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CalibeHR Human Capital: Revolutionizes the Staffing Industry Using Technology and Managed Programs

CalibeHR Human Capital Services, one of the many companies of the NSB Group, the group which was started by the well known visionary Mr. Narayan Bhargava, a Chartered Accountant and a Cost Accountant having over 35 years of wide experience in the field of loan syndication, Merchant Banking, Management of Public issues and Business Process Outsourcing.
The Spectrum of CalibeHR Services:
CalibeHR provides manpower on temporary or on contractual basis to meet their customers vast manpower needs, whereby taking entire responsibility – ‘Right from Hiring To Exit’. The company covers responsibilities such as Recruitment, On boarding, Documentation, Payroll and Statutory Compliance.
CalibeHR has designed and implemented various softwares, which benefits their customers to automate processes. CalibeHR’s Reach and Spread– Their smart and dedicated team operates from over 350 locations, providing timeline driven best in class Recruitment– Their team expertises in recruitment across industries and skill sets with the help of channel partners spread across India.
RPO (Recruitment process outsourcing):
In RPO, CalibeHR provides a complete outsourcing solution for large project based recruitment activities through a single window Solution, across geographies and reduces Turn Around Time (TAT).
CalibeHR’s Innovative Products
‘Automate’- a solution to manage large sales forces in the field through a Mobile application, which captures not only their daily attendance, sales report and performances but also enables to gather competition information.
Automate monitors employees on a regular basis, captures not only real time data but also Geo locations of employees whereabouts. The information can be accessed anytime and from anywhere with drill down web based reports to various levels of management, besides that no data can be manipulated and there are less chances of human error. And all of which improves the customer ROI.
Marketmindz is a mobile based information collection and analysis solution, Market research and Stores /Branches Audits. CalibeHR offers an expertise and experience in Qualitative and Quantitative Audits and Surveys using Questionnaire, statistical sampling and data collection providing analysed reports. Marketmindz tracks all the data through a Mobile application and reduces field operation cost. It not only prevents fraud and manipulation of data, but also eliminates paperwork and errors. Through Marketmindz, field activities can be managed centrally and can be viewed real time.
FlexiHR is the latest initiative from CalibeHR which is gaining popularity in India these days, FlexiHR is a bridge between anyone who wishes to be available to work part time, weekends, definitive time period, or for some months. Organizations today need to deploy resources for a limited period or for specific time bound projects, weekends, evening shifts, seasonal requirements etc, without having to compromise on the quality and capability of the work force deployed. FlexiHR enables real time availability of such resources which is a win-win situation for both the work seeker and the organisation. FlexiHR has a pool of registered talent which includes Retired Bankers/ Ex Servicemen, Management graduates, Post graduates and Undergraduates, Qualified women/ Housewives who have taken career breaks and are willing to impart their expertise to work for flexi hours and shifts.
Their Strategy has always been led by the need of the customer, which has been the sole reason for CalibeHR to be the first in all trends in the industry, be it the mobile based tracking of Sales resources “Automate”, Mobile based field services “Marketmindz”or even when it comes to Flexi staffing in the true sense of being Flexi “ FlexiHR”, be it an application for referencing or real time connect with the large employee base “JOBUDDY” or be it complete and transparent ownership of the resources by the “MITRA” Initiative.
CalibeHR realizes that, their customers drive them and have been the reason behind their success, being an organization where even the CEO is available to all customers, to having dedicated project teams managing customer deliverables, with an approach of owning the end responsibility. CalibeHR’s In-house program’s recruitment team of ‘VIRAAT’ drives a target of 1500 and sometimes even double the target in Pan India employee selections and onboarding. In this way, CalibeHR is able to close more Client hiring positions and strengthens Client relationship.
Shabbir Habib: Motivator Behind the Innovative Team of CalibeHR Human Capital
Shabbir is a Passionate Leader and Motivator, who has led talented professionals in the areas of Operations, Marketing,Finance, Human resources, Compliance and Client Servicing.
Shabbir took over the reins of CalibeHR in the year 2009, and has since then grown the business from a captive unit to one of the most preferred temping and contractual manpower, managed service provider companies in the country.
Shabbir has a consistent track record of delivering extraordinary results in strategy, growth, operational performance and profitability. Even while the industry saw downturn, CalibeHR kept growing!
Under the wings of Shabbir’s guidance, CalibeHR Team has made innovative products like “Automate”, which is the technology platform for monitoring and managing of staffing of large sales resources, CalibeHR is one of the first companies which has proprietary technology capabilities to track and monitor large and diverse sales force managed by experienced and seasoned project managers as managed services programs.
And another innovation, a unique proprietary product “Mastermindz”, which is for real time analyzed information for field audits, surveys, merchandising, mystery shopping, etc, has been assisting and enabling various large organizations in taking real time decisions in driving their businesses better, this product has been one of the first such tools available in India.
Shabbir has always believed in empowering people and giving them complete ownership and freedom in their work which has been the most vital reason for CalibeHR to have grown multifold, It should grow almost at a rate 100 % this FY compared to the last FY.
A persona of leadership, intelligent yet humble, a Motivator and a Mentor, who has taken not only CalibeHR but also its employees to heights as well. In a nutshell, Shabbir is – The People Person!