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California Couple Transforms Grocery Shopping

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Innovative, eco-friendly, and practical. That’s what Californian-based couple Jennifer and Farzan envisioned when crafting the Lotus Trolley Bag. Their product provides a sustainable and convenient solution to plastic bags, while redefining the standards of grocery shopping, clearing out clutter in the home and tackling the global plastic waste epidemic.
Lotus Trolley Bag is a reusable and reliable system, while protecting the environment and saving shoppers money and time. The Lotus Trolley Bag is a set of four reusable bags that are easy to carry and designed to spread out accordion-style along the top of a customer’s shopping cart.
Each bag holds up to 70 pounds, is convenient to store, reduces checkout wait times and promotes sustainable living.
“The product has struck a chord with shoppers who share a common frustration of too many plastic bags, a lack of organization and longer checkout times,” said Jennifer Duvall, co-founder of Lotus Trolley Bags. “Our bag simplifies and streamlines the process and customers have responded.”
The average American family uses 1,500 plastic bags a year, and this husband and wife team’s goal is to save millions of plastic bags with one simple change.
The bags allow the customer to pack and sort groceries in the cart, making shopping simpler and faster. The product has quickly become a bestseller online and is now expanding nationally and internationally.
Varying in sizes, the largest is an insulated cooler bag that keeps frozen products cold for up to four hours. Lotus Trolley Bags also have a patented built in compartment specifically for fragile items such as eggs and bottles.
In addition, the company just released its line of Lotus Produce Bags, designed for easy storage of fruits and vegetables.
“We have been blown away by the amazing response and reaction from our customers throughout the U.S.,” said Farzan Dehmoubed, co-founder of Lotus Trolley Bags. “It has been so exciting to see the product sell out three times in the past six months. We’ve had demand from 14 different countries and are now looking to raise funding to expand the concept internationally”
During their crowdfunding campaign, the Lotus Trolley Bag is available at special, early-bird discount pricing. For more information and to pre-order, visit Lotus Trolley Bag’s Kickstarter Campaign Page or
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