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Jonathan Stolk, CEO, Capptions

Capptions: Developing Culture of Safety in Organizations by Making Inspections Easy

Inspections carried through safety forms printed on paper become a daunting task. It doesn’t even motivate inspection employees to submit health and safety data. They see it as an administrative burden that has no real benefit for them. But with Capptions, capturing EHS data has now become easy, quick, and efficient.

Founded in Rotterdam, Capptions is an EHS Management Software Platform (Environment, Health, Safety & Quality) that is built to integrate a culture of safety in organizations globally by making inspections an easy and appealing task to do by their workers.

With safety as its mission and software as its solution, Capptions has come a long way.

We at Insights Success caught up with Jonathan Stolk, the CEO, to learn more about Capptions and its contribution as a trusted audit management company.

Building a Detailed Audit Trail

Capptions app is developed with a two-pronged approach- the mobile app and the web dashboard. The mobile app is developed with floor worker empowerment in mind, while the web dashboard is developed to allow EHS managers continually improve the EHS process. The Capptions Dashboard presents a wide variety of real-time safety data and metrics that facilitate building a detailed Audit Trail.

With hundreds of companies performing their safety-related inspections using Capptions, the company is rapidly growing in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. Capptions has seen a growing number of clients in the industries of Maritime, Construction, Vertical Transport, Packaging & FMCG, and Waste & Recycling.

What does it Enable?

With Capptions you can:

  • Collect more data with easy mobile-friendly forms (that your admins build themselves)
  • Engage your team using nothing but their smartphones
  • Receive instant alerts for follow up actions
  • Manage audits from a distance, while simultaneously building an effective audit trail
  • Get a customized BI dashboard with your key metrics
  • Get friendly customer service that’s focused on enhancing your EHS process with you

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Jonathan expresses that on a non-industry-specific level, the biggest benefit of Capptions is the ease of use. Usually, the introduction of new software in a company involves overcoming the hindrances of internet connections, tech skills, language barriers, and other cultural constraints. However, because of the user-friendliness, the implementation of Capptions has been explicitly stated to be smooth and has been given greater importance considering that it has a variety of clients that have implemented its platform amid the COVID pandemic.

Another benefit is that Capptions allows you to think in possibilities instead of only a single-dimensional approach. Its app encourages its clients to change the way Safety Management is thought of, from merely telling people what to do to supporting workers on how to do it in an easy-to-do and motivating manner. This is an integral part of its UI and UX, as it believes simplicity is key to workfloor engagement.

He also notes that integrations with Capptions are endless. “Our team gladly focuses on innovation and has developed a range of integrations with Capptions. So, this allows our clients a higher degree of flexibility and information exchange when it comes to the transfer and reporting of their data,” he asserts.

Finally, and very importantly, Capptions is more than just a team of employees. It is a family that revolves around safety, fun and community. This is evident with its customer service, demo and discovery calls, and with all its water-cooler conversations. Capptions will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Empowering, Educating, and Encouraging Teams

Talking about the pandemic, Jonathan mentions that it has brought upon a monumental change in the EHS/Compliance sector as awareness for health has risen to levels unseen before. This meant a change in the daily operations of safety staff on a personal and professional level.

Capptions has taken the initiative to produce content to indicate this change, and how through this change, integrating a culture of safety in the workplace plays a pivotal role. This is content in terms of educational ebooks and webinars on the benefits of going full-out digital while keeping in line with the pandemic-related rules and regulations worldwide. Its aim is to progress at least one percent each day towards being the market leader in its industry.

The way Capptions does that daily is through empowering and educating its own team on what’s happening in its industry, and encouraging them collectively to enquire about how each of its clients are doing. The company has found it effective as it is only through:

(1) understanding and accepting that new challenges and bottle-necks spring up with time (such as the challenges that the pandemic brought along).

(2) figuring out the growing / changing challenges of its clients in their respective industries

(3) attending to the (new) challenges they face through friendly customer service and implementation of innovative or work-around methods in its app

Jonathan believes that through the above ways, it can bring upon this wave of leadership and expertise to help serve its clients amid expected and unexpected challenges (such as pandemics!).

What Users have to Say?

“Capptions allows me to think in possibilities instead of limitations. The linear way of completing paper-based checklists and reports is not effective in supporting our people. Our crew and staff are goal driven people; they are hard workers who take pride in getting the job done. Off course we all want to make sure we come home safely and try to reduce risks as far as possible, but long checklists and reports are not always seen as supporting in this process, in reality sometimes even seen as a burden. Safety Management can only be effective if you help people instead of making their life difficult. Capptions gives us the tool for this.” – Marijn C., Corporate HSEQ Manager

“Easy and user-friendly to use as an incident registration system, also in the field for floor workers. The advantage is that it can also be used as an app, even offline. Software can be adjusted as desired, just have a chat with the Capptions team, you will not be disappointed.” – Emiel G. QHSE Coordinator

Taking Responsibility to Lead GRC Market

In Jonathan’s opinion, the future of audit management market would be building a template store where-in safety-related checklists and workflow templates are created by partners who are experts in their respective industries.

Capptions is strategizing towards that by creating a new app that will be launched in the coming months. The future aspirations of Capptions are to progress towards being the innovative market leader in the GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) sector. It is taking on the responsibility to lead the GRC market, one form at a time.