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CallApp: Helping Users to Identify More than 3 Billion Unknown Callers

With the growing usage of smartphones and internet, another nuisance is also growing simultaneously—calls from telemarketers and spam calls. To tackle this, CallApp has entered the foray by transforming the mobile communication experience with Universal Caller ID & Communication ID, Smart Spam Filter and Call Blocking, High-Quality Call Recording, Enhanced Dialer and Social Contact Book. CallApp is a mobile platform that combines data from over 70 different information sources into an easy-touse App that enriches the communication experience. In simpler terms, it allows any person to manage or record their calls for free with optimum quality. The company is currently the largest Caller ID service in the market with over 3 billion mobile and business numbers.
A One of a kind Organization 
The CallApp Platform connects each phone to its universal social contact book of over 3 billion phone numbers using algorithms to correctly identify people and businesses. The CallApp community defends each other by reporting spam calls, which results in alerting and blocking these numbers for other users. It doesn’t end here for its key features; recently CallApp has released the most advanced and highest quality of call recorder on the market free, within the app.
CallApp has also created a solution, CallApp+, that gives the users the same CallApp experience for every communication performed on their mobile device such as WhatsApp, text messaging, VOIP calls, Viber, etc. Now one can easily put a name, profile, and context to those nameless numbers. Some other features CallApp includes are comprehensive profiles for each user, advanced reminders, the ability to share contact details, fun birthday reminders, and much more.
According to the company, CallApp is not just another Caller ID app, rather it is a complete call management solution. CallApp can truly replace its users’ native dialer and contact book. The value that CallApp brings to the user alone separates itself from its industry contemporaries. Incorporating social networks into Caller ID was a must for CallApp to provide its users with a much more personalized experience. The organization is always testing new and innovative ways to increase performance and user experience of CallApp. The team at CallApp tests each and every feature routinely as they believe anything less than perfect for their users is not ok.
The Visionary Leader 
Amit On is the Founder and CEO of CallApp. When he decided to create CallApp it was because of his own personal experience that every time he made or received a call there was a lot of information missing. He knew that all of this information was already publicly available and wanted to create a solution for people to see all of this information in one easy to use place. Amit used smart data to create proprietary algorithms which are now the backbone of CallApp. On the other hand, CallApp is not Amit’s first rodeo. In the past, Amit has handled senior management positions in various successful startups, which includes being the CTO & VP R&D at Amobee, which was later acquired by Singtel for a staggering $370M, and the Senior Architect at Followap which was acquired by Neustar for $140M. Other than these, Amit has played a pivotal role in many other startups.
Tackling Bumpy Roads 
Just like any other startup, CallApp’s initial challenge was getting traction. The organization had to get its foot in the door of the competitive community somehow. However, CallApp has been able to overcome this and now has brand awareness of its product to more than 35 million users. CallApp is now the most liked Caller ID app on the planet.
Just as any other startup focusing on mobile apps, CallApp also had technical issues to deal with. CallApp’s goal from the beginning has always been to provide users with information about callers all in one place. All of this information is readily available to the public, but CallApp had to create a way to put it all in one single app. There were many struggles with smart data algorithms for correctly identifying people and businesses at a large scale. With time and patience, the organization has been able to overcome these obstacles with flying colors.
Enhancing User Experience and Employee Productivity 
CallApp actually allows the user to live a less stressful life. Along with its capability to identify each phone call, it also helps to block and record calls. Additionally, CallApp can be used to increase employee productivity. It gives users the power to answer important calls and send spam and annoying calls to voicemail. If that’s not all, employees can now even record calls for future use if they forgot to write down a key point from an important conversation.
A Staple in Mobile Technology 
CallApp has helped to revolutionize the communication experience. They now see themselves as pioneers in making mobile communication as it should be in this new era of innovation we currently live in. What started as just a Caller ID app, has now greatly expanded into all the communication categories including contacts, social dialer, spam blocking, and call recording amongst others. The dedicated team of CallApp is endlessly working to increase the UX and value for each user.
Working Out to be a Unique Company 
According to the organization, CallApp is now the most liked Caller ID app in the world. When CallApp takes a step back and looks at the bigger picture, they see themselves as just getting started. The company believes that the amount of innovation it is preparing to release in the next few quarters is going to be industry changing. The communication industry has room for infinite growth, and CallApp sees itself as a company who will pave the way for the future of it.

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