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CallApp: Personalizing Calling Experiences

“I was in a very important meeting and my phone rang. It was an unknown number, and I decided to answer the call, only to find out it was spam”, asserts Amit On, the Founder and CEO of CallApp. It was that moment when the idea to create CallApp was born. CallApp is a Free Caller ID and Phone Call Blocker app that allows mobile users to block phone calls, identify telemarketing calls, record phone calls, blacklist unwanted callers and much more.
Founded in 2011, CallApp is one of the most comprehensive caller ID apps in the world. It has the ability to identify over 3 billion unknown callers and update people’s contacts with complete information from their social media profiles. The app has over 50 million users, has won several awards, supports over 200 countries, and is integrated with over 60 information sources.
A Pivotal Player 
At the age of 18, Amit On was landed a position in the highlyselective Israel Defence Forces Special Intelligence Technology Unit. Following his service, he has handled senior management positions in various successful startups, such as Amobee and Followap , which were later acquired for $370M and $140M, respectively. A pivotal player in the industry, Amit aspires to be a trailblazer as the leader of CallApp. His experience, intuition and go-to attitude are what led him to create the platform. Amit also believes that those traits and skills, amongst others, have helped motivate his team to build the app into the most comprehensive caller ID app in the world.
Continues to Develop 
Since its inception, the most important thing CallApp has learned is good ideas don’t necessarily equal successful ideas. Everything it does is keep tracking, thanks to advanced analytics programs. When the idea isn’t performing, the company figures out how to improve it. When the idea is performing, it develops ways to make it even stronger.
Fully Customized Application 
CallApp provides a universal Caller ID, blocks calls, records calls, reminds one to make calls, and more. CallApp can block calls from unknown or unwanted numbers (like telemarketers or robocalls) and utilizes its immense data to identify who is calling, even if their number isn’t saved on one’s device. Moreover, users’ contact details screen is synced with their contact’s social media profiles, giving them easy access to their Twitter and Facebook, amongst others. The application also allows its users to leave notes on their contact’s page, as well as apply multiple notes to their contact during a call. In addition to its organizational aspects, the app provides with full customization abilities. From the screen background to the call buttons, CallApp allows one to personalize their call experience.
Making Employees Efficient 
CallApp’s services facilitate enterprise mobility, given it is a complete call management solution and can be used to increase employee productivity. It gives users the power to answer important calls and send spam to voicemail. Employees can now write multiple notes on a client’s contact page during a call and can even record calls for future use if they forget to write down a key point from an important conversation. CallApp can truly replace its user’s phone’s dialer, contact book, notebook, recorder, and reminders.
Emphasizing on Quality over Quantity 
CallApp always intends to be in development no matter how big it gets. The company is always adapting based on its users’ wishes and the outcomes that follow. It will not release a feature just for the sake of having another feature. It firmly believes that anything less than perfect for its users is not acceptable. The majority of CallApp’s team members consists of a first-class development team, allowing the company to emphasize quality over quantity.
Revolutionizing the Communication Industry 
CallApp’s goal is to deliver the best product possible to its users. It aims to continue to expand into vast communication categories as well as enhance those it has already tapped into. Its dedicated team is endlessly working on ways to increase the experience for each user. The company has revolutionized the communication industry, and it is striving to be pioneer in this sphere in the years ahead.
“This app is perfect! I was being threatened over a phone call which lead me to download CallApp. It records all my conversations, notifies me of the person calling even if I don’t have their number saved (yes, it shows their names). I have been using this app for over a year now & I won’t be giving it up!” — Venessa Mckenzie.