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Capitán: Solidifying Innovative Manufacturing Processes

Businesses around the globe are growing at a rapid pace. Industries are pushing themselves over the edge to sustain the cut-throat competition. Manufacturing is one of the most important divisions which aid the same purpose. However, manufacturing comes with its own set of challenges including maintaining the inventory, quality and efficiency of a company. Manufacturing Execution System (MES) enables the companies to overcome these challenges. It is growing to be the most popular data based systems that deliver operational solutions to manufacturing firms. The global MES market is estimated to be $19.36 billion by year 2023. In order to retrieve the same, many enterprises have contributed extensively. One of them is Capitán Ltd.
Founded in 2015, Capitán develops a platform for managing, monitoring and optimizing the production process in factories. Its unique platform retrieves the data collected in real-time from manufacturing devices (PLC’s, IIoT), and allow managers and machine operators to gain a complete control over the whole manufacturing process, via an intuitive web applications, and mobile devices.
Assured Solutions
Capitán believes in the idea of great experience and greater knowledge. An approach empowered with same principal enables the company to provide the appropriate solution. Based on its built-in workflows, it has a comprehensive platform which enables every factory to set the required adjustments. Capitán’s enthusiasm for discovering solutions to complex problems using technology leads to the benefits of its customers with proven practices, from different manufacture, in different sections.
Vision to Fulfill Needs of Modern Factories
Yakir Sabag is the Founder and CEO of Capitán. He started the company with the vision to have a comprehensive platform specifically for modern factories. While mentioning about his vision he asserts, “Throughout the years, I’ve found that there is no modern system which is able to fulfill a modern factory needs. If it’s about the technology used, the data structure, the user interface, the depth of the data collected and processed by the system, the responsiveness for manufacturing exceptions.
Yakir was a graduate of science from the University of Haifa. Prior to Capitán, Yakir was the founder of Mameer, a humor portal for people diagnosed with cancer. He has also been a CTO for production software Solutions Company, for six years.
Maximizing Efficiency and Raising Profitability
While the previous generation of software lack functions on the production floor, Capitán aims to fill that hole with data, and different tools to maximize efficiency, and raise the profitability of the factory. Its platform seamlessly communicates with the factory’s ERP system, sends relevant processed data from the production floor. As a result, Capitán empowers factories by empowering their operative-class human resources, to be a part of the thinking process. As an MES system being an operative decision-making system, the company amplifies its users, with accurate data regarding their manufacturing processes. Eventually, Capitán transforms into the factory’s “knowit- all” system, thanks to its knowledge preserving – of the manufacturing facility. This is how it provides operational intelligence and actionable information to its platform-users, helping them make a measurable difference in their manufacturing excellence.
Distinctive and Ahead
Capitán has precisely developed various features in its platforms and according to the company, these features are 20 years ahead of competition. The company believes in innovation and learning a new thing every day. Thus, it has developed a unique implementation plan that reveals the platform ROI in a matter of weeks. Throughout the process the company insures customers can have an affordable, almost risk-free agile platform that grows with the factory step-by-step.
Journey of Innovation
Capitán believes that its journey of innovation is not going to end anytime soon. It is very enthusiastic about the fact that it has faced and resolved the challenges in such short period. The company has learned a lot from these experiences. From different business cultures around the world that that it’s dealing with, to the technical issues that it is solving using its creativities, to the startups the company is meeting with in order to expand its platform features. Capitán has started from a house-office; at that point it never believed that it would gain such trust from leading companies and governments, which fuels the company with motivation to keep up what the work. In its periodically customers meetings, Capitán keeps traveling its “Capitánized” production floors, the machine operators actually enjoy working in the company. The team in Capitán believes that working in the company is a never-ending learning process. And it strives to keep itself updated and obligated to provide the ideal solutions in real time.
Determined to Deliver
With all its experience, Capitán believes that in the long run, what keeps a company better are satisfied customers. Hence, it is investing huge efforts in communication with its customers, to learn about the evolving needs, in order to develop and extend the platform capabilities to support the industry needs. In coming times, the company envisions providing its customers subsequent best-in-class solutions and aims to lead itself in the list of top 5 industrial IT company.
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