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Candesic: A Forerunner Unlocking World-class Management Consultation Solutions in Healthcare

Over the past decade, there has been an enormous growth in the global consulting market. Although growth rates differ between the more mature markets and emerging economies, the consultancy industry is closely tied to the developments of the global economy. An independent survey states that the global consulting sector is one of the largest and most mature markets with a total significance of around two-fifty billion USD. In such flourishing economic conditions, small-scale as well as large-scale organizations attain higher revenues and budgets, a setting that helps paving the way for higher spending on consultants.
Consultancies are also becoming more specialists, with the emergence and growth of sector specific consultancies which are ‘preferenced’ by clients over the large, multi-sector, traditional firms. Healthcare is one such specialist sector which is becoming dominated by a new breed of consultants, ones working with the ideology of benefiting patients and improving care quality with consultation solutions rather than just making money.
Candesic, head-quartered in London, is one such trustworthy and leading strategy consultancy which has been serving private operators, investors, and public sector organizations for more than a decade.
Candesic has led the industry with its unrivalled expertise in handling client issues across health and social care, pharmaceuticals, and the medtech sectors. The company outshines as a prominent provider of commercial due diligence for private equity transactions. It also provides consultation solutions to different sectors of the industry including FMCG, education, financial services, aerospace, security, defense, IT, software, chemical industry, and telecom. The company’s in-house personnel consist of medical practitioners with extensive business experience. Thus, the company has paved a creative way towards success where its clients value its advice, analysis, access and deep expertise.
A Trailblazer who Recognized a Need for Specialist Advice
Dr. Leonid Shapiro is the Managing Partner and Founder of Candesic. He is a medical practitioner, entrepreneur, and the driving force behind the company’s expansions and success. With his great business experience, he recognized a need for business consulting in medical companies and founded Candesic in 2002. Under the leadership of Leonid, the company primarily focuses on commercial due diligence on healthcare transactions and strategy for corporate and portfolio companies. He consults private equity firms, corporate operators, and government organizations in the areas of healthcare, technology, and communications.
Leonid loved the project-based nature of consulting and worked with an approach to make the company a consulting leader in the healthcare space.
Value-added Services with a Unique Approach Benefiting Clients
Candesic is a high-class consultancy providing commercial due diligence advice to the private equity firms, banks, operators, and the National Health Service (NHS). This advice helps the private equity firms and other business organizations to develop, monitor, and validate their strategies and make successful investments. It helps its clients to buy, sell, and refinance businesses across a diversified range of sectors. It helps them to withstand the market complexities, technology transformations and expand globally. The company offers its clients with a unique model of consulting which delivers insights beyond the horizons.
The company is offering consultation services across a vast breadth of the healthcare sector, working for private as well as public operators. It supports commissioners and providers to withstand the rising demand for high quality social care, both in the community and residential homes.
Team Candesic is consistently working on establishment of the high quality approach to data collection and analysis, coupled with sophisticated forecasts from industry heavyweights, policy makers and stakeholders. Focusing on these novel data collection techniques it builds web-robots to collect industry and market information on a gigantic scale and use Big Data to draw unparalleled insights. The company specializes in strategy embracing benefits of the market trends, maximize their profitability, and improve the offerings with end-to-end customer satisfaction.
Candesic helps its clients streamline their operations. It also helps them with decision-making, the services to offer in different geographies, reorganize management and divisional structure, deploy shared services, and re-invent value-delivery to the marketplace.
Distinguishing from its Competitors
The company keeps on majorly investing in knowledge development and its management. It always strives hard to stay on the top of the current developments occurring in the various industrial sectors. It encourages its personnel to meet their topics of interests and guides them to publish their articles in the industry journals. It also encourages its employees to learn, research or do projects on their topics of interest. As such, the company has consultants who write books, teach at business schools, and do volunteer work in their areas of expertise which drives the company far ahead of the curve.
Candesic’s deep knowledge about various sectors successfully outshines competitors. The company uses its associate pool of over 150 practitioners and experts across industries to enhance its core full-time staff paving a creative way towards success.
The company’s senior team and consultants have expertise in life sciences and pharmaceutical research at the world leading universities. This provides its clients with a platform that combines high level strategy and deep understanding of the R&D process, thereby distinguishing Candesic from its competitors.
Future Footsteps
Candesic is planning to expand its reach by moving to the offices which are larger than its current highgrounds. Its future executions involve its expansions that will cover majority of the cities in the Europe. It is also planning to deeply explore the adjacent sectors such as education and tech-enabled healthcare.
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