnostics Enterprise (NDE) is a comprehensive Application Performance Management (APM) solution for real-time monitoring, diagnostics, and management of distributed processing in your application environment using state of art technologies with minimal overhead.
NetVision: NetVision is a powerful and comprehensive solution to ensure exceptional online customer experience via monitoring responsiveness and ease of interactions with online assets. It offers great insight into customer responsiveness and the ability to record and replay the entire user session along with interactions to determine any anomalies within the application that may affect user experience or revenue.
NetForest: NetForest is the next generation software that makes use of server logs to troubleshoot performance issues and to understand user behavior. It allows its users to slice and dice machine-generated Big Data for decision making insights.
Identifying Challenges and Future Goals From the very start, Cavisson is an engineering-driven organization that is focused on developing a rock-solid technology in performance engineering. By quoting, “Engineering is still in their DNA,” the company exemplifies that it has learned the art of solving complex problems via engineering, and that’s what goes inside its products. Its products are designed to help customers address specific business problems., Internet True and Key Data are classic testimony of how Cavisson is superior to its competition. Today, it is on a growth mode & marketing, and sales infrastructure in place is executing at an exponential growth rate.
The industry sees itself as a defacto of performance engineering and monitoring. It is constantly innovating to find a business problem related to performance engineering that has not identified and solved. It is looking for continuous innovation to better serve every changing business need. The company’s technology is future proof and is here to stay, and its engineering is competent enough to stay ahead of the curve and provide support for new technologies & methodologies. Cavisson’s core objective is to enable businesses to address ever growing digital challenges through proactive, predictive and unified monitoring and performance engineering to improve business revenue and reduce operating costs.