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Carnival Corporation: Helping People to Sail Since Ages

Ships have been one of the most preferred modes of transport since its inception. Ships were used to transport cargo, they were used to transport armies to conquer different nations and not to forget ships also carried people from point A to point B. Then there came a time when people started using luxurious ships for travelling and entertainment. However, as ships were not so safe those days, the cruisers never got the needed attention. Cut to recent times, cruise ships are much more improved with more and more safety features, creature comfort and instead of using ships just as a mode of transport people are now using cruises to reunite with their family, for weddings and traveling. So, to help people sail safely, enters Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest cruise company with a massive fleet of more than 100 luxurious ships that helps to sail more than 12 million guests on its 10 brands. Each year, Carnival Corporation completes more than 80 million passenger cruise days, among every two cruisers that sail, one is from the house of Carnival. 
The Multi-Talented Leader
Mr. Arnold Donald is one of very few Afro-American CEOs in corporate America. During his four-year tenure, he has delivered brilliant results and is further looking to a deliver double-digit return on invested capital to shareholders. With new innovations of hospitality, Donald has been recognized as a champion in diversity by many groups. Since he joined as the CEO, the company’s stock has rose from mere $33 to $60. Previously, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International from 2006- 2008. Additionally, he has also served in companies like Monsanto Company, Bank of America Corporation & Crown Holdings. Donald also has quite a broad experience in corporate governance, as he has already served as a Director, in many publicly-traded companies.
Delivering Memorable Vacation Experiences
With 10 international brands, Carnival Corporation is committed to delivering memorable vacation experiences to its customer by bringing people and multiple cultures together. Recently, the company has launched a new brand, named Fathom that helps to provide social impact experiences to the guests. Carnival is also the first cruise company in more than 40 years to sail to Cuba from the U.S, which has eventually helped Cuban citizens and tourists to travel to Cuba by ship. Earlier this year, the company introduced OCEAN Medallion at CES that promises to revolutionize and personalize hospitality and guest experience while on a cruise.
Serving Every Gender and Race 
Carnival Corporation is committed to serving guests from any nationality, and every gender and race, as well as families and especially families who cruise as a part of the family reunion. The company is successfully bringing people and cultures together through more than 80 million passenger cruise days a year by traveling more than 700 destinations across the globe.
Exceeding Client’s Expectations 
According to the Carnival Corporation, its main motto is to listen to the guests and exceed their expectations. Each of the employees and brands under the company are working round the clock just to deliver amazing and memorable vacation experiences to the guests. After the joining of Arnold Donald, the company has continued to innovate and deliver on goals, which include a majorly overlooked part, which ensures, ‘happy crew, happy guests.’
Protecting the Environment 
The company recognizes that its success is completely connected with the betterment of the environment, strengthening stakeholder relationships, and safeguarding & developing its workforce. Carnival Corporation also recognizes that the viability of its business and its reputation entirely depends on being more transparent and sustainable. The cruise liner also collects 9,300 pounds of recyclable items, that include crushed glass, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and scrap metals & processes those to save the nature and marine life. In addition to all these, the company knows that the upcoming journey will contain more and more challenges and opportunities for stronger stewardship, and recognize that the company’s future success and delivery on its sustainability plans and goals are linked. So, as an industry leader Carnival Corporation is completely committed to growing and operating wisely.
Tackling Competitions and Future Roadmap 
The cruise line company, Carnival Corporation tends to look at its competition as beach vacations, as cruising only represents two percent of all the beds in the vacation market. It offers the best vacation experience which is value for money. Adding to all these, recently a reputed institute rated different brands of Carnival Corporation as leaders of the hospitality sector.
When it comes to future planning, the company will continue to focus and innovate completely for its guests. Carnival Corporation is also planning to roll out its all-new OCEAN Medallion on its first voyage soon. Additionally, the cruise line company will continue to deliver new ships with fantastic new features, extraordinary food, entertainment and on-shore experience.

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