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Cara Scharf: Building Spectacular Marketing Campaigns

Digital Media has opened up avenues for marketing today, like never before. For any company, the prospective clients are just a click away. To compel digital media users to choose or click for one’s services, a company needs media campaigns which are attention-grabbing and unmissable.
Cara Scharf led Fearless Media is doing just that and more. Fearless Media is a full-service, NYC-based digital marketing agency, specializing in the entertainment, retail, education, and technology verticals. It creates beautifully integrated solutions and communication across all media and helps companies develop marketing strategies, execute campaigns, and drive revenue. The company believes that every element of a campaign is vital and informs each next element, which is why its approach is always integrated.
A Leap of Faith
Comfort-zone is a beautiful thing. It keeps you happy in your own little space, where you can bask in the achievements of your world. However, it makes you too comfortable to explore your own strengths. You never know what you are capable of doing if you don’t give it a try.
Cara, until the year 2009, worked as Executive Vice President at an agency where she successfully led the agency’s growth and business development, by boosting the company’s revenue from 10 million to 50 million USD.
For someone like her, who thrives in challenges, the sense of comfort soon became overbearing. She says, “I’d risen to the highest level I could with that firm, but I found myself feeling unsatisfied and unhappy. When my former employer asked me to climb to get a paperclip, that was when I knew. It was time. Leaving was a huge decision, but a quick one. I knew I had to be my own boss so I would never feel taken advantage of again.”
Cara’s years of experience and motivated persona resulted in the establishment of Fearless Media. After taking the huge decision of starting on her own, she was now faced with everyday decision-making to keep her new company at the top of the charts.
The initial two years got her working on all aspects which were tiring and gratifying at the same time. Cara, soon became a successful and renowned businesswoman. She was recognized as the ‘Professional Woman of the Year’ by the National Association of Professional Women in 2014, named the ‘Marketing & Advertising Entrepreneur of the Year’ by M&A Global Awards 2018 and received the AI Influential Businesswoman Awards 2019 for the Most Innovative Marketing Business Leader – North East USA.
Fearless Solutions
Under Cara’s tutelage, team Fearless Media has developed a proven combination of strategy, planning, and overall innovation which enables its clients to be Fearless. The company creates powerful integrated solutions and communication across all media for the client company. It can build and develop marketing strategies, execute campaigns, and drive revenue to bring the company to the front lines of its respective industry. Everything at Fearless Media begins with ‘digital’ at its core. Its proprietary, customized analytic dashboard gives the client’s brand management team the exact data they need to make informed decisions.
Its core competencies include Strategic Planning and Buying, Programmatic Buying,Co-Marketing Strategic Alliances, In-Depth Analytics,and Traditional Media. On the digital front,the company also takes care of the client’s Public Relations, Event Planning, Influencer Programs,Digital Media,Social Media, SEM/SEO.
People Matter
As a valued leader, Cara believes that success in business depends heavily on the kind of people you hire. She states, “You need to hire skills for today and aptitude for tomorrow. It’s crucial to hire smarter people than yourself.” She has made it a point to hire the brains for a task. At the same time, as a woman, she feels that woman empowerment shouldn’t be talked-about but worked-on. The need for diversity, not only in the marketing and advertising industry but across all industries is irrefutable.
Citing her own example, Cara states, “One of the most difficult issues women face is that people don’t always take you seriously. You don’t need confidence to start, you need guts. The confidence comes with knowing you have been able to beat all the odds. Only 0.1% of the founders in advertising are female. That is what I think about, if I start to doubt my abilities. I am here 10 years later. If I am running a successful business for almost 10 years now – that should mean something.” Given her position, Cara makes it a point to empower as many talented, innovative and creative women as she can.
Driving Digital Experiences
For a decade, Cara and her team have been building and delivering compelling digital marketing experiences. They have been creating personalized experiences which engage and convert client’s customers in memorable and enticing ways across all platforms. They have been combining story-telling with data-proven insights to create social media messaging that’s not just compelling, but also profitable.
Going forward, Fearless Media will continue to unify media, creative, and buying strategies to create memorable digital media campaigns that will increase client company’s reach, awareness, engagement and retention.
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