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Carl Pei Returns with a Fresh New Phone- The Nothing Phone (1)

With its distinctive design and eye-catching Glyph system, Nothing Phone 1 has wholly taken over the internet.

Nothing is founded by Carl Pei, an ex-One Plus co-founder who initiated the company to provide top features at an affordable price. He said, “You can use a smartphone as a hub for your entire digital life,” introducing viewers to the Nothing OS. The company is also building controls for third-party products, as the Nothing OS does not come with any bloatware and is light for the processor.

The phone has a translucent back that reveals a distinct pattern of “glyphs,” or shapes and lines. Carl Pei claims that a modernist rendition of the New York City subway map created by Italian designer Massimo Vignelli in the 1970s served as its inspiration.

The device’s pricing is its most attractive feature. An essential Phone 1 device with 128GB of internal memory starts at £399 ($473), making it less expensive than the most recent flagship models from Apple and Samsung.

Starting on July 16, the Nothing Phone 1 will be offered at the Nothing Kiosk in London’s Covent Garden. Then, on July 18, a constrained drop with affiliated shops will happen. The official website Carl Pei will start selling the Nothing Phone 1 on July 21.

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