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CAPITA Translation and Interpreting: Providing Seamless Language Solutions

When was the last time you watched a film not in your native language and noticed the subtitles or dubbing didn’t sound right? Or maybe you were trying to follow an instructional manual and the directions didn’t make sense? As the world becomes more connected, localization plays an important role to businesses across a variety of industries and sectors. Localization goes beyond straightforward translation; it ensures that the new content resonates with the intended audience, taking into account culture and dialect. One company who understands this challenge is Capita Translation and Interpreting.
Capita Translation and Interpreting, also known as Capita TI, is a leading global language services supplier, with a strong focus on innovation and technology. It is a part of Capita plc, the UK’s leading provider of business process management and integrated professional support service solutions.
Delivering Extraordinary Services
Capita TI provides translation and interpreting services to commercial and public sector customers via 2 technology platforms, namely SmartMATE, a translation, automation and workflow integration platform, and LiveLINK, a remote interpreting platform. SmartMATE provides customers with instant and secure access to all technology products at their fingertips. From one central place, customers can request a translation or interpreting project, download reports, track and retrieve projects and view historical information. CMS connectors allow users of WordPress, Magento and Drupal to send content for translation within their CMS dashboard, removing the need for copying and pasting or downloading content.
LiveLINK is a voice and video remote interpreting platform which allows customers to reach an experienced interpreter in as little as 15 seconds. LiveLINK covers 170 languages and can be accessed via mobile app, web browser, telephone, or direct integration with customer communication systems.
Trailblazer promoting efficiencies through technology
Managing Director of Capita TI, Antonio Tejada has over 25 years of experience in the localization industry. He began his career as a translator, with subsequent roles in operations, sales and technology. It is his experience and understanding of technology, and how it can be leveraged within translation, that has impacted Capita TI the most in bringing new developments in both the SmartMATE and LiveLINK product suites to improve the customers’ experience, increase efficiencies and help to deliver sustainable services to them.
Setting Itself Apart from Contemporaries
There are two key factors that set Capita TI apart from the competition:

  • Its capacity to integrate the best people in the industry with cutting-edge technology, to deliver an innovative and customised language ecosystem. Capita TI’s technology focuses around translation technology and remote interpreting.
  • Its reliability as a corporate partner, based on the strong foundations and governance that comes with being part of Capita plc and the understanding of the requirements of large corporations.

A Passage through Time
Acquired in 2011 by the Capita group, the company has undergone many changes and improvements in the past 7 years. Initially, it was highly dependent on a large interpreting contract with the Ministry of Justice in the UK, but now the business has transformed towards a highly innovative technology-based language service provider, with a balanced service offering in translation and interpreting. In late 2016, Capita TI also re-focused their interpreting and public sector services, deciding not to re-bid for the Ministry of Justice interpreting contract, following a strategic decision to focus on developing the contracts with other public sector customers and further developing remote interpreting offering with the launch of LiveLINK.
In 2016 and 2017, Capita TI acquired 2 niche translation providers, including ITR, which focused on software and elearning localization, and amity communications, highly geared towards financial and legal content, which involved integration and optimization of systems, processes, customers and suppliers.
Withstanding the demands of Audio, Video and Multimedia Localization
Capita TI firmly believes that as a society, we are living in an increasingly visual world, reliant on multimedia. Clients use video and audio to connect with their employees, partners and potential clients, and as such, the demand for high-quality audio-visual localization grows.
In audio-visual localization projects, there are so many variations to consider, such as translation of the script, cultural nuances, voice-over artist talent, matching the speed of the target language speech to the source and the list goes on. And if any of these components don’t go according to plan, it impacts the entire project. Therefore, Capita TI has adopted a 6-step process for audio-visual localization, ensuring that all these components and teams work together for a cost-effective project. The steps are:

  • Prepare a brief
  • Confirm and sign-off script
  • Use high-quality audio
  • Synchronizing script, voiceover, subtitles and animations
  • Select preferred voiceover artist
  • Quality assurance check

Reflecting on the evolution of the Language Service Industry over the Years
According to Capita TI, translation and interpreting have become more of a basic requirement for businesses. The need for speed has increased, whilst still maintaining a high-quality output and meeting budget expectations. Hence, automation is vital in addressing this need and bringing efficiencies, allowing customers to respond to market demands in different languages through automation of tasks including file processing, linguist assignment and quality controls.
What’s more, the company also believes that machine translation has developed in recent years. What started as software translating simple and short phrases has advanced to custom-built, sector-specific translation engines with huge translation memories, delivering cost reductions of up to 30%
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