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Caron Ng: An Accidental Leader Keeping Her Family’s Legacy Alive

A colossal number of business officials and pioneers work in the corporate world today, yet few of those will be remembered after their last day at work. In reality, numerous successful individuals finish their careers and vanish without a trace being left at their organization. “Begin with the end in mind” the idiom perfectly sums it up. That is decisively what inheritance leadership is about. An enduring effect can’t be accomplished at the tail end of a person’s tenancy at an organization or the very year a pioneer begins wanting to retire. A legacy is made throughout that person’s corporate career. However, keeping that legacy alive is as important as leaving a great legacy. When you talk about keeping one’s inheritance alive, one musttalk about Caron Ng, CEO of Nuset, Inc.® —who gave up her dream career because of family obligations. She believes an empowered woman is an amalgamation of someone who has failed and who is not afraid to fail; she has always learned from her mistakes and has tried to learn from it. Caron thinks that at the end of the day, she is willing to share her past struggles with anyone who crosses her path.According to Caron, her success is based upon three elements: she surrounds herself with great people, her insatiable curiosity, and her unapologetic hunger for learning more.

Abandoned Dream Career for Family
Nuset, Inc.® is a 3rd generation family-owned business and a trusted global lock manufacturing division formed to develop pioneering safety products, established 45+ years ago. But, Caron was not groomed to lead this division of her family business. She recalls it all happened by accident, or one may say by fate. Caron abandoned her dream career after college in order to fulfill her family obligation and serve in the family business. It took her ten years to recognize her position and her value to the community.

Today, Caron leads the company from the front as the CEO of Nuset, Inc.® changing the narrative of lock solutions. She has—since diving into this business—led Nuset, Inc.® from a small manufacturing business to a company with a global perspective.Presently, at the brink of transforming the narrative of lock solutions, Nuset, Inc.® is adapting legacy systems of the lock hardware to be the forefront of the IoT solution.

A Trusted Global Lock Manufacturing Division
Originally, Nuset, Inc.®; was founded on building customized locks for various other companies, but about 25+ years ago it developed the Nuset, Inc.® brand in order to represent their own product to the end user market. Today, Nuset, Inc.® specializes in custom-made security hardware. Its products used to be considered traditional hardware, but the company has newly introduced a new line of security products that give customers the quality that they trust along with the convenience of today’s technologies. Building long lasting relationships with clients who appreciate Nuset, Inc.®’s attention to detail fused with its vast knowledge of manufacturing and product design is what it strives for. The point of difference in the Nuset, Inc.® product is customization and product innovation. Nuset, Inc.® also manufactures custom products for other industries, including construction, medical, real estate, fitness, and property management to name a few. Product distributors are located throughout the US and overseas and are now found in well-known retail markets such as: The Home Depot, Grainger Inc., and Amazon

Serving the Community
Caron‘s day starts at 4: 30 am for exercising and for personal devotion time. In the evening, she is usually home between 7-9 pm, when she devotes her time solely on her two young children. She serves in many ways to the community. She is the Senior Vice-Chair for the Los Angeles Women Business Enterprises Forum(WBEC-West), the Advisory Board for the Enterprising Women Magazine, and Steering Committee for the Women President Organization (WPO). On a personal capacity, she is a leader for the International Bible Study Fellowship. She also volunteers her time to mentor business entrepreneurs and students on a monthly basis.

Diversity is the Key!
Caron believes there are a lot of start-ups in the marketplace and a surge to merge lock hardware with electronic technology. Caron values diversity in her team. She usually sits in and listens attentively at different brain storming sessions, where everyone (quite literality) has chance(s) to go crazy on the white board or post-its. She likes to listen to her team’s new research, wild ideas, and customers’ feedback. A new idea carries a revolutionary impact on the way how they use security; it usually has her undivided attention and ultimately unyielding support.

Caron advises the people who bring social change, “Listen, everyone has a story. A very simple act of attentive listening can bring a lot of changes. Each one of us has the power to change for a better society; it all begins by listening and helping to those who are closest to us.”

Moving Forward
Nuset, Inc.®; is leading the way in advancing lock hardware to the forefront of the IoT era. The new series of security product is called Eyecon™. “It is always exciting to see new products impacting our way of life. Nothing is more encouraging to see we are contributing to the big picture. My concern is how we as a society adapting to the IoT generation,” she concludes.

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