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Care Innovations®Health Harmony: The IoT in Healthcare

Simply defined (Wikipedia), the internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items-embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data. In the healthcare industry,Care Innovations® remote patient management (RPM) platform embodies the very definition of the Internet of Things (IoT).
Taking advantage of the growth of the Internet of Things, Care Innovations has developed Health Harmony, the turn-key RPM solution that helps to lower costs, increase clinical efficiency, and improve patient outcomes. Health Harmony harnesses the power and connectivity of the Internet and the Cloud, making it easier for patients, family caregivers and clinicians to interact, helping to connect the care continuum to the home.
The Internet of Things is a game-changer for the healthcare sector. IoT is reshaping the healthcare industry by improving efficiency, reducing costs and putting the focus back on better patient care. The healthcare industry is one of the fastest to embrace the Internet of Things. The reason for this trend is that integrating IoT features into medical devices significantly enhances the quality and effectiveness of patient care in the home. Care Innovations, a leader in the remote patient management space is taking advantage of the growth of IoT and positioning themselves as the complete solution provider for turnkey RPM solutions that help in lowering costs, improving outcomes, and bringing health home.
Care Innovations, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation, utilizes Health Harmony, their remote patient management solution, harnessing the power and connectivity of the Internet and the Cloud, to connect the care continuum to the home. Their RPM solution makes it easier for patients, family caregivers, and professional caregivers to interact and achieve better health at home.
Experts in technology, behavior change, and analytics, Care Innovations identifies the best methods for healthcare providers and health plans to capture and integrate real-time data from the home, (both subjective and objective), into care delivery. Health Harmony delivers insights for timely intervention and superior patient engagement with patients outside the traditional care setting. It is built with a smart filter and predictive analytics platform that sorts the complex array of aggregated data captured from a wide array of sensors and sources present in the daily lives of patients. The company’s expertise in patient recruitment, deployment, and logistics helps to round out “best in class” positioning in the RPM vertical.
Care Innovations dynamic leadership team is rounded out by Randy (Randall) Swanson, Chief Executive Officer of Care Innovations. He is responsible for corporate business strategy, innovation-centered research and program development, partner engagements, finance, quality, product operations, and human resources. Also, he has an executive-level responsibility for Corporate Compliance. Most recently, he was a Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Care Innovations, focusing on business strategy and innovation growth.
As a 17-year Intel veteran, Randy has held a variety of finance and business development positions across numerous business groups at Intel, including the Digital Health Group, New Business Group, Intel Architecture Group, and Technology & Manufacturing Group. Randy has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Clarkson University, Masters of Business Administration from Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business, and a Masters of Systems Engineering from University of Michigan.
Care Innovations: Blazing New Trails in the Healthcare Industry
Care Innovations has a long and proven history of helping healthcare organizations drive meaningful clinical outcomes as proven by some of their client’s case studies. The company works to combine a rich, Intel-backed, decades-long history of technological innovations with premium, patient-driven service solutions. It comes as no surprise that their commitment to this formula has enabled them to actually provide provable ROI metrics for their clients.
For instance, in the last few years, Care Innovations helped achieve:
• Zero hospitalizations and ER visits and a $339,184 total cost savings over the first year of a study with UMMC’s Mississippi Diabetes Telehealth Network [2015]
• 100% patient satisfaction rate of the GE Aviation Telehealth study for patients with Diabetes Mellitus [2013]
• A 64% reduction in readmissions for patients with CHF and COPD for St. Vincent. [2011]
Care Innovations strives to understand the issues facing prospective clients, along with their business objectives, to help them plan and select the technology and services that can help them to meet the triple aim of improving outcomes, lowering costs and increasing clinical efficiency. Care Innovations’ Demonstration Labs help to determine the solutions that will best help clients achieve their goals, and are organized by technology type and include product segments like, Smart Sensing, Smart Lighting, Personal Emergency Response Systems, Vitals Monitoring, Wearables, Connecting the Home, Networks, and Analytics.
“Our Innovation team keeps their finger on the pulse of emerging technologies from popular technology sources like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, as well as private research and leads received from our parent investor groups. Devices of all types are procured, tested, and evaluated in our labs,” says Randy Swanson, CEO.

Care Innovations is continuously monitoring security best practices and works to continually stay abreast of changing trends and technology, allowing them to provide best in practice security protocols in the remote patient management space. Their products adhere to the highest standards and regulations, which ensure that no matter where the patient may be their data is kept secure.